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Tagged by my pal, Shula!

June 25th 2009 10:46 am
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1. What color is your collar? - blue

2. What kind of food do you eat? - Purina

3. What are your favorite treats? - the fresh breaf ones, they're smelly

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other? - Yes, Bubbles Baby from ND

5. Do you get Table Scraps? – no, I get snackies like cheese, mogurt, carrots, (watermelon this summer!)

6. What is your favorite toy? – filled Kong

7. When is your Birthday? - June 20, I'm eleven :o3

8. How many times a day do you get to eat? - Twice a day, half a cup

9. Do you have a favorite color? – shades of blue/purple

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? - Sure! If you're reading this, oh yes, you're tagged :o3


**STAR TIP** Has a Woof Day!

June 20th 2009 6:53 am
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Hi, it's my Woof Day!
Not older ... just BETTER!
I still love:
to take walks to get the mail.
to eat ice.
to get messages from my gal pal, Bubbles Baby!
to talk to my pals on Dogster.
to have TREATS!
to pawlay with feet and my Kong.
to watch and chase critters.

Hugs and a round of pupsicles for all,


Chick, Chick, !@#$%^&*!!!Chicken!

April 9th 2009 2:03 pm
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My good fren and pal, Shula, TAGGED me! So here we go...

What is your favorite color for Easter eggs?
light blue

Would you rather be a bunny or a chick?
a bunny wabbit pawlease, they like to eat just like me

How many Easter eggs do you think you'll find when you get to hunt them at your house?
I just wuv to hunt anything; hopefully I'll find lots of 'em :o3

What kind of Easter basket are you hoping for?
Oh, I already have some. One from my best budds, Shula and Chauncey and one from My galfren, Bubbles Baby, sent me one with all meaty treats!!!!

*If you read this, you've been tagged by ST!!!!


Travelin' Dog

April 7th 2009 6:56 am
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We're back ... I had a super duper time at the family reunion.
Shula, here's some briscuit fur ya like I promised.
I saw a lot of people and ate the crumbs off the floor that they dropped.
Oh yeah, we visited granny's goats and one scared me a little. I guess I was too close to the fence. The pine straw smelt and felt so good, I had to roll around in it! A beautiful day, beautiful Springtime weather to walk around in. I didn't see any other canines; so it was just me to get all the attention, oh and those goats too. (Shhh, don't tell anyfur that I got a lil' sick from eating stuff around the BBQ pit, but oh how good it was.) I had to rest all day yesterday. Travelin' takes a lot out of a ol' pup like me. I wasn't the only one resting though, BOL!



February 3rd 2009 2:31 pm
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my little puppy's name is Wags (Star)
he eats so much that his tummy sags,
his ears flip flops and his tail wig wags
and when he walks, he zigs and zags!

flip flop wig wag, zig zag,
flip flop wig wag, zig zag!

(a blast from the past. how many of you
sang this as a child???!!! and did the motions???!!!
ha, ha!!!) too cute, huh?

From My Kathy,
Oh and I like it too!


Sick Pup Better Now

January 7th 2009 6:21 am
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I've been keeping my Kathy busy. Been a sick doggie all yesterday--boy, did I ever have the runs, pardon me, I didn't even have time to pawlay, eat or drink much yesterday. I ate a pear from the backyard; it just fell into my mouff somehow. I showed my Kathy the evidence. I had to get a baff, before the sun came up yesterday, ugha. I'm better now since I ate a little this A.M. and drank some water. I didn't have to go to the dogtor. I was told I might have to if I wasn't better by today. Thanks to Hunter and his mama giving us some pointers, we survived!

It's a beautiful day, so let's enjoy it!

P.s. I see another baff in the near future.


HAPPY NEW YEAR, Everybody!

January 4th 2009 7:58 am
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Hi and Happy New 2009!

Wishing all my doggie pals good health, wonderful things to eat and a bunch of things to do in '09. Can you believe the new year, wow! I wish I had snow to bark about, but it's warm for now in the 70's --Hawaii weather, ha! I get to stay outside and pawlay by chasing those squirrely critters and smell those great smells on the ground. Take walks too!

My human cousin gets married this month; he's the one in the Army!
Congratulations to the happy couple!!!!!!!

Have a pawsome day and week :o3


My Christmas

December 27th 2008 7:14 pm
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We're back. I had a good Christmas. Got treats and a ball and a snowman ornment that says "most loved dog" on it!!!!! I was at Granny's farm and saw her goats; boy it's fun rolling in the leaves too. I roamed around finding all kinds of stuff to smell. I got to see my half sissy too. This was the first time we've met. We stayed out of each other's way and got along just fine. Her name is Angel and she shared some of her food wid me! More later.


Hi and Merry Christmas!

December 8th 2008 5:11 am
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To my family and pals and girlfren, Bubbles:
I just can't wait 'til Christmas--may your holidays bring Peace, Love and Joy... (peaceful naps, loving praises, and joyous treats!)

Happy New Year!
**Star T.**


Happy Thanksgiving, Pals :o3

November 27th 2008 3:51 pm
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Hi and Happy Turkey Day to all my handsome and sweet pals on Dogster,

It's so warm here it feels like Spring again. Supposed to get cold after it rains tomorrow. I played outside today and had extra special treats too. Even walked down our street and saw some strange things in one yard--2 white critters that didn't move at all. My Kathy explained that Christmas is coming and they are already decorated! I sure did a double take with my tail in the air, BOL!

Thanks to my pals who sent turkey day greetings and pressies Thumper, Shiloh, William, Belle, Chauncey, Shula, Bubbles Baby, Sassy Girl, *Zoe* and Zoee. Hi everybody and luv 'em! Special thank you to my sweetie Bubbles Baby who sent me a pic of us having Thanksgiving together. So cute and luv it, Bubbs!
I'm sooo thankful to have frens like all of you :o3


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