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I'm all better!

October 6th 2008 9:47 am
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I just wanted to update my diary since my dental. The only tooth they needed to remove was the one fractured molar and now I feel much better. I was really out of it the day of the dental but each day I felt better and better. I finally pooped on Sunday. Yea! Mom was all happy I am back on track. We had a real scare on Saturday, you can read about it on Dragon's page. So now tomorrow is my 5th birthday and I have clean healthy teeth and I am safe and sound.

Ted (so grateful) E.


What? No Breakfast!

October 2nd 2008 6:47 am
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OMD - my mom didn't feed me any breakfast today and then she left me at the veterinary clinic for what she called a dental! I'm scared, lonely, and HUNGRY. What is she thinking. The ladies here are being very nice to me, but the just aren't a substitute for mom. The only positive I can think of is the fact that I heard mom tell them she wanted to pick me up the very moment it was safe to do so. She doesn't want me to have to stay any longer than necessary. I'll be having my teeth cleaned and also a fractured molar removed. Hopefully that will be the only problem tooth they will have to deal with. Wish me well furiends.

Ted (starving ) E.



September 29th 2008 9:42 am
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WooHoo! Halloween is just a little over a month away and I can already smell the candy. I am known for trying to sneak in the candy dish even though I am not allowed. Mom will usually make us apple or pumpkin biscuits though and that is always a pawsome substitute! I've updated my page for Halloween and am all excited about the Halloween season. It's just a shame I have this stupid dental to go to on Thursday (I guess that is the drawback to eating too much candy...BOL or in my case it is due to a fractured tooth). Anyway, once that is over I will be in tip top shape!

Ted (loves candy) E.


Warm weather

September 26th 2008 9:28 pm
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You'd never know it was fall with the unseasonable warm weather we have been having! It's still not too hot so it has been perfect for us. Mr. Weatherman says it will be changing soon though. Looks like the cooler weather will be arriving in time for October and my favorite holiday, Halloween. OK, the freaky costumes scare me but I love CANDY! What a great holiday that gives out free candy. Mom doesn't let me have any, but I jut a love a holiday that involves food! Hope all my Dogster pals are healthy and happy. Wish me well on my upcoming dental. It's a routine procedure to remove a fractured tooth, but mom knows that whenever you go under there are risks for complications.



Pollen count is down!

September 22nd 2008 2:15 pm
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Yeah! Today is the first day of fall and the pollen count has dropped into the low range. I am still itchy but not as bad as I was in late August. I took prednisone for a 2-3 period and it helped. This was the worst year for my allergies so mom is hoping this pollen season will be over soon. At least I can relax knowing the pollen count is lowering and should hopefully be over soon.



My encounter with the beyond

September 5th 2008 6:36 am
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After some therapy and many hours of deep meditation, I can finally talk about my near abduction from aliens. It all happened about a week ago when we were out having a good time just taking a casual walk. From the corner of my eye I saw an approaching object but I was too slow to react, within a second the flying green object had set it's sight on me. I'm not always the bravest of pups so they probably figured I'd be the easiest to apprehend. It happened so quickly that I can't remember all the details but the next thing I know is the green object attacked me and latched onto my face. I was sure it was trying to suck out my brain but I couldn't move. Was I paralyzed by fear or did it inject something in me that prevented me from moving? I could hear myself scream but no words came out. Mom was horror stricken at the fear in my eyes and bravely went after the creature from outer space and told it to never come back. She just looked at me, smiled, and said "It's OK honey, it was just a grasshopper." Too bad I'm the only one who knows the real truth. I'm sure to be in therapy a long time for this one!

Ted (almost abducted) E.


Itchy Itchy!!

August 25th 2008 10:47 am
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Mom couldn't control my itchies so I had to go to the vet today for my allergies. They started me on Prednisone and said it should help immediately. Originally my appointment was for tomorrow morning but they had a cancellation and were able to squeeze me in. I was in the middle of a medicated bath when they called but mom took me in wet and all just to make sure I could be seen right away....BOL!

So now, I'm resting and a little tired but I should hopefully feel better very soon. They also gave me a rabies booster and took blood for my dental next month. They found a cracked tooth that I'll need to have it removed. One thing at a time though, I have a few weeks before the dental.



It's my 3rd Gotcha Day!

August 20th 2008 10:04 am
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Three years ago today I came to my furever home! I was supposed to just be fostered for a few days so I could relax (I was super scared at the shelter) but mom couldn't let me go back there and decided to adopt me herself. I started school after I was adopted and learned so much. Today I'm so much less shy and I even received my CGC last year!! Yeah!! I feel blessed and I just wish there were less pups in need of new homes. I certainly pray each day that they too can find a place to call their furever home, a place they can be safe and loved.



Happy Mother's Day

May 10th 2008 6:17 pm
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Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! Today I took my mommy to the Home Depot to buy her some flowers. It was mommy and me time and I was the only one who went with her. You can see my new pics taken while we were shopping. I had a great time!

Ted (loves his mom) E.


I got a puppia

April 19th 2008 9:11 pm
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I got a brand new red Puppia soft harness today and I love it! My sister got one from her beau a little while ago and I was a bit jealous so mom bought one for me, Dragon, and Yuki. We all have Puppias now. Dragon got a blue one and Yuki got a gray one. Chester uses a gentle leader so he didn't get one. What lucky pups we are. Also, Dragon was microchipped today and I was thinking, whew I'm glad that wasn't me...BOL! Actually I lived that nightmare just after I was adopted so I did sympathize with him. We're fine though and mom feels better knowing we have a permanent form of ID.

Ted E.

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