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I'm a Jersey Boy now!

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I am now an Angel!!!

April 28th 2014 8:00 pm
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I became an Angel tonight.

Mom noticed I was snoring louder than usual on Saturday and told me to change sleeping positions. So I moved, but continued to make loud breathing noises. Nothing else really changed in my daily routine, so they didn't think anything was really wrong. Tonight I only wanted to walk to do my business and wanted to go back home. They noticed my one tooth looked weird and thought I might have a toothache, so they called the Vet. While at the Vet and after some lung x-rays they found out I had many tumors in my lungs and the Vet wanted to keep me, but told Mom & Dad there would not be much they could do for me. They decided to give me some pain drugs and let me go home at least for the night. While at home with plenty of belly rubs from Mom & Dad, I decided to go out back on the deck, (one of my favorite places to rest) while Daddy was petting me, I know they would have a hard time taking me back to the Vet to let me go and wanted to pass away where I was loved the most. So I make the choice to run free. I know all that knew me and loved me would miss me, but I also know I was loved so very much and didn't want to make them decide. So I took my last breath among my parents and let my last sight be of my beloved backyard. I am now at the Rainbow Bridge and will keep all of my Dogster Bridge Pals company until we are reunited with our families. Without Dogster, I would have never made it to NJ to live with Mom & Dad and for that I thank you for my last 7 years!!

Remember to hug your pups every day and thank Dog for Dogster and everyone who loves Dogs!!!

RIP Spuds!!! The best Potato Head in the world!!!


Gimpy Update!!

February 19th 2010 7:05 pm
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Great news, the swelling is gone, and all my joints are working right, I get to wean off the drugs!! I am still not allowed any jumping or running like a maniac for a few more weeks, and no bunny chasing either!!

The Surgeon wants someone to look at it again in 4 to 6 weeks, which is when my annual appt. is anyway. And I need to ration my jerky treats until I lose my love handles........

All in all it was a great day, and now I can take longer walks to burn off some energy!!! I just hope my squeakie toys won't miss me too much!!


Just call me Gimpy!!

February 10th 2010 7:44 am
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Well, I should be used to restricted activities by now!! Geez, seems like I can't win!!!

I injured my CCL in my right hind paw. I have a bunch of fluid around the joint. They gave me drugs (Rimadyl & Tramadol) and told Mom just short walks, no jumping, running, etc........ I have an appt with a Surgeon next Friday, if they say I need to be operated on, we will hopefully be able to wait until the weather gets a bit better. Can't imagine using 3 legs to get through all of this snow!!

Oh well, I'll keep you posted!!


Lyme Round 2

November 12th 2009 9:32 pm
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Well, leave it to me to have a Lyme relapse.

I started limping again at the end of October. Mom noticed right away, so off to the Vet's we went. I am on another month of Doxycycline, and Tramadol to use as needed for pain. Also, the dreaded restricted activity for a few more days, even though my joints look good.

All in all it isn't bothering me, except for not being allowed to chase any critters. I have gotten a few new squeakie toys to play with (I know, like I don't have enough) and they sure do squeak!!!!

Mom and I did spend a few days in Maryland visiting the Kids. We painted the baby's room and I tried to chase Tiger the cat. Rallyn and I did wrestle a lot, but our Moms were constantly telling us to ease up so my joints weren't hurt. Moms can be such fun wreckers.

Daddy will be home for Thanksgiving!!! By then I will be allowed to go running with him!!!!

Mom says we will have a house full for Turkey Day, that means tons more belly rubs!!!

Gotta go to bed now!! I hope to spend more time on Dogster soon!!


Day 5 of Lyme

September 15th 2009 9:50 pm
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Well, I must say I am doing tons better!!! My limp is just about all gone and I have been taking my meds like a good boy.

Mom wasn't to thrilled that I didn't want to end my walk today. How could I?? There were 4 deer, 3 babies that were only a little bigger than me!! I wanted to chase and play with them!! Mom made me go home. Bummer!!

A little while later Mom checked the yard to ensure it was critter free before she let me out. No critters, but I decided to do 5 laps around the pool at full speed!!!!! It felt so good to run!!! Mom was trying to get me to stop, but I needed to burn off some energy!!! Needless to say, the rest of the trips out back tonight were on leash. Mom is such a killjoy!!!

25 more doses of meds to go!!!

Thanks for all of the PotP!!


I have Lyme Disease.

September 14th 2009 11:31 am
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Friday morning I woke up and was limping. Mom knew I didn't do anything to hurt my paw and then thought of Lyme. I tested as exposed to it back in April, so we knew to be on the lookout for any signs of the nasty tick disease.

They took blood and gave my Doxycycline to take for 30 days. Today it was confirmed I had a count of 136. They would start treatment with a count of 30, so it was great I already started the meds.

I only show signs of limping, so it was caught early and I will make a complete recovery. (loss of appetite, puking, lethargic are other signs) My kidney function is fine too!!

The main bummer is I have to restrict my activity for 2 weeks to allow my joints to heal. So if any of my pals would like to come over and catch the annoying groundhog who has been taunting me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the PotP!!! It's helped so much already!!!

Mom wants to add:

Monthly preventatives (Frontline plus, etc) help keep the nasty ticks from spreading diseases, unfortunately we live in a high risk area, and no preventative is 100%. (I will be on it year round now instead of breaks in the super cold weather)

Get annual snap tests and be aware of the risks in your area.

Catching it quick and starting treatment can make all of the difference.


Feeling a bit better!!

January 13th 2009 9:38 pm
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Wow!! PotP is helping me tons!!

I am holding my head up much better today and am walking better too!! The drugs are really relaxing my muscles and that is helping me stay calm. I am back to snuggling with Mom and even played a little with my stuffies.

The steroids are really helping me eat!! I was licking my bowl clean, and I usually don't.

Thanks to all of my Wonderful Pals for all my gifts and all of your prayers!! It's working!!

It's belly rub time!! I am definitely feeling better!!

PotP for all pups that need it!!


Vet Visit

January 12th 2009 8:08 pm
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Well, on Sunday Mommy knew I was not myself. I just wasn't my normal Spuds. We took an extra long walk thinking that I just needed to stretch my legs more. After our walk I went to bed, didn't want to hang out with Mom, could care less about food. Later in the night I went to chase a bunny and stumbled up the steps to our wall. When we went to bed for real bedtime, Mommy was petting my neck and I whimpered and then went to sleep by myself.

This morning Mommy called the Vet and we went in.

I have a prolapsed disc in my neck which is messing with my front leg coordination. (Also why I whimpered when the area was touched) I am on anti inflammatory and pain killers. I have to limit my activity for a few days. If I don't make any improvement by Friday, then they would want to do more extensive tests, but 2 Vets both agreed that it just seems to be a sprain and Mom should see within 48 hours the return of my more normal self.

They said it could have easily happened from jumping with a hard landing, which I did kind of did on Sat, when the deck had snow on it.

Now I have to limit my walks and Mom is even using the leash in the yard just in case I think about chasing another bunny. I sure hope I heal quick, can't let those bunnies take over the yard!!


Dogster Meetups are the Best!!

June 14th 2008 4:31 pm
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I want to thank Odie for organizing another wonderful meetup!! And Ginger for helping!!

It was great to see Odie, Murphy, Mimi, Molly & Richter again.

I got to meet Ginger, Wicket, Hershey, Sugar, Zoey, Skye, Johnny.

I know there were a few more butts that I met, butt we didn't really exchange names!! BOL!! Ssh, Mommy can't remember them all. We did meet some nonDogsters!! Can you believe they aren't members? They just might be soon!!

It was a really warm day, but we were able to still have a really good time, enjoy good food and sniff a lot of butts!!

I can't wait for the next meetup!!

Time to pass out on the ac vent!!


Wild Turkey!!

May 21st 2008 2:36 pm
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BOL!! Mom and I now know how the drink got it's name!!

We were taking our normal walk through the woods when we came upon what looked like an injured duck. As we approached to see if it was ok, it went WILD!! OMD!!! It was really a wild turkey!! It spread it's wings and started making all kinds of noise!! I jumped back a little and the thing decided to try and attack us!!

Mom was trying to take a picture and it kept coming at us!! I tried to hide behind Mom and then the turkey started to run away!!

Well, if it wanted to be chased, you know I was on it!! So off we went!! Every 20 feet or so, it would turn back at us and make these screeching noises!! I think it was taunting me!! Well for a good 20 minutes we went chasing through the woods, then the turkey disappeared!!

I think Mom was relieved, but I wanted turkey for dinner!!

Boy, I sure am tired!! I hope that turkey will be around tomorrow to chase!!

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