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Running Away From Home

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Alone Again

June 24th 2008 9:08 am
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There are, I have come to realize, some perks to be being the lone dog in the pack. Chief among these is the luxury to dine at my leisure. I no longer need to hurry up my eating because another dog is eyeing up my kibble. Another enjoyable aspect of being an only dog is getting the best spot next to Mommy in the bed. Of course, there are the afternoon doldrums that set in as the sun reaches the top of the sky and the day stretches on.

I'm lonely.

Taking care of this yard by myself is tough too. I've got the cat, two squirrels, birds galore, deer and now the laughing chipmunk in the garage. At first, I thought the laughing chipmunk was an imp or one of those little hairy monsters from that 1980's horror movie. Gremlins. I soon discovered that the laughing sound was connected with the distinct scent of chipmunk. You can always tell chipmunks by their spicy smell. They are very distinctive, like skunks. Except yesterday I saw a skunk that smelled more like a wooden sign. I was confused. It LOOKED like a skunk, but it smelled odd.

Anyway, there is no way I can handle that laughing chipmunk alone. It is more evil than a cat and I need to call in some backup. Perhaps the Running Around the House Dog up the street will come over and run around the stone wall ready to grab the laugher as I flush him out from the garage. The next time we go for a walk, I'm going to stop at the Running Around the House Dog's yard and ask if he can come help me. But for now, I'm going to stretch out in the grass and snooze..."
hehe!haha.." There it goes again! Like a hyena.


The Name of the Cat

June 7th 2008 6:25 am
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When discussing the names of things, it is customary to quote the Bard:

"What's in a name?" Asks Juliet while musing on her balcony over a boy she just met at a party. "That which we call a rose/ By any other word would smell as sweet..." Of course, Romeo is hiding in the shrubbery and hearing every word she utters is delighted!

Similar delight is shared by the cat called Cupcake as he slinks around my yard prowling for my chipmunks, squirrels and birds.

What's in a cupcake? The word evokes images of children at a birthday party snacking on brightly decorated individual mini-cakes. Delightedly dipping their fingers into thick icing and licking them off, they grimace at the sweetness that overtakes their mouths. A thinking dog can often profit at such parties because children are not so careful about where they dangle their sticky fingers which can be gently cleansed by quick and tickly licking, much to the child's and the dog's delight!

But back to Cupcake the cat. Just now he is creeping down the lane toward the apple tree where the robins reside. I am a friend of the robin. Don't get me wrong, I love to chase them as much as any dog would, so did Diggy before he lit out for that Rainbow Bridge, but we both knew no good would ever come from actually catching a bird. Diggy did that once and although the bird was fine, the entire episode ended in disaster with Daddy tremendously upset to find said bird flying about the kitchen the next morning, but that's a different story.

Cupcake kills birds. He has murdered at least three birds from my yard. He drags them back to his yard which he shares with two other cats and a lady and her daughter. One rather large bluebird he left behind. Of course, Mommy found it and shrieked. Since then, I have been on anti-Cupcake duty. I do my best to keep him out of my yard, but he seems to be immune to the invisible fence and crosses back and forth with impunity. This bizarre fact makes chasing him away difficult because he simply skips across that blasted fence and trots along, unharmed.

He likes vex me by sitting on the stone wall at the end of the yard. From there, he watches the birds in the orchard. Occasionally he will pounce on an unaware chipmunk passing over the wall: my chipmunk! I try to sneak up on him because barking from a distance does nothing to deter that Cupcake. He scoffs and then puffs up, pretending he is a lion or something other than an ordinary bird-killing house cat.

One of these days I am going to chase that Cupcake up a tree so high the fire department will have to come to rescue him. I'm going to do it for Diggy.

Right now, however, I'm going to roll in this stinky place in the grass and snooze in my sunny spot on the patio. "To sleep, perchance to dream..." of catching that Cupcake and shaking him, shaking him...


Waiting, Waiting, Bark

May 29th 2008 7:22 am
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Yesterday I waited by the driveway all day for Diggy to get back from that Rainbow Bridge. It is not nice of Diggy to stay away so long. There are so many things I have to show him. I found a really stinky place under the wisteria and I think he might like to roll in it. I rolled in it several times already and absorbed much of the stink, but I'm saving some for him.

Today I am waiting by the window for Diggy. When I go outside, I always check the driveway and the cars for him. I asked Mommy why Diggy doesn't come back and she just cries. I think Diggy should come back so Mommy won't be so sad anymore. It sure is quiet and boring without Diggy.

Well, I 'm going to take a mid-morning snooze and hopefully he will be back in the afternoon.


Saddest News

May 27th 2008 9:27 am
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Something horrid has happened. It started last week when Mommy took Diggy to Dr. Julie. Then she took Diggy to a special Doctor in Mass.

Diggy got really sick and on Thursday he left us.

Mommy is devastated.

I'm pretty sad too. At first I was really confused. Now I just miss Diggy.

Mommy is crying again. She didn't even want me to post an entry, but I know that a lot of you really like Diggy too and would want to know that he has gone to the Rainbow Bridge with Uncle Stanley, Big Stanley, Huckleberry, Eddie and all the other dogs out there.

We miss you and love you Diggy, we always will.


May 16th 2008 4:41 pm
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Today, Diggy and I excavated a tremendous hole in the garage floor! We were after the critters that live in there. We almost got one.

Diggy was covered with dirt! I managed to stay cleanish because I was mostly watching out for the critter we were digging for while Diggy took care of the manual labor. We didn't catch that critter, but we sure did dig one heck of a pit!

Mommy was soooooooooooo angry! She picked Diggy up and brought him directly to the bathtub. After he was washed, he didn't feel so well. While I was in the tub getting washed, Diggy became sick on the rug, the mat and the kitchen floor.

I think he must have inhaled too much dirt and dust. Mommy was very upset because Diggy was sick. I sat with her and Diggy on the couch for a while. Then Diggy started feeling better and got up and went to scavenge for food in the kitchen where Daddy is making dinner.

I don't think we'll be going in the garage again anytime soon.


Dog Hair

April 3rd 2008 6:52 pm
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Last night I suffered from terrible nightmares that I lost all my hair. Funny that. Today we went to grooming! Daddy took us this morning and he pretended we were just going in the car, but I know the way to grooming and that was the way he went!

We got to the grooming place, which is way out in the woods near a river. It's where that dog Dasher lives with a cat. He's actually brothers with the cat! I tried not to get out of the car, but Daddy carried me in and left me there!

Well, grooming was awful! After a shave, I was submerged in the tub and soaped up. Then I got trimmed and blow dried and had my ears plucked and nails cut. I hate grooming. It makes me feel icky. I don't like to have what Mommy calls "clean" on me. When we got home, Diggy and I rolled in the grass to get the "clean" off of us. Mommy was mad, she wanted us to keep our clean on. But we tricked her and rubbed it off in the grass next to the garage hehehe...

I am not going to go near the garage until it rains and all that "clean" is washed away.


Trouble in the Backyard

March 26th 2008 5:20 am
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Someone broke the "Invisible Fence"!!!! On Sunday, we were all outside and I was sniffing for critters when I found myself behind the shed. I stood really still for a while and there was no heinous "beeping" sound. I sneaked forward and there was no "zap." I kept going, and when no one was looking, I dashed into the woods! Free!

Of course, Mommy knew I was out of the yard and she found me. I went "out" again on Monday and I was behind the house with no people (or dogs) in the way back of the orchard when Mommy called me for doggy dinner. But, when I came around the people-less house, I saw him. A stranger in our yard! He was tall and wearing a vest and a hat. The hat said, "Invisible Fence." Oh, I was so mad. I knew why he was there. I barked at him, but Mommy picked me up and brought me inside.

We had doggy dinner, but I didn't forget who was lurking in my yard. When Mommy opened the door again, I dashed out and I bit that fence-fixer on the shin!

Ooops. I'm in trouble now.


Sunny Spot

March 19th 2008 4:06 pm
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Tomorrow is the first day of spring! Bah! Not here! It snowed today and it is going to snow tomorrow. It might even snow on Sunday and Monday! Not to mention that it is cold and in between snows, it rains. Cold rain. On Monday this week there was some small sun. We went outside and played, but Diggy messed everything up. He won't let anyone play except himself. As soon as Mommy and I try to play chase mees, Diggy tries to knock me down and bit me. He got in trouble and we went inside. I didn't play with him the rest of the day and I snubbed him when he tried to say he was sorry for messing up our playing.

Whatever. Mommy says that she doesn't believe in spring. "Mud season" is what she calls this time of year. I don't know what she means, but I think it has something to do with getting my paws cleaned off every time I come back inside. No matter what you call the season, one thing is for sure: the chipmunks have emerged again! There are also all sorts of other critters in the yard who have been sleeping all winter. Well, it is time for my favorite radio program, I'm going to go lay down on my dog bed and listen. Grrr. Diggy is on my dog bed! I will chase him off.


Ah! March!

March 7th 2008 5:24 am
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A foggy morning in March. Most of the snow is gone now leaving the yard muddy and stinky--so much fun! Yesterday we stayed outside for a long time without our coats. I think it's going to be spring soon! Mommy said that it is just a trick of the weather and we'll be getting more cold and snowy days. I saw her getting the skis out again and putting them in the car, which means they are going "away" to ski.

Rats! Dogs can't go skiing. Not that I would want to: it is too cold and wet. Cold and wet are my least favorite states of being. I prefer to be warm and dry in my bed near the window, reading.

Diggy likes to watch movies, especially when there are dogs in the movie. I don't much like movies, especially when Mommy watches them close to doggy dinner time. I get so hungry and she doesn't listen when I try to tell her that it is TIME. This happened yesterday and I was so hungry and I kept going to all the doors and scratching. I was trying to get Mommy's attention, but she only got mad and made me lay down and watch the movie. I had to wait an eternity for my doggie dinner.

Speaking of, I think I am hungry now. I think I'll go sniff around for some snacks. If I say I want to go out and then come back in, I'll get a snack. Then I'll take a little snooze in the sunny spot. Oh Drat! No sunny spot today, it's foggy out.


Visit to New Jersey

February 20th 2008 7:31 am
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We spent the weekend with our Grandpeople in NJ. It was fun. We always get extra treats when we visit our Grandpeople. We played with our cousin Casey, who is a shy black dog who is scared of Diggy and me. We also played with Taea. She is feisty little puppy who scared me!

When we got home we watched a movie about the wolves in Yellowstone. Diggy thought the wolves were real and would come out of the computer to play. They didn't and Diggy was sad. But, later we played "wild wolves and bald eagles," outside.

Mommy is still worried about the wolves. I am jealous of wolves because they get to have beef bones whenever they want. Diggy and I had a beef bone the other day, but then Mommy took it away from us because we weren't being nice. How can you be nice when there is only one beef bone and two dogs? Sometimes Mommy's expectations are unreasonable.

Diggy has brought all of our toys into the office. I think I will play with them for a while and then go take a snooze in the sunny spot on the floor.

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