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The Princess Diary

I Must Be Special or Something!?

February 11th 2007 11:22 am
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Hmmmm, I'm starting to think I am one special girl . All I have to do is lay in my room with Mom and people keep coming to visit me. They all pet me and say I'm soo good so I must be! I would rather go and visit them at their places but since I don't feel so good it's easier this way-but just for now. When I get better I will go on my rounds again, visiting and telling them how good they are.
I'm a little depressed today though because I was feeling better for awhile but then all of a sudden it started again. It's really starting to scare me and I don't see why it keeps coming back. I'm not doing anything wrong.. I slept good last night but then as soon as I got up I had another seizure. Mom and me have been cuddling ever since. She keeps saying I need to take my medicine but I just don't want to. The liquid stuff is sticky and gets all over my fur and the pills don't go down so good. I guess I have to give in pretty soon though because I want to get better and be normal Prin again.
Mommy said she found a Doctor in Manitoba yesterday on the internet who actually emailed her back and is giving her advice so thats good cause I know how worried she is and I don't like to see her worry so much over me. I'll be ok Mom. Stop the leaking! I can only lick so much, silly.


Why are Mom's eyes leaking?

February 10th 2007 1:10 pm
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I don't really understand what is going on these days. My Mom's eyes are leaking all the time and I have to keep licking them off! I think she is really worried about me since I've been feeling so yucky. She keeps taking me to the doctor and they keep taking my blood. I never let on that it hurts as I don't want to upset Mom or be hard to get along with. Today they stuck a needle in my neck 5 times to put water in there because I am having a hard time drinking my water. That was a little harder to bare but I did it without a flinch and Mom was so proud of me. They keep saying liver disease-whatever that is. All I know is I'm getting a little tired of feeling so funny and having all these seizures (thats what they called them). I'd like to start a new chapter in my book now Mom. No more of this one. I want to go outside and run again and bark at that dog, Missy on our way like we used to do. Ok?

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