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What a weekend!

February 26th 2007 9:11 am
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This is my very first entry! How exciting and I hope you will all enjoy my ramblings.

Might I just say how sick and tired I am of winter. We just get out of this really cold period of weather where for three weeks we barely got above zero degrees and now this weekend we get dumped with snow! What is going on here? I went out Sunday morning for a potty walk and came home looking like a Maltese, not that that is bad it's just that I'm not an all white dog!! Mom said since it was such a yucky weekend that it was a great time to do some baking. She made us all a big batch of homemade bacon dog biscuits. These are some yummy tasting morsels! I gave mom the sad eyes all weekend for taking me out in the snow and I was always treated with a biscuit for being such a good girl. It pays to have a set of big beautiful brown eyes! She gave us all biscuits saying we deserved them. The other dogs owe me for being so cute because I know the reason we were all treated was because of me! They don't call me Princess Mia for nothing.

I've got this thing coming up called a Gotcha Day. Mom says it will be my 2nd Gotcha Day and how happy she is that I joined the family. I can tell she is planning a surprise party for me. I hope she makes me that delicious German Shepherd's pie again like she did on Valentine's Day! Don't worry all you beautiful and handsome German Shepherds because it is really made with ground turkey ;) Technically I was already spoken for by my mommy at this time 2 years ago, but because I had to be spayed and recover, she wasn't able to bring me home until March 6th, 2005. My mom was so happy to see me but I'll admit I was a little scared at first because so much had happened to me in the past few weeks. Once I knew how much mommy loved me and when she said that nothing bad would ever happen again, I realized how lucky I was. I love my new family and I love my brother Teddy. He's very handsome, but of course he didn't arrive until August of 2005, so I have seniority over him. That is my first entry! I hope you all enjoyed it! I'll try to post again on my Gotcha Day! I have to act surprised like I don't know about the party. TTFN


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