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What a Life

In Loving Memory

October 11th 2010 8:51 am
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After a long battle with bronchitis, and all the other problems Mickey had, he couldn't go any more. Got up Friday morning and he was having trouble breathing. Took him to the Vet. She tried her best, but he collapsed. She was able to bring him back long enough for me to say goodbye. Gonna miss "my baby boy" so much, but I am glad he and Minnie are together again. He really missed her.



June 2nd 2007 8:48 am
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Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to post the rules of the game and seven pawsome facts about themselves in their diary. Once you are tagged, you choose seven dogs to tag, listing their names in your diary. Don't forget to bark your freinds pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the rules.

Seven things about me:
1. I talk to Mom.
2. I am Mom's shadow.
3. I don't like other dogs to be close to my Mom.
4. I don't like to be close to water. (My family has a pond and the only way I will go close to it is if Mom holds me.)
5. I like to eat, sleep and drink.
6. I love my sister.
7. I don't care too much for the grandkids.

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Easter Vacation

April 14th 2007 2:57 pm
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Well Easter vacation came to our house and that meant Mom had some guest to watch. Yea, the grandkids came to stay a few days. The little 9 month old smells and wants to be held alot, but he is OK. The 2 year old and the 4 year old are just plain annoying. They won't leave us alone. We are really glad when they go home. Thank goodness everything is gonna be back to nornal soon. The eggs were good :)


About Me

February 25th 2007 2:44 pm
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I have had a few problems in my life. I started having seizures about 2 1/2 years ago. My Doctor put me on some medicine that my Mom gives me everyday. It's not bad because she mixes it with food....yum.
Then last December I started have seizures back to back so I had to go stay at LSU for a few days, boy did I miss my Mom. They ran a bunch of test to see if there might be some other things wrong with me, but all the test came back OK. So they changed my medicine. Now I take two medicines twice a day. When my Mom brought me back home, I couldn't pee, so I had to go back to LSU for five more days. They found out I had bladder stones, so they operated on my bladder to remove the stones. It's been two monthes now and I am feeling better. My medicine makes me gain weight so I am slowing down alot. I can't jump anymore. But that's ok cause I like to sleep anyway. My Dad is kinda upset that My Mom spent a lot of money on me, but he'll get over it. He loves me, too. But I really, really love my Mom.

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