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Puppy Learning 2/20/07

Feeling Better

October 8th 2007 7:31 pm
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Hailey had elbow displacia in both elbows and had arthroscopic surgery two months ago. It has been a rough 9 weeks for everyone, keeping her relatively immobile and then slowly working her strength back. She got to go to physical therapy and work in the hydro tank and meet some fun physical therapists. Now she is feeling way better and is able to go on some good walks again. It won't be long until she can run and play as much as she wants to.


First Backpack trip

June 18th 2007 8:54 pm
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Hailey went on her first backpack trip to the Steens Mountains in Eastern Oregon. She did well during the long car ride.

Once we got there we got turned around by the first big creek crossing, since we would have to carry Hailey across the rushing water we decided to try another creek the next day. We suceeded in hiking up little indian gorge and went across the creek three times and all managed to stay dry, but the water was mighty cold!

We camped out in the tent with hailey sleeping at our feet until she got too cold and then she was a spoiled puppy and got to curl up in our sleeping bags when the tempurature dropped below freezing.

It was a great adventure for Hailey, maybe next time she will car something more than just an empty backpack!


Olive's visit and Swimming

June 18th 2007 8:49 pm
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Hailey had a friend visit for four days it was her friend olive from seattle. Olive is a black lab and has lots of energy like Hailey so they ended up spending countless hours playing and chasing each other.

Hailey also got some more time swimming down at the clocktower pond, she was no match for the speed of olive thought, but give her time to hone her swimming abilities and the next visit might be different...


Hailey is getting bigger 5/20

May 20th 2007 8:53 pm
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Hailey is now over 40lbs and on her way up in height too. She has been learning some more obedience items lately and is picking up on a few of them. Sometimes we think she is just too smart for her own good.

Hailey recently had a visitor for her six month birthday, it was her friend olive from seattle. Olive is a black lab and is 2 years old, but still young enough to go wild with the puppy. They spent many hours wrestling and having a grand old time.

Next weekend over memorial weekend will be Hailey's first backpacking trip to the steens mountains. She will be very excited to get to wear her empty backpack and sleep in the tent with her pack. Hailey went on a kayak trip a couple of weeks ago and got to ride in a kayak and sleep in the tent with her people, this was of course the coolest thing. Much better than sleeping on the floor while the people get to sleep in a nice cozy bed!!


Learning commands and adventure

February 20th 2007 8:23 pm
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I have been learning a lot of new commands lately from my favorite humans and also doing some socializing with other people. Over the weekend I went for my first trail walk and crossed three streams, the water was really cold!

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