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What if....

November 18th 2011 7:20 am
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What if Ebony and I had a puppy?

Would the result be Sneaker?


What a day!!!!

November 15th 2011 5:00 am
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My buddy Monty is Dog of the day!!!! If you are not friends with him and his sister Missy, go send them a PPR NOW!

And! I am a daily diary pick! WOOHOO!!! Thanks Dogster!



November 12th 2011 6:32 pm
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I was in the back seat of the truck cruising up 95 today. Dad was driving. I learned something.

If I stand up and look out the window, I can see the other cars.

IF I bark as loud as I can when we are side by side with another car, we ZOOM right past them!

It's a fun game.

You should try it.

Especially if you are on a one hour cruise up 95 with mom and dad after a delicious turkey dinner and all mom wants to do is nap, BOL!



November 11th 2011 5:14 pm
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It's hard to be a dog in New England in the fall.

There are so many leaves on the ground and EVERY SINGLE ONE needs to be peed on.

My work is never done.



October 27th 2011 4:55 pm
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Pups, I am WICKED excited! Mom and dad have been trying to figure out what to do with me tomorrow night. For those who are not mom's friend on Facebook, mom and dad are getting MARRIED! On NEW YEAR'S EVE! WOOHOO!! So, they have been hustling about and doing stuff every weekend. Tomorrow night is dad's bachelor party. After the partay, dad and some of the dudes are coming to my house to "crash".

I do not like dudes in my house.

At all.

Mom and dad have been trying to think about what to do. Me and mom were going to go to Nana's house. But Nana's going on a cruise and won't be home. We were going to stay home and hope for the best. Mom knew that wasn't going to fly. Tipsy dudes in my house who don't show up until 1:00 AM? Not OK.

So, mom came up with Plan C. We are going to a hotel!!!! One of the hotels right here in my town is brand new. And, they allow dogs! Mom called and asked about the AAA rate and it's completely doable! So, we are packing our bags and me and mom are moving out!!

We are bringing bon bons and bully sticks and cheesy movies and our blankies and we are having a sleepover at a hotel! Just me and mom!!!!

I am so excited.

It's going to be so fun! I LOVE HOTELS!!! This will be my fourth time in a hotel. I'm so excited! There is NOTHING better than a hotel KING bed!


Puffy Lion Dog

October 15th 2011 7:25 am
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So there I was, lying in bed with mom this morning. I was humoring her with some cuddling and she was scratching my head and patting my back. All of a sudden mom looks over at me and I gazed up at her lovingly. And then the beeyotch says "Chippy! You look like Spike from the Gremlins!"

*Allegedly* she had scratched my head into a Mohawk. I did not find this funny and moved just slightly away so that the cuddling stopped, but she could still reach me for scratching.

I have done some research on the Google machine. I do NOT look like a gremlin. I DO however, look like a majestic lion. The king of the jungle. During my research, I have discovered proof. For, Chow Chow, when translated into Chinese, literally means Puffy Lion Dog.

Take that woman! Now stop calling me a gremlin and bow to the KING of the jungle (dog)!


Could it be?!?!

September 29th 2011 5:25 am
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Pups, now, maybe I am oversensitive, but I feel as though us Chow Chows are a bit under appreciated here on Dogster. BUT, today, the Dog of the Day is a Chow (mix)! Two days ago, the Dog of the Day was a Chow Chow (purebred)!

Both were black. Both had very few pals. Neither had very many photos. Neither had a diary.

Could it be that *I* could *possibly* be the next black Chow in the spotlight?!?! Oh, how I wish!!!! I would LOVE to be the poster boy for active Chow Chow Dogsters!


Java and Monkey

September 15th 2011 12:44 pm
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Pups....are you friends with Java (and Monkey) yet??? Go befriend them. Now.




September 15th 2011 12:19 pm
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Mom went grocery shopping today. As the resident grocery bag inspector, I went right to work when she came home sticking my snout deep into each bag. Guess what I found???? GUESS!!!!

OK, OK, I'll tell you....I found....


OMD! Now, I'm no dummy. I KNOW that mom and dad don't eat them. Every time mom makes a turkey, she cooks the giblets just for me. I KNOW that these are for me! I just KNOW IT! I asked mom "What the woof are these?!?"

Mom said was checking out the ground turkey and the turkey breasts and found a big tray of giblets (minus the necks) for 63 cents. That's less than one dollar! The date on them was good, so mom popped them in her cart. She's going to cook them up for me for snacks. Mmmmm....turkey livers and hearts and gizzards! DEELISH!!!!




September 7th 2011 12:16 pm
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Mom made beef stew today. I was pretty excited, but mom says I can't have any because it has lots of onions and garlic in it.

Mom made cupcakes today. She made them in a special pan, so they are paw shaped. Clearly, I can have some of them, right?

Wrong. They are chocolate.

Mom is rude.

And mean.

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