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My 3 Year Quest to Set a new "Guinness World Record"

“Vote” for Team Vinny! Help End the Killing of Healthy- Pets and Move Arizona to 100% NO-KILL by 2015.

May 1st 2010 3:16 pm
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“Vote” for Team Vinny USA, Help End the Killing of Healthy Pets

Vote!!! Now through May 31st

Team Vinny USA has a blueprint for leading Arizona to 100% NO-KILL by 2015. Upon winning a Quarter Million Dollar Refresh Everything Grant, Team Vinny will donate and divide $200,000 among all of the pet rescues in Arizona in the form of $500 stipends, $1,000 grants and $3,000 awards. Help End the killing of healthy animals in our pet pounds. Visit Team Vinny’s twitter page:

Starting today, cast your vote for Team Vinny through May 31st. You can cast one vote a day, every day during the month long contest at the following web address: ealthypets?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=go od_luck

There has never been a greater opportunity to end Euthanizing healthy animals in pet pounds. Help spread the word! Tell everyone you know to "Vote” for Team Vinny USA.

Team Vinny USA
Allen Kimble
Phoenix & New Orleans


A New Challenge! My Pugnatious Quest to help end- Euthanizations as a form of Population Control

October 25th 2007 5:11 pm
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Recently I relized that I was in the seventh human year of life and felt the need to strike off into an entirely new direction.

Mine has been such an unusual and exciting life for a canine. I've literally gone where no dog has been before in my quest to enter the "Guinness World Record" book. Then there was my tour in the military as 1Lt. Vincent Thomas Pug assigned to the Army's elite Stryker Brigade with tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Words along can't express how rewarding my many experiences have been.

That being said, I've recently embarked, (pun intended) on a new quest which makes all of my previous experiences seem like childs play.

I've decided that the remainder of my days shall be dedicated to raising and donating monies and inkind donations to support pet rescue programs around the world. My most ambitious dream is to see the end of the use of Euthanization as a form of Pet populations control. I believe this is achievable even in my lifetime within my home state of Arizona.

Towards that end, I've directed my human to submit press releases announcing that our company "Vinny the Pug Enterprises" is on a new quest to raise $100,000 to donate to Pet Rescuers throughout Arizona. Whatmore we're going to recruit 99 businesses to join "Team Vinny" for the purpose of establishing a new foundations which will continually seek funds to award to those who are in the forefront of saving animal lives.

"Team Vinny" is delighted to announce our first team member with the coming of "Penny Pinchers Travel 4 Less" of Phoenix, Arizona. That leaves only 99 more to fully compliment our team.

Secretly, I would like to re-invent pet rescue as it is known today into a 21st Century model that is less volnuerable to the ups and downs of the economy. The feast or famine method of underwriting pet rescue results in far too many animals falling through the net. Upon proving our business plan is viable, we will move on to a far more ambitious undertaking to raise a million dollars for the "Vinny the Pug Foundation" and pursue a course of action to ensure the foundation become self sustaining into the future.

Well pugmates, that's it in a nutshell. These are very exciting time for me for sure. I invite you to utilize the services of "Team Vinny" members who we will be discovering totally new ways to generate monies for our many pet rescue projects. Please visit this site often for updates on our progress.

If you have questions, please forward them to my human at the email address below. Until then !


Vinny the Pug
Phoenix, Arizona


A "Guinness World Book" Pursuit Interrupted

October 15th 2006 7:16 pm
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Greeting PugMates!

It has been an awful long time since I last posted an entry here, actually two years or more to be exact. I recently received an email from the guardian of Paris and Bud pugs who urged me to return to my blog here at "Dogster". I was so flattered by her request that I had to return to share some of my war zone adventures with pug lovers everywhere.

As some you would recall, a couple of years ago I was in hot pursuit of a totally new "Guinness World Book" record for climbing and posing atop boulders. My quest for a new record was interrupted by the war in Iraq like so many of the citizens in America.

In ending here I would like to thank Paris & Bud's human for encouraging me to continue posing my adventures here at "Dogser". I would like to express my surrow at the recent passing of pug Phoebe as her loss is shared by all pug lovers everywhere. Meanwhile, take good care of yourself and one another.


Vinny the Pug
Scottsdale Ranch, Arizona
October 15, 2006


The move from Orlando to Phoenix, Arizona

July 12th 2005 8:10 pm
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I remember it as though it happened yesterday. I was still just a pup but old and mature enough to know something bad had just happened. My human came rushing into the house one day holding a piece of paper in his shaking hand. He tried really hard to say something to his wife but the words seem to not want to come out of his mouth.

When he was finally able to say something, I knew we were in very deep trouble because once he got it out they both fell to their knees and and wept like human babies demanding a diaper change.

That was over four years ago but I remember it plainly. I never was able to find out why such a simple sounding word could have so horrific an affect on my human. All I know is that "downsized" is something I don't every want to mess with because I've seen it knock a full grown man to his knees and sucked the tears right out his eyes.

Exactly one month after that eventfull day back in December of 2002, we'd packed what we wanted, got rid of what we didn't and were on the road in our Murcury Tracer headed for some city way out west called Phoenix.

Little did I know that the unfortunate event of my human being downsized, (whatever that means) would be the beginning of an exciting journey for a little pug would puch him to heights never before available to his canine breathern. This marked the beginning of my 3 1/2 year quest to climb my way into the "Guinness World Record" book.

It will be nice to share snippets from my many adventures with you in this space as I have much to tell.

Vincent Thomas Pug
July 12, 2004

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