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Life Of The Baby Girl

Update on my New Year's resolutions......

February 28th 2008 3:39 pm
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Tiny T-Bone Treats to all. It is Roxy (dog).

I promised to give updates now and then about how my New Year's resolutions were going. Here's my first.

I've not done bad with my resolution to not bark at EVERYTHING or EVERY PERSON or ANYTHING THAT MOVES or ANYTHING THAT MAKES A NOISE at the front door. But, we must consider that, it is Winter in Indiana. For those of you lucky enough to live in a nice, warm, sunny climate year round-- you don't leave the front door open to the storm door so you can see outside in Indiana, in the Winter. Two things will happen if you do. 1. Your living room will be really cold. 2. Your heating bill will double or triple. Neither option is something you will want. The fact that I can't see out the door, just may have something to do with my improvement in this area.

My second resolution was to not jump on the dining room chairs and snatch food when no one is looking. I'm sorry to say as of last night, I have totally failed to carry out this resolution. Let me explain.....

Mama had just finished cooking supper. She got the grandkids plates together and put them on the table. The grandkids sat down. Mama then went back to the kitchen to fix her plate. She brought the plate to the table and sat down to eat. Right then the grandkids decided to have a kicking competition under the table, and screech at each other. While Mama was in the middle of taking a flip flop to one (one always has to get mouthy. Isn't that how it always goes?) and putting the other one in the corner, I jumped on Mama's chair, and thinking she probably wasn't gonna notice what I was doing, snatched her piece of chicken and booked off to the kitchen to feast.

I hadn't given any thought to the fact, that Mama would eventually get the mess straightened out and set back down to eat. BUSTED!! I was caught setting in the kitchen, licking teriacki sauce off my chops. A dead give away. I couldn't even hope to look cute and get out of this one.

So, pals, I still have much work to do on my 2nd resolution. But, man, was that chicken good!!!!

I'm hoping my guy, Coty, and his family will let me stay with them in warm, sunny Southern California if I am forced to leave home until Mama calms down. I'm trying to keep a low profile and stay off her radar. Fortunately, the grandkids haven't thought of this strategy and are helping me out!

Later updates to follow, I hope!


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