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Life Of The Baby Girl

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I Had An Allergic Reaction!

June 25th 2008 9:29 am
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Tiny T-Bone treats to all. It is Roxy (dog)!

Mama and I spent the week-end with our friends Bev and Bitsey, helping her clean up from the recent flood. Mama's old hometown is sure a mess. We would like to say again, any fur's family that can, to please donate to the American Red Cross and earmark the donation for the Indiana floods. The Red Cross has done so much for the people who lost so much.

Bev's backyard still has some flood water in it standing in little pools. There is no way to get rid of it. It is really, really nasty and smelly. Mama never in a million years thought I would get in it. Afterall, I don't even like to go out in the rain! Welllll...I rolled in it. Yes, I did, I rolled in it. I don't know what made me do it! I was covered from head to tail (what little tail I have) in smelly black slime!!! Mama freaked! Not a pretty picture!! I had to be washed 3 times to get clean and get rid of the smell. And all the while, Mama was telling me just what she thought of my little escapade.

The next morning, Mama noticed I had broken out in hives and I felt hot all over. I just wasn't acting my usual energetic self either. So off to the emergency vet I went. He said I had a fever and I was having an allergic reaction to something. He wanted to know if I'd eaten anything different. Well, noooo, just maybe nasty, slimey, stinky, flood water. Even if I hadn't swallowed any, I sure had been covered in it. The vet said that probably did it. No one knew what all was in that nasty stuff!

So I had to get 2 shots. I wasn't too happy with that, but Mama said I had brought it on myself and to be good! I had to have alcohol sprayed on my paws, (who knew that would help bring down my fever?) and then sit for half an hour with cold packs on my back, to make sure I didn't have a reaction to the shots!! Wow! Then for the next 24 hours, I had to have the alcohol spray every hour and cold packs on and off every so often. Mama also had to get me kid's Benedryl, and I take it from a syringe every 6 hours.

My fever went away after about 26 hours, but I still have some hives. They are going away now too. I still take the Benedryl for 1 more day. I'm happy to report that I am taking my medicine really well and I'm back to my old self. So I'm saying all's well that ends well. Mama is saying I had better have learned my lesson!

We have to say a sad good-bye to Chico. He was Bev's nephew's Lab. Poor Chico drowned in the flood. Chad was at work when the flood came and Chico was home alone. I had played with Chico many times in Bev's backyard. At first I was afraid of him because he was so much bigger than me. But he was very gentle and Chico, Bitsey and I used to play chase all over the yard. Bitsey and I sometimes ganged up on him for a game of tug of war. He was great fun. We will miss you big boy.


A Mini Vacation At The Furcousins!

June 16th 2008 8:16 am
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Tiny T-Bone Treats to all. It is Roxy (dog)

Just spent 4 days at my furcousins, Stella, Ozzie, and the dreaded hissing cat Gezzer. Had a wonderful time! They live in the country, as I've mentioned before. I can run and run! Stella and I run & play until we drop at night.

Sunday, of course, was Father's Day and we also celebrated my human sister's birthday, that is this Wednesday and Mama's birthday which is this coming Saturday. It was cooking on the grill time furs!!! My love of the grill is well documented in previous entries. The son-in-law, Brad, is just a push over for tiny tidbits off the grill while he is cooking. And his mother, OMD, I dance and she just melts!!! Needless to say, all us furs had to take a nap after we ate, from grill tidbit overload!!

Mama and family lived in Martinsville, Indiana for many years and it is one of the towns that was very hard hit in the recent floods. Mama and my human sis went to visit a friend who lost everything, including her car. She will also be off work for at least 6 weeks, as where she works was flooded too. WE WOULD LIKE TO ENCOURAGE ANY FUR'S FAMILY, THAT IS ABLE, TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE AMERICAN RED CROSS AND EARMARK YOUR DONATION FOR THE INDIANA FLOODS. The devastation is heartbreaking. I know we all see these things on the news all the time and think how awful. But seeing it in person and knowing many of the people and pets it has effected is a helpless feeling.

Hope all the father's had a great Father's Day!


A Great Memorial Day Week-end

May 27th 2008 9:08 am
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Tiny T-Bone Treats to all. It is Roxy (dog)

Mama and I spent the week-end at our friends Bev and Bitsey's house. OMD was it a good time! Bitsey and I had the run of the backyard while Mama, Bev and all the other humans did their thing. Bitsey has her own doggie door in to the backyard! It is just the greatest. At first I was afraid of it and just refused to use it. I mean, who ever heard of just going through this little door while the big door stayed closed? And without Mama out there, now that was really scary. But, Mama and Bev kept showing me the door and pushing me in and out it. They wouldn't let me use the normal door. I was more than a little mad! But I kept seeing Bitsey go in and out whenever she wanted and it started to look pretty cool. So finally I gave it a try, and it wasn't all that scary. By the time Monday evening came around and we went home, I was an ole hand at it!!

Bitsey and I patrolled the back yard and made sure no birds landed in it that didn't get chased off! I mean, who do these birds think they are? Just fly in like they belong. Well, Bitsey and I did our best to put a stop to it, but there seems to be a never ending stream of birds that want to land in the yard. They left in a hurry, I'll tell you, cause we chased every single one!!

Then there was cook-outs on the grill all week-end long. Now I'll be the first to tell you all, I just cannot resist an itsy bite of hamburger or hot dog off the grill! I danced my little hind legs to the bone, it seemed!!! But I was rewarded with those oh so tasty bites! Humans just CAN'T resist me when I dance!

Of course, we all listened to the Indy 500 race on the radio Sunday. It's a tradition in Indiana. My girl, Danica, didn't finish the race because of a little wreck in pit row. What a bummer!! So we'll be looking forward to next year.

The grandkids are out of school and Summer is in full swing now! I just know it will be another great one! Hope all my pals had a great Memorial Day Week-end too!


Having Fun In May!

May 19th 2008 7:09 am
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Tiny T-Bone treats to all. It is Roxy (dog)

I'm having such fun this Spring on Dogster! I just love my Cinco De Mayo Fiesta pic. Thanks to the wonderfully talented Jack Warfel. He was also my stylist for the Kentucky Derby, which my guy Coty won!

Yesterday, I was a model for the first time! I modeled 2 gorgeous designer pieces for the Tiny Paws Cruise Line Fashion Show. Everyfur was so kind in their compliments. Thank you all. I especially loved the hat I wore with my first hides my big ears!!! Everyone that knows me, knows I have such a complex about those ears! But, all us gals have some part we don't like right??!!

Of course, the month of May means the Indianapolis 500 in a big way in Indiana. So I had to get in on the action! Thanks again to Jack, I am on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I'm gonna win that race this year (with a little help from Danica Patrick!)

I've decorated my page for Memorial Day. Everyfur knows how I love decorating my page!! I am paying tribute to the veterans in ours lives, Mama's Dad and Nephew. I'm looking forward to the Memorial Day Week-end and cook outs. Those hot dogs on the grill are soooo good! When I sit up pretty, walk on my hind legs, and dance in a circle on my hind legs, no human can resist me!!!

On this day of rememberance, we would also like to pay tribute to some other people and doggies that have passed on that Mama loved.
In loving memory of:
Pinky, Mama's dad
Lilly, Mama's mom
Almeada & Oral
And Mama's doggies that came before me:
T-Bone 1979-1985
Q Beagle 1980-1984
Goldie 1984-1990
Baby 1982-1994
Rastas 1986-1998
Missy 1990-2005
Human and dog alike, you are all loved and missed.

Hope all my pals have a safe and fun Memorial Day Week-end!


A Day In The Country

April 20th 2008 7:35 am
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Tiny T-Bone treats to all. It is Roxy (dog)

Mama and I stayed all night with my furcousins Stella, Ozzie, and the dredded hissing cat, Geezer Friday night. Stella is so much fun. We played until we literally dropped!

I keep trying to get my human sis and brother-in-law to e-mail me a pic of the gang, so I can put it on my page. But it's like pulling hen's teeth. Maybe someday.........

Spring is in the air, and I am loving it! Warm weather is my thing. The trees and spring flowers are blooming and it is just beautiful. The temps have been in the high 60's for the last week and I see 70's coming! Hope all my Dogster pals have a great Spring!


A Sad Time

March 7th 2008 10:39 am
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Tiny T-Bone treats to all. It is Roxy (dog).

Mama and I have had a sad week. An old friend of Mama's had a stroke and passed on. We spent time with the family and Mama went to the funeral. I was glad to get to play with my furiend, Bitsy, but wish it could have been under better circumstances.

We were away from Dogster for about a week and we missed every pup, especially my guy, Coty. He sent me a nice candle. Thank you Coty and family. BUT I see Coty has been trash talkin' again about his Chargers and my Colts in All Fur Sports. Don't know what I'm gonna do with that guy! You gals out there got any ideas?! I don't know why he can't get it through his head, that despite the 2 losses to the Chargers last season, the Colts are just the superior team!!! (That will get him goin'!!!!! I can trash talk with the best of them!)

It is cold and snowing a ton today in beautiful Indianapolis, IN. That is a total BUMMER! I am so looking forward to Summer. I love sunshine and warmth. Don't care for snow and cold. Of course, I have sweaters and coats to wear outside, but they don't do much good when the snow is deeper than I am tall! Getting lost in a snow drift is not my idea of a good time! So, all together pups, BRING ON SPRING! Hope Mother Nature heard us!!


Update on my New Year's resolutions......

February 28th 2008 3:39 pm
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Tiny T-Bone Treats to all. It is Roxy (dog).

I promised to give updates now and then about how my New Year's resolutions were going. Here's my first.

I've not done bad with my resolution to not bark at EVERYTHING or EVERY PERSON or ANYTHING THAT MOVES or ANYTHING THAT MAKES A NOISE at the front door. But, we must consider that, it is Winter in Indiana. For those of you lucky enough to live in a nice, warm, sunny climate year round-- you don't leave the front door open to the storm door so you can see outside in Indiana, in the Winter. Two things will happen if you do. 1. Your living room will be really cold. 2. Your heating bill will double or triple. Neither option is something you will want. The fact that I can't see out the door, just may have something to do with my improvement in this area.

My second resolution was to not jump on the dining room chairs and snatch food when no one is looking. I'm sorry to say as of last night, I have totally failed to carry out this resolution. Let me explain.....

Mama had just finished cooking supper. She got the grandkids plates together and put them on the table. The grandkids sat down. Mama then went back to the kitchen to fix her plate. She brought the plate to the table and sat down to eat. Right then the grandkids decided to have a kicking competition under the table, and screech at each other. While Mama was in the middle of taking a flip flop to one (one always has to get mouthy. Isn't that how it always goes?) and putting the other one in the corner, I jumped on Mama's chair, and thinking she probably wasn't gonna notice what I was doing, snatched her piece of chicken and booked off to the kitchen to feast.

I hadn't given any thought to the fact, that Mama would eventually get the mess straightened out and set back down to eat. BUSTED!! I was caught setting in the kitchen, licking teriacki sauce off my chops. A dead give away. I couldn't even hope to look cute and get out of this one.

So, pals, I still have much work to do on my 2nd resolution. But, man, was that chicken good!!!!

I'm hoping my guy, Coty, and his family will let me stay with them in warm, sunny Southern California if I am forced to leave home until Mama calms down. I'm trying to keep a low profile and stay off her radar. Fortunately, the grandkids haven't thought of this strategy and are helping me out!

Later updates to follow, I hope!


A Happy Birthday

February 25th 2008 7:04 am
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Tiny T-Bone treats to all. It is Roxy (dog)

Friday was my birthday and it totally rocked! I got so many birthday wishes from all my pals on Dogster. Thank you all. I also got some rockin' pictures and thanks all for those. I love them. At home I got a very stylish pink animal print bandanna to wear. You can see me modeling it on my page. I also got some of my favorite Tiny T-Bone treats, beef basted chewies, and new tennis balls in neon pink and purple! What a lucky little doggie I am!

Then the next day,Saturday, was the granddaughter's birthday. Wow, was that a good time! Once again we had bunches of little people dropping cake on the floor for me to nab! One little girl even fed me all of her ice cream! Don't think Mama was too happy about that, but I was smart and snarfed it all down before she could get to me! I would like to give a very special thank you to Ashley for being so cool! (I think her name was Ashley. It's hard to tell all those little 6 yo girls apart!!)

As all can see on my page, Coty and I are in full swing as a couple! We get along so well and have so much fun. The dude does have a mouth on him and he is quite the prankster, as I'm sure everyone knows! But that beautiful smile makes up for all!

St Patrick's Day is coming and I'm having a blast decorating my page and coming up with new pictures. Thanks to Jack and Tillie for making me 2 real cuties!


HAPPY 2008 !

January 1st 2008 8:13 am
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Tiny T-Bone treats to all. It is Roxy (dog)!

New Year's Day 2008! Hope everyfur has a happy and healthy year, with plenty of treats!

I flew to Pawaii with the All Fur Fun gang for a New Year's Eve bash. I think a good time was had by all! Then Mama, the grandkids and I rang in the new year with root beer floats! Well, the grandkids had root beer floats. Mama stuck to her usual Diet Pepsi and I got some extra treats!

I made some new year's resolutions this year. 1. I'll try to quit barking at everybody and everything that passes by the front door. 2. That I'll try to quit jumping on the kitchen chairs when no one is looking and snatch food off the table! Will give you updates through out the year on how it goes!!

Mama and I are gettin' fired up for the NFL playoffs. We are going to do my page in Indianapolis Colts and cheer them on to another Super Bowl win! After the Super Bowl, it will be time to get serious about the Indiana Pacers! We do love our football and basketball in this family!!

Lots of things to look forward to in 2008!


Merry, merry Christmas!

December 24th 2007 12:40 pm
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Tiny T-Bone treats to all. It is Roxy (dog)

So many wonderful things have been happening, I had to write them all down! I have been chosen as one of Santa Paws' reindeer to pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve in All Fur Fun. OMD! What an honor.

I got lots of great Christmas card from all my pals in AFF. Thank you so much everyfur for your thoughtfullness! I've also gotten lots of Christmas rosettes and they are very festive and I thank everyfur for thinking of me at this special time of year.

My Indianapolis Colts have won the AFC South for the 5th year in a row. No other NFL team has ever done that. In a couple of weeks the playoffs will be starting, and all us Colts fans will be rooting them on to another Super Bowl. All very exciting!

I can't wait to see what Santa Paws will be bringing me tonight! I'm sure I'll get lots of great presents, as I've been a very good little doggie! (Welllllll, a pretty good little doggie!)

I want to wish all my pals on Dogster a very Merry Christmas! Hope you all get everything your little doggie hearts desire! And a special Christmas prayer for all the doggies that don't have wonderful homes like me. May they find their furever home this holiday season, and never have to be unloved again.

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