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Fun and Adventures With the Tater Tots!

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Little Reba's 2nd Birthday Pool Pawty!

August 17th 2009 12:50 am
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Wow! Today was extra fun! We got to go to our dear furiend, Reba Lynn's, 2nd birthday pawty! It was held at Little Reba's Swimming Pool and Park at Fancypants Cafe and we think it was quite pawssibly the biggest pawty we have ever attended! It seemed like half the puplation of Dogster was there!

A great time was had by all swimming, dancing and enjoying good company.
Maynard Pugster pawposed to his darlin', Tess and that was really pawsome!

Little Reba had a furbulous time and she got a car and a motorcycle and lots of other furrifc gifts. The most exciting gift of all was when Toby Aragorn asked her to go steady with him! Now how sweet is that?!!

What a pawsome pawty! These are the times we will always remember, the good times with all our pals. *high paw*

Wuf 'n Taterhugs, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue, Link & Rosie too!;)


A Beloved Teddy Bear Angel

July 17th 2009 1:52 am
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We got a pawmail from Teddy's daddy telling us that Teddy has made his journey to Rainbow Bridge.

Our hearts are broken at this very unexpected and sudden news.

Teddy went into surgery a couple of days ago to have a hip replacement. The surgery went pawsomely and the dogtor phoned Bob to tell him that Teddy wanted his daddy so come and get him, bring him home where he'll be happy with Daddy Bob and Daddy Jacob and sisfur Pita ~ CGC Award.

Bob was happily just about to go pick up Teddy and bring him home when the dogtor called to tell him that Teddy had passed away from a heart attack.

We feel the pain and share the tears of our friends. We hope that Bob and Jake will take solace, as we do, in knowing that Teddy's last months were filled with the happiness and love that he longed for. The happiness and love that he found when his family took him into their hearts furever.

Fly free, sweet Teddy bear and, together with your angel sisfur Layla, you'll watch over your beloved family until the day you will all be reunited.

Wuf 'n Taterhugs, Penny Ann, Link, Zelda Marie, Teddi Sue ~ and Mommy♥


Pawlease Pawtect Us And Our Furless Siblings, Too!

June 24th 2009 9:23 pm
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We got an urgent email from our pals Angel Mica the Wonderpup and Mirra aka The Purple Girls of Oregon. It seems as though there is a pretty house plant being sold in stores all across the country which is extemely toxic, if ingested, to both furs and furless. TPGOO have asked us to help bark out and we, in return, are asking all our pals to do the same. The following is inFURmation we found in Plus Forums Informational thread SAGO PALM IS A POISONous PLANT!.....

PLEASE Cross post:

Greetings from the Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital.

Our goal is to make our clients the most educated pet owners in the community.
Recently the home improvement stores have stocked their shelves with a plant called "Sago Palm". This is a decorative houseplant that you may be tempted to purchase.

If your pets ingest ANY part of this plant it will cause liver failure. Even with aggressive veterinary treatment 70% + of these pets will die. We implore you to keep your household free of this plant. We are devastated when we are unable to help your pets.

Go to our website and get a look at this plant.

If that isn't enough to convince you to help spread the woof, check out another Plus thread, started by pretty, little Tallulah Belle who nearly died after consuming some of a Sago Palm! Thank God and Dog, she survived, but many haven't.... and sadly, won't. :(

In addition to the deadly SAGO PALM, our pawsome pal Mica, gone to The Bridge too soon due to IMHA (Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia) , has been on a mission to help find a cure fur the deadly disease.

We are BOL to everywoof to visit Mica's Dogster page, READ HER BIO, and her Diary, and become aware of IMHA and IMTP (Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia). We hope everywoof can make even a small efFURt to support Mica's cause to help find a cure. Pawlease, everywoof, you could be the next fur who is affected by these deadly diseases. We hope you care and can try to help. We did, and it's time fur us to help a little bit more! We start by BOL in this Diary entry and continue by digging Mom's checkbook out fur her and asking her to use it. Every woof and every dollar gets us one step closer to a cure!

Thanks fur taking the time to hear us bol and fur taking the time - and making the space- to bol yourselves. All paws united fur Power of the Paw! It can work miracles!

Big, loud woofs, Penny Ann, Zelda Marie, Teddi Sue & Link


Ice Cream Tagged by Maebe and Mirra, Too!

June 23rd 2009 11:01 pm
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We've been Tagged by Mirra, and Maebe got us, too!

This Tag game is a little bit different - and a whole lot tastier - than the usual Tag games! This is "Ice Cream Tag" and the rules are quite simple.

We just choose what flavor of ice cream we'd be, based on our looks OR our pawsonality, and write it in our Diary. Then ask 5 furiends to do the same.

Sounds like fun to us! And, sheesh! Suddenly we're feeling kinda hungry fur something cold and sweet! bol

Penny Ann goes furst since she's the Alpha Tot! After reading Mirra's Diary and hearing what flavor she is, Penny has decided that, with her ebony fur, she is the same flavor as Mirra! That would be Licorice VooDoo. Mirra was wondering if anywoof else would be her flavor, so we'll be sure to let her know that she's got company!

Zelda Marie, second in command, being the sweet little diva that she is, has chosen her flavor to be Cookies 'n Cream.

*Link looks at Zelda, licks his chops. Cookies 'n Cream is his absowoof favorite flavor!*

Teddi Sue would make a nice tasty treat of Chocolate Bliss Butterscotch with those distinctive, curvy, little, butterscotch eyebrows of hers.

Last, but not least, just out-numbered by the grrrls, Link is definitely Mocha Almond Fudge Swirl. What other flavor could he be with that furbulous black-brown brindle fur?!!

Thanks fur including us in this delicious game of Tag, Mirra and Maebe! It's been a blast! Here are the 5 fureinds we've chosen to tag....

Gorgeous George Underwood
Lil Man
Tinker Bell

We hope you all have as much fun playin' as we are! bol

Woofs, wuf 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zelda, Teddi & Link


What's All The Hubbub About?

June 21st 2009 1:16 pm
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We just don't get it. Lots of our wunnerful pals have been MIA. Seems as though they've been spending their time on Facebook. Hmmmph! Yeah, we have a Face book account. They make it real easy to open an account, but try to figger out the rest of it! HA! Hmmm.... *scratches heads* Maybe it's just us, but it's completely confusing to us. We get these emails saying "You have 46 friends waiting for your response!" So we try to respond - we get through about 10 of them - then we get a pop up message saying that we are abusing a feature, blah, blah, blah.... and if we continue to do this, our account will be closed! Sheesh!

So, everywoof, if ya wanna play with us, you can find us right here on good ol' Dogster! We 'get it'. We admit, it may have taken us a little while to figger out some stuff. And maybe we still have a couple things to figger out, but we pretty much 'got it' and what we don't get, there is always a grrreat pal willing to help us out! On Facebook, everyone just says "Oh, just play around! You'll get it!"
Well! We don't get it! And we're done trying!

We love Dogster and, doggone it, we're just happy as can be playing right here with anywoof who wants to play too!

Now! We've been Tagged a buncha times so we're going to join in and get our tails moving! Stay tuned fur some Ice Cream Tag fun coming your way soon!

Oh! And HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all our favoritest Dogster daddies! We wuf you all! Hope ya have a happy and relaxing day playing with your puppers and getting covered with lotsa slobbery smoochies!:) :) :)

Wuf 'n Taterhugs, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link ♥


POTP Fur a Grrreat Pal, Meatball.

June 14th 2009 7:08 pm
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A very sweet, wonderful Dogster pal, a Boxer named Meatball AKA Meaty, recently found out that he has a cancerous bone tumor in his adorable, handsome little face. :( His Momma is devastated. Dogster and several of Meaty's pals want to show support fur Meaty and his family. You can read about Meaty's plight in a recent story in the Dogster Dog Blog. Also, a Dogster group has been created in support of Meatball. Anyone can join Meatball POTP Group. Just go there and click at the top of the page where it says "Anyone can join this group". There you will find forum threads to woof and show your support fur this sweet, dear Boxer boy who is furry loved by many, many woofs and kitties, too.
We hope everywoof and everypurr will join the group and help Meaty "kick out the cancer"!

Goooo Meaty! And DIE CANCER, DIE!

Thanks fur your wuf and support! (((HUGSSSSSS)))

Woofs, wuf 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link


Zelda Marie & Link in the May 2009 Snobby Dogs Photo- Contest

May 20th 2009 4:00 pm
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May seems to be the big month fur us Tater Tots to be entering contests. We rarely enter any contests, and to be honest, Mom furgot she entered Link and Zeldy in the May 2009 Snobby Dogs Photo Contest. The picture is titled "Sibling Love" and it's one of Mom's faves. There's one pup who already has 96 votes so we doubt we have much of a chance at winning, but we just thought it would be fun and we're hoping to get at least more than the one vote we have so far! *BLUSH* Don't s'pose ya can guess who voted fur us, eh? *looks suspiciously at Mom* Anyways, if ya think our photo is cute, we'd sure appreciate your vote.

Penny Ann has been frantically trying to win herself a $25 gift card to PetSmart in the Dog Breed Photo Game, but since Mom and Dad are so busy with their landscape business this time of year, Penny hasn't had much time fur playing and she's quickly falling behind. But, heck, we're all still having alot of fun just trying and we've made some grrreat neew furiends. That's the best part of all. There's nothing better in life than furiends- and the bestest ones of all are the ones we have right here on Dogster and Catster.

So, keep your eyes on the Breed Game and see who wins the pawsome prizes and we hope you get a chance to check out all the grrreat photos at Snobby Dogs.

Who knows? Maybe soon we'll even get a chance to come and play in some of our groups! We've really been missing our furiends and we think humans should work less and play more!

Oh yeah! Almost furgot to tell you some super - exciting news! Our own Penny Ann has become engaged! *jumps up and down, bol* Yup! The handsome gentlepup, Red has asked fur Penny's paw in marriage and she accepted! They haven't set a date yet, but it is pawficial! Red pawposed to Penny at Miss Fancy's woofday pawty at Fancypants Cafe ths past Saturday, right in front of everyfur! We're all sooo happy fur those li'l Wiener dogs! They have both been burned in love before and it's nice that they are so blissfully in love! Congratulations, Penny Ann and Captain Red! *high paw*

Thanks fur stooping by to read our Diary and share our happy news! Hope to see ya all at Snobby Dogs!

Woofs, wuf 'n Taterwags, Penny Ann, Zelda Marie, Teddi Sue & Link


One Potato, Two, Potato, Three Potato, Four!

May 2nd 2009 9:26 pm
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Since Link, Travis and Kaiti have moved back home with us, our daily and nightly walks have become, well... let's say a lot more adventurous!

Three of us are 1/2 MinPin, you know.........

Anyway, tonight Momma/Gramma decided to take us in shifts. Link and Zelda Marie just got back. Now it's Penny Ann's and Teddi Sue's turn.

Gramma took Zeldy and Link while Daddy/Grampa chopped some firewood to keep the house warm tonight. Gramma says she's glad Daddy is going to come along fur the second shift. Link was pretty excited about going fur his walk and fur the furst ten minutes or so Momma/Gramma is pretty sure his main goal was to pull her arm out of it's socket! bol Amazing how strong a little 13 pound Minihuahua can be! *Link puffs up his chest, gives Gramma that "Aw, shucks" look*

Well, time fur Penny and Teddi to go get in some sniffs and hope to stumble upon a catilicious snack out there in the neighborhood! We hope all our furiends have enjoyed their walks today. :)

Woof ya later, everyone! Wuf ya!

Taterwags, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link


Wuf 'n Taterhugs

April 24th 2009 1:43 am
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Just wanna remind all our wunnerful, furbulous, pawrecious furiends how much we wuf you. NO MATTER WHAT, we love you and thank Dog fur you and you all will be furever in our hearts. Thank you fur wuffing us back and fur being the bestest furiends in the whole, wide world!

Woofs, wuf 'n Taterhugs, Penny, Zeldy, Teddi Sue & Link ~ and Mommy, too!;)


Bouncing Tater Tots

April 1st 2009 10:30 am
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The other night when Momma let us out to *whispers* go potty, Zelda Marie spied a moth a few feet up on the side of the house. It didn't take Teddi Sue and Link long to join in once they saw Zeldy bouncing up to try to snatch the li'l bugger. (Penny Ann isn't much of a jumper - what with those long, weiner dog legs of hers, so she just kinda stood there hopping around, barking her fool head off. )

Within moments, there were three Tater Tots bouncing like crazy in hopes of acquiring a tasty treat! Mmmmmm - mmmm! There's nuthin' quite like a juicy moth fur a bedtime snack!

Guess who finally succeeded??? TEDDI SUE!!! Woohoo! Go, Teddi! She wins the bouncing award fur the month of March!

Now, every time we go outside, we have a bounce-fest to see if there are any more unfortunate moths who've decided to make the side of our house their perch fur the evening. What fun!

Mom would video it, but Daddy accidently ran over her camera with the truck Sunday. :( Bummer.

Have a grrreat day, everyfur! Woof ya later!

Woofs, wuf 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link

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