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Getting better!

I went to my first costume party!

October 25th 2007 8:41 am
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Me and mommy went to my training class and there was a costume party for all the doggies! I had 2 bows in my hair, and a cute pink, athletic shirt on. Mom said I was a soccer player like her! I won a contest too! We played musical chairs, except we did it with "sit". Mom was so proud! I got a doggie donut. Then me and mom had our picture taken and got a cute frame to show everyone. I love mommy, she is so good to me!


I love my bro!

September 7th 2007 10:43 pm
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I love my new took me a few weeks but we are the best of friends now! It was me that didn't want to get to know him....all he did was ignore me when I snarled my teeth at him! When we are together all we do is play and play.....mommy and daddy have to put me in the crate sometimes so Elvis can chill out in the house. And boy do we get into some trouble together! Mom gets mad because we dig the dirt and in their newly laid sod in the backyard. I'm glad mom and dad got him....I hear them say he is going to be bigger than me soon, so I better not get too used to playing the "alpha role"!


I'm getting a new brother!

July 16th 2007 3:59 pm
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Hey everyone, I am going to be a "big sis". Mom and Dad have decided to get me a friend, I guess he will be my "brother"....or my friend...or my enemy!? I hope we get along....he is only 7 weeks and dad will pick him up in a few weeks. This will be fun, we can play, I can show him how!
I am also going to start my puppy training again...I'll be in the intermediate class. I can't wait to see my friend Ajax, a very handsome German Sheppard. Well, mom has to go get my human sisters....bye!


I have a new cousin!

June 9th 2007 10:30 am
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WOOF! I'm so excited, I get to meet my new cousin, LOLA! I am going to try very hard to be very nice to her today, mommy says I will have to be on my best behavior since she is so small. I know we will be best friends!


I'm getting better!

April 17th 2007 8:49 pm
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Well, I have been going to puppy class with my mommy, and I love it! The first class I was real shy and kept to the corner. My friend Ajax ( a cute german sheppard) has really helped me come out of my shell and has helped "socialize" me ( as mommy would say). I can tell mom and dad are proud of me too, I get lots of love! I've been going for about 4 weeks now. Well I should go, its getting to be bed time!

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