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My Life by Wade

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Man, do I hate storms!

November 2nd 2004 11:15 am
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I hate storms, they blow, pun intended. It's been raining all day and all night and I have to go potty, bad. The only good thing about this is that last night dad let us in the bedroom and we got to sleep in the bed. Lexie got next to mom, like she always does, I was pretty upset about it until dad put his arm around me and scratched me behind the ear. Then I forgot all about the storm and went to sleep. Mom keeps telling me that that thunder won't hurt me but I'm not buying it.

Mom also says that once the cold front (whatever that is) gets here I'll enjoy the cold weather. I do like the cold.

Yeah, it's finally stopped raining for a minute and I've really got to go!!!


I'm A Star

December 3rd 2004 11:14 am
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My mom says I'm a celebrity. When they found me I was so sick that they needed help paying for my vet care. So Marilyn at the Baytown Humane Society put out an email all over the country for help. That's how my mom and dad found out about me. Well, people from all over sent money and toys and stuff for me. So now I get to go to schools and scouts meetings and stuff around town to visit kids and teach people about being a responsible pet owners. I even had an offer to go to St. Louis to be the grand marshall for the humane society parade. Today I'm at Bowie Elementary School. The students started a program called Pennies for Pets where the kids raise money for the Baytown Humane Society. It's soooo cool because I get to be petted by little kids and I love little kids. When I go to Petsmart sometimes people recognize me, it's cool.



Sunny Skies!!!

March 14th 2005 6:04 am
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It was sunny this weekend, for the first time in forever. Mom and Dad let us out front with them while they worked in the yard. I helped mom dig up some plants from the flower bed, she was most appreciative.

Then I messed up and left the yard and tried to go down the street. Dad made us go back in the house, Lexie was not happy with me. I didn't mean to get into trouble I just got excited and forgot that I'm supposed to stay in our yard.

All was not lost though. My folks came out to the backyard to work in the yard and Mom brought the frisbee. They didn't get much work done but we had a great time. Lexie and Mom played chase and Dad threw the frisbee and tennis balls for me. Even the cat came out and played.

We were pooped by the evening. Mom got everyones dinner ready and then it was time for bed. I didn't wake up until the next morning.

Sunday was fun too but Saturday was the best. I hope it's sunny this weekend.




March 22nd 2005 10:06 am
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I had to go to the vet this morning. I was making a weird "hacking" noise and my nose was running, can you picture that? Turns out I have allergies. So I had to get 2 shots and 2 kinds of pills to take home.

Then there was a young dog all up in my face wanting to play at the vet's office. I was not my wonderful playful self and I got kinda pissy with him.
I didn't mean to be rude but I just wasn't in the mood for it.

Mom made it up to me with a greenie and I'll get to take my pills with peanut butter, she promised.



Dad's Flu

April 1st 2005 5:59 am
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Can someone please explain what the Flu is? That's what my dad has. I guess it's bad because he's been home all week but he hasn't put us in the truck to take us for a run or thrown the frisbee even once. He keeps saying that he still loves us but he can't play today.

I hope he feels better soon, Mom's fun to play with but not as much fun as Dad.

Bye for now,


Only Child

May 18th 2005 7:08 am
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I was an only child last night. (Well, except for the cat but I ignored her completely.) Mom had to take Lexie to the vet last night because she needed a test this morning. (We just got the news that she's fine, by the way.) So I got to spend time with mom and dad by myself. Oh my goodness I don't even know where to start telling you how wonderful it was. I didn't have to share mom or dad.

Mom and I even watched a scary movie together. It was a great set-up, I saved her from being scared and she shared her Twizzlers with me. Have you ever had a Twizzler? They're kind of strange at first but oh so yummy.

I do miss my sister and can't wait for Dad to pick her up this afternoon but it was nice to be an only child for a little while.

Talk to you soon!!


I was a bad boy!

June 29th 2005 6:15 am
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Boy did I get into trouble when dad got home last night.

I don't think mom has mentioned it but I have a thing for dirt clods. I love to bring them into the house and leave them on the carpet. And since we have a dog door I usually do this during the day and leave a mess when my folks get home. Well yesterday I went too far. I actually brought potted flowers in through the dog door and onto the carpet. (The carpet that mom steamed cleaned on Sunday, I was reminded about that, I had forgotten). One pot I just pulled the plant out of it, dirt and all and all dad had to do was stick it back in the pot. The second one (yes there was two) I pulled out the plant and spread the dirt allllll over the carpet.

Then when mom got home she and dad got into a ya-ya because he was really angry and she wasn't. As she explained if the damage isn't permanent she doesn't see the need to get so bent. After all she says I am a dog, (yeah I was shocked too). Dad doesn't understand that way of thinking. He thinks since I'm a grown boy I should know better.

So dad took the plants out to try to save them and mom cleaned up my mess. Dad didn't play with me all night, he said he still loved me but he was very angry at my continued dirt fascination.

The only thing I can add, in a feeble attempt at a defense, is that I didn't get the pots down by myself. I'm not mentioning names (Callie cat) but I had help. But did the one who shall remain nameless (Callie cat) get into trouble, noooo. Whatever.



July 11th 2005 6:01 am
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I went for my yearly check-up on Saturday and guess what! For the first time since April 2004, when I was found, I tested negative for heart worms. Hooray!!! My vet said that even though I kept testing positive for those evil things they weren't going to give me the treatment a second time. It's just too hard on a doggy. I just continued to take my Heartguard and being tested every few months. It worked, now I'm perfect. That's what mommy and daddy said anyway.

Yeah for me!


We rode the Rita

September 27th 2005 7:10 am
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Hey guys, just wanted to check in and tell you about my wild weekend. I live in the Gulf Coast of Texas and as you probably know we had a hurricane this weekend. The ordeal started for Lexie, Callie and I last week. The house was a mess and Lexie kept telling me there was something up, she says anytime the coolers come out of the attic we're going to be made to do something we don't want to. On Thursday, Mom took us to a friends house that we were supposed to shelter with. It took 5 hours to get there, normally it only takes about 45 min. We were good and mom made sure we had water and snacks and a soft place to sleep in the back of the car. Unfortunately the friend we went to didn't have adequate shelter for us. Mom and Dad were really mad, because they were assured that we would be safe if we came there. Dad showed up a little later but instead of staying like had been planned he picked us up and took us home. Mom came home the next morning and they decided we would ride out the storm because it had moved far enough away that we would be safe. The wind was really loud and strong that night but there wasn't much rain. The next morning Mom took us outside to do our business, it was raining a little bit so we were quick. Later Dad let us outside because the wind had died down and it was just sprinkling. Normally we don't like the rain but it was kind of neat, Mom was playing and splashing us with puddles. There wasn't anyone around so we walked down the street with no leash and got to enjoy ourselves.

Now it's a few days later and the eletric hasn't come back to full capacity yet. Mom has fans on everywhere but we can't run the A/C, and it's hot. Mom is worried about us and says that if the electric doesn't come back fully in a day or so she's going to make us go to someone's house to stay for a few days. We do have a doggy door and can lay in the shade of the backyard so hopefully we won't have to leave. I hate being away from my family. Keep your fingers crossed.


Sunday morning

December 12th 2005 6:21 am
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Sunday morning my dad and mom put Lexie and me in the truck and took us to the back of the subdivision where we live. There are trails back there and a big pasture to walk through. There is also a creek (mom called it a bayou) running through the pasture. I shocked the whole family by jumping in, as far as my parents knew I didn't like the water.

Well the first part of the creek (bayou) the sides were shallow and I could get in and out easily. When we turned the corner the sides got steeper. Dad told me not to get in because he was afraid I wouldn't be able to get my 3 legged self out. Sure enough, I went down and got tangled up with some roots that were there and I couln't get out. I got scared and started to panic a little but luckily my Dad is a strong guy and he grabbed my collar and with his help I was able to walk up the bank. When I got up my folks checked me over really well to make sure I didn't hurt myself but I was okay.

Going home we sat in the back of the truck with mom holding on to us because we smelled like bayou water and wet dog, the funny thing was so did mom by the time we got home. Dad, Lexie and I thought that was really funny, however mom didn't find it all that humorous.

When we got home mom made us both take a bath, ugh. But when we were done she brushed me really well and then took me inside and tucked me into the couch, complete with pillow and blanket where I took a really nice, warm nap.


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