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A Day in the Life of Daisy May

Toby's Visit to the Cardiologist

September 5th 2009 5:57 am
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Toby has been coughing a lot lately, and we know that is a sign to watch for because of his MVD. So, Mommy and Stefi took him to the vet last week and she said that he should go see his cardiologist so that he could get another ultrasound done and get his meds switched around. He went to the cardiologist this past Wednesday. Here is my kitty nephews' (Harry and Albie) diary entry about his visit:

Toby was weighed and had his blood pressure taken when he first got to the doctor on Wednesday. He had gained back the 2lbs. he had lost and his blood pressure was good. Then, he had an ultrasound done followed by some x-rays. The ultrasound showed that his heart had gotten even bigger and that there was fluid in the sack that goes around his heart. The x-rays showed some fluid was backing up into his lungs from his heart, which explains his coughing. Since his heart is so much worse and there is now fluid in his lungs, he is considered to be in the beginning stages of congestive heart failure.

He has been on Enalapril since he was first diagnosed when he was 5. He is staying on that, and the doctor added Lasix to help with the fluid, as well as Pimobendan, which is supposed to help prolong survival of dogs in heart failure. He started the Lasix on Thursday and starts the Pimobendan on Monday. He also had his food switched to the Science Diet Mature Little Bites, since it has a lower sodium count.

As if it is not bad enough that he is starting to go into congestive heart failure, there is another issue because of the fluid in the sack around his heart. The doctor said that the pressure from this fluid can cause a small tear in his heart. We have to watch for the signs of this happening (trouble breathing, fainting) because if it does, he has to be seen immediately. The doctor said it can cause S***** D****. Hopefully, you all can understand what that means, Mommy and I are too upset by the thought of that to actually type it...However, during the next couple weeks, Toby is having to restrict his activity and is not allowed to exercise, take the stairs, play too hard, etc. This is so that the Lasix has time to "kick in" and get rid of the fluid since being too active with all that fluid in there can make him worse.

The doctor used 2 more words that Mommy says are words that you never want to hear a doctor say: "borrowed time". This is what she said that Toby COULD be living on. As long as the meds kick in, and he starts feeling better, we don't have to worry too much, though... Cavs live 10-12 years and he is 10. So, considering he was diagnosed with MVD at 5, he's really been doing very well. So, we are trying to be optimistic about the meds working - the Lasix already seems to be helping with his cough! In fact, on the web site for the US Cav club, it says that Cavs with MVD have been able to live up to 13-14 years old! So, we are keeping our paws and fingers crossed that this is the case with Toby.

Along with keeping our paws crossed, we know that that the power of purrs can be an amazing thing so we would like to ask all of our wonderful furiends to please PURR for Toby! Thank you!!

Daisy here again: Obviously you doggies can't purr...but you get the point! :-)

Oh, and thank you to the kitties who have sent Toby gifts: Tiskers and the Family of The Drifter, Mouse, Purrdie, Muffin, Willow, Charley, Ellie, Flick, Toby, Bonnie, April, Merlin, Toby Too, Sylvester, Gazza, Tikka, Arri, Red, Smudge, Smokey, Pooh, Bruiser, Thomas, and Da Vinci. Thank you all so much for the thoughtful gifts! :-)


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