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Running Away From Home

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February 22, 2007

February 22nd 2007 7:10 am
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Dear Diary,

I am very upset. We're moving. I don't want to go. All my stuff is moved. My bed, my sofa, my toys, my food dish, my yard. Last night we had to stay with Mimi and Poppy and Uncle Stanley. Uncle Stanley went for a walk with Poppy and left Diggy and me in the yard. I noticed that the gate didn't latch behind them so I got Diggy and we made a run for it.

Almost immediately, Mommy was calling for us. Diggy and I looked back at her, but we kept going. Running. So fast. It feels so good to run fast! We ran through other dog's yards and up a hill and then Diggy said he wanted to go home. I called him a wimp and kept going myself. There were too many good smells to investigate!

I could have kept going all night! I smelled each house, each tree and then on to the next one! It was cold and dark and I knew there were critters out there.

After a long time, my conscience started to get the better of my spirit of adventure. I could hear Mommy and Mimi and Poppy calling for me in the distance. I started to head back. That was a big mistake. I ran right to Mimi but instead of hugging me and giving me a snack, she carried me back to the house and called me a bad dog.

I'm not permitted to go outside without a leash and a person. Diggy, the master of escape, and Uncle Stanley, aka: Mister Perfect can go in the yard together.

Well, I don't really care. I'm not moving. If I have to strike out on my own, I'm not going to that cold place with the water. It is so cold there, I can't even smell the critters. Last week when we were there, it snowed over my head. Mommy made us walk in it and it got stuck in my paws and the wind kept blowing under my coat. I miss my yard and my house.

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