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Fun and Adventures With the Tater Tots!

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Woofing You In Our Hearts

September 6th 2008 10:56 am
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We won't be around much fur awhile. We've been able to play on Catster and Dogster alot less over the past few months.
We want all of our pawsome furiends to know that we'll be missing you all every single minute that we we're not here.
We'll make sure we can stop and sniff our pages and pawmail boxes often.

Oh! And we'll be having one last big fling before we basically give in to the business (busy-ness!) of human life.

During September 12, 13 & 14, we'll be cruising to The Caribbean with Your Key To Happiness Cruise Lines! We're sooo excited! We hope to see some of our furiends there.

Main thing is... We won't ever furget our wonderful furiends and we'll think of you often and send good thoughts.

Woofs 'n Taterhugs, Penny Ann, Zelda Marie, Teddi Sue & Link


It's a Little Better...

September 5th 2008 2:53 am
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Hey! We see a smile on Mommy's face! Could it be that things are looking a teeny bit brighter?

Yup! Defurnitely! She's smiling!

We're going to go sleep on this. :))


Ooooooh Weeee! Is Momma Mad!!!

August 30th 2008 2:36 am
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Wow. So, Mom gets woke up this morning at 6:50 a.m... again... by the neighbor's new 'loaner' rooster who has been living next door fur about a month now. Ummm.... that is after Mom stayed up 'til 6:30 a.m. typing happy woofs and helping us give pressies to a buncha our wunnerful pals. So, yeah, well, she's mostly mad at herself fur being silly enough to stay up all night.... again... on a work night. But, hey! We just looove Dogster and our pals so much we couldn't help it!

So, yup, she's mad at herself, but, it didn't help too much that when she and Daddy and Teddi Sue got home from work... finally... at 9:10 p.m., in the pitch dark, they came in to find the whole living room, dining room and kitchen torn apawt. There was a note from Kaiti saying that, when she came at 5:30 to pick up Link, she cleaned up the mess they made! Gee. Mom really woulda been even angrier if she had seen the mess before Kaiti cleaned it up!

There was garbage strewn, books, shoes, papers and the cute li'l pawprint mold that Kiko sent to Zelda, all chewed up everywhere!

See, Link /AKA Yicky Boy, is quite the athlete. He can bounce right up onto the kitchen table, or the desk, from a stand-still on the floor. So sweet li'l innocent (yeah, right!) Penny Ann and Zelda Marie leave it up to Yickers to drag down anything he can manage to get his naughty li'l paws on, then we all pawceed to have a big pawty!

Not only was the whole house a disaster area, but when Mommy walked in the front door, she stepped on a "pressie" that was left on the carpet by a certain white - with - black spots - MinPinChi - princess diva who shall remain nameless. Mom's a pretty good dogtective so she knows who left the pressie. Furst of all, Kaiti would have cleaned "the pressie" up if it had been there when she came to pick up Link. Second, Penny Ann would never, EVER leave a nasty li'l pressie like that in the house ! Third, Teddi Sue was at work with Mom and Dad so she's definitely in the clear.

Ooookay! So. We have the 13 hour work day on 20 minutes of sleep, a rooster next door who never stops crowing - day and night, the completely trashed house, "the pressie" on Mom's shoe and the carpet, the ruined pawprint mold from Kiko : (

... then there's the knock on the front door.

It's some man who came to give Mom and Dad some papers called a "Trustee's Notice of Sale of Property". That's just like the absowoof worst papers in the whole wide world and it made Momma cry.

Then Momma sat on the couch and all three of us grrls jumped up there with her to cuddle and groom her feet to help make her feel better. Then Mommy stopped crying... mostly... and she petted us and gived us kissies and told us that no matter what she loves us more than anything in the world. She said "Phooey on that man and his papers - that nobody can take us furbabies away from her - EVER!

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day fur Mom and Dad. We're going to go snuggle with Mommy now and remind her that everything will be okay. Dog will see us through. We have each other and our furiends and the love of Dog and that is what's most impawtant.

G'night, everypup.

*3 Tater Tots scramble to find the bestest spot under the covers with Mommy*


A Few Words From 'Humommy'.

August 12th 2008 1:27 am
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I will never understand what I have done to deserve the true, never-ending, unconditional love, from my furbabies and our friends here on Dogster, that fills each and every day of my life.

I thank God for sending these furbabies and friends to share my life. For teaching me the true meaning of unconditional love and devotion.

And I thank God for the very real and special friendships that have come into my life since we have discovered Dogster and the incredibly amazing people and their furbabies who have become such a special part of our lives.

I have never felt such sadness, devastation, and helplessness as I had when Teddi Sue was stolen in April of 2007. I truly think I would have died of a broken heart if it weren't for the love that was totally, completely and unselfishly bestowed upon me by my furbabies and our friends here on Dogster.

I continue to see and feel that same love, here at home with my furbabies and from our Dogster friends, every day. There are no words that can completely describe how incredibly grateful and blessed I feel.

I thank God for blessing me with such a precious and priceless gift.

May God bless each and every one of you every single day for eternity.
~D'Ann, humommy of The Tater Tots


Like WOWSER, Bowser! May I have Another???

July 4th 2008 11:39 pm
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Oh, wow! The 4th of July is grrreat! A couple of hours ago we were all crying and quaking. Talk about scarey! There are bombs going off everywhere! We were like "Hey, Mommy! Can we ALL sit on your lap???!!!" And, don't mind all the drippy slobber from our panting, little tongues. We're just petrified, that's all! And fur good reason. If a pup can't be scared when the world is blowing up, well when can one be scared?!

So, anyway. It's really not a pawblem now. In fact, everything is just groovy!

Mom gave us each a little bite of peanut butter and, wowser! That's the best doggone peanut butter we ever ate! (Even though it had some kind of little, hard chunk in there. It was pawbably just a little piece of peanut.) It's like, wow, man.We're all just laying around chillin' in the living room, chewing on the pawsome new bones Mom got fur us. What? Scared? Who??? Life is good. No worries. *yawns* Yep. We loooove the 4th of July. *goofy grins*

Hey, Mommy? can we ALL have another bite of peanut butter? He-he. Maybe we'll just...take a... little...... nap...... ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......


Protect Your Pet From 3 Common Poisons

July 3rd 2008 8:09 pm
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Protect Your Pet From Three Common Poisons

Dr. Eric Barchas, DVM

I have spent several nights over the last few weeks working at a veterinary emergency hospital near San Francisco. We see an incredible range of cases, but during my last two shifts in particular I treated a huge number of dogs for exposure to toxic substances.

There are literally thousands of, foods, human medications and chemicals that are poisonous to dogs and cats. To view two (non-comprehensive) lists of potential poisons, click here (for household products), and here (for plants).

Despite the huge number of hazardous plants and materials out there, I have noticed that three of them seem to be more commonly ingested by pets than the others. So, although I encourage you to be proactive about protecting your pet from all potential poisons, please be especially aware of these three.

Chocolate. Toxicity depends on the size of the pet, the type of chocolate consumed (darker chocolate is more dangerous than lighter chocolate), and the amount of chocolate that is eaten. Severe intoxication with chocolate can lead to irregular heart rhythms and death. Many dogs seem to find chocolate just as delicious as we humans do. Sadly, for dogs chocolate can be much worse than a guilty pleasure.

Rat and mouse poisons (rodenticides). Even small amounts of rodenticide can be deadly to cats and dogs. The most commonly used rodenticides cause internal bleeding. There is an antidote, but it must be administered rapidly to prevent severe illness or death.

Chewing gum. This is a relatively new player in the world of pet poisons. Not all chewing gum is toxic. However, several popular brands contain a sweetener called xylitol. Xylitol can cause dangerously low blood sugar in dogs. It also has been linked to liver damage.

I recommend that pets never be allowed access to any poisons. However, please be especially careful with the three listed above. Dogs are more likely than cats to be exposed to each of these poisons because they are less selective about what they eat.

If you suspect that your pet has consumed any poisonous product, contact a veterinarian immediately. Acting quickly can help to prevent serious consequences.

If possible, always bring the packaging from the product that was consumed, as well as any remaining product to the veterinarian’s office when you seek treatment. This will help the vet to positively identify the type and amount of toxin consumed.

Remember, however, that the best way to keep your pet safe from poisons is to make sure he or she does not have access to them in the first place.
************************************************* **************************************************

Woof! Thanks, Dogster, fur emailing us all this pawsome infurmation! WE LOVE ♥DOGSTER♥!

Woofs 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link


Our Sweet Furiend, Smuckers

May 17th 2008 7:46 pm
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We met a sweet little Dachsie who could use alot of love and support to help with some health issues he has. When Teddi Sue asked him about his pawblems, here is what his momma wrote back:

Subject: Here is my story.... Sent: Sun Apr 13

Hi and thank you for being our friend! We are so happy to hear that you were able to get back home to your mommy! We LOVE your pictures, they are just doggone cute!

Here is Smuckers' story, and why we were wanting to ask for donations.

Smuckers is a double dapple dachshund boy. He was born with a crooked spine which has recently been causing him quite a bit of pain in his back end. I have a kind of simple website that you could go to if you would like. There are more photos there too.

I have been trying to get donations for Smuckers for a couple of months now. But for the longest time we were not recieving any. Well yesterday I called the vet to check our donation account and they told me that we had 200 dollars in the account! I was dumbfounded! We need to raise 1,450.00 dollars total just to get the MRI scans done of my spine. So we are still working on the donations as much as we can.

We are going to do a garage sale to benifit Smuckers soon. I am in the process of planning it all out right now.

I am determined to keep going and to keep trying. I hope we can find a way to raise the money as soon as possible. Smuckers is like a baby to me....He is like my child. In fact some of my family members think I am the crazy wiener dog lady because I love my two doxies so much BOL! But other family members that have been touched by Smuckers love him so much. My older siblings say that he is their nephew, and my mother calls my doxies her grandchildren. Its kind of silly I know, but they are just so very loved.

Here is the link to the website that I made for Smuckers, Skippy is also on the webpage (he is my other doxie). Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions, or would just like to chat. I check my regular email much more often then I check dogster. My email is Here is the website link. It is not that great, and is still in the process of being made.

Sincerely, Amanda, Skippy, and baby Smuckers. :)

This is The Tater Tots again. We did leave out a small part of the letter from Smuckers' mom. It was an explanation of why she was having a hard time getting donations. We don't want to stir up any hard feelings, but the answer she gave us made us feel as though poor little Smuckers was not entitled to the same attention as alot of our other fur friends have received, including our own Teddi Sue!
We'd love to help this sweet pup, but unfortunately, what our family is able to do does not even come close to covering the cost of his medical bills. What we can do is try to help spread the woof and get furiends praying fur Smuckers and helping to support his cause.


Happy Mother's Day To All Our Dog Momma Friends!

May 11th 2008 6:42 pm
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What a wonderful world we live in, to know that there are so many very, very loved furbabies by so many special and beautiful humamas!
We want to wish you all a very happy and special day together with your families! We love you all with all our doggie (and humama) hearts!
Hugs and Taterlove, Penny, Zelda, Teddi, Link & Mom


Whatever You Say, Mom.... *scratches heads*

April 20th 2008 9:42 pm
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What a day we had yesterday! It started out grrreat! Furst, we woke Mom up nice and early so we could go outside and, well, you know... take care of business. ;-)~
When we ran out the door, we were surprised to see that it had snowed again! Woohooo!!! There wasn't much. Just a little skiff, but it was enough to get Teddi Sue and Zelda all excited and have a little wrestling match! Mom got all impatient and started complaining about how we should hurry up and take care of business because she was freezing just standing there waiting fur us in her nightie and slippers.

Anyway, Mom managed to survive 'til we got done playing and taking care of business. So we all ran into the house and lined up in the kitchen fur a cookie. Mom was a toughie and said "No cookies 'til after breakfast!" Sheeesh! Okay, Mom. Whatever you say! Ya don't have to be so mean! *rolls eyes, pouts*

After breakfast, Mom asked us if we wanted to go bye-bye in the car! ALL three of us!!! Now that is very unusual. The only time we ever all get to go bye-bye in the car together, at the same time, is when we go to the dog park! Yipeeeee!!!! Woohoooo!!! Imagine how excited we were to know that we were going to the dog park!

So, we loaded up in the car and Mom started driving. When the car stopped and Mom opened the door to get out, we were just a little bit confused. "Hey, Mom?! This isn't the dog park!!!" It sorta smelled like the dog park, but there was something a little bit off. It made us kind of nervous.

Come to find out, we were right! It was not the dog park!!! It was Lane County Animal Regulation Authority... otherwise known as THE DOG POUND!
Mom brought us there so we could all get our Rabies and Distemper/Parvo vaccinations and renew our licenses. What a BUMMER!

So, by now we're wondering why Mom's in such a grouchy mood today and picking on us! Furst, no cookies, then this! SHOTS! Not just one shot, but two! She told us "I'm sorry, grrrls, this is fur your own good. I'm doing this because I love you!" Hmmmph! Yeah, right! Sure, Mom, whatever you say. *pout*

Afterwards, we went home and we all cuddled up on the couch and took a grrreat, big nap.
We weren't feeling the grrreatest.
Then, last night, while everyone was sleeping, Teddi and Zelda threw up all over the living room carpet and the couch. And poor Zelda, she was really feeling rough, She went into the dining room and almost completely covered the big rug in there with diahrrea!
We're all feeling better now, but needless to say, Mom was not very happy when she woke up this morning. She wasn't mad at us. She knew we didn't mean to. Maybe she'll think twice before she makes us go get shots again!

We hope all our pals had a better weekend than we did ! Sheeesh!

Tailwags & Taterhugs - Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link


Bark Out Animal Abuse! HELP STOP PUPPY MILLS!

April 12th 2008 11:22 pm
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We found a woof on a furiend's page and we want to help her spread the woof to help stop animal abuse and puppy mills. Thanks fur barking, Angel!
This only takes a few seconds to do - maybe a minute!

Here is a link to the Humane Society's website. You just enter your name and address, and hit send, and it automatically sends an email to your local senators and congresspeople to tell them to crack down on puppy mills.

PLEASE write to them!!! If we all work together, we can make a difference. Share this link with everyone you know! Thanks, everyone!
Humane Society

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