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Peaches - The Good - Bad - and sometimes Not So Good

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I have not posted lately so here is my story today!

May 18th 2009 11:36 pm
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The weather is finally getting warmer here in the Pacific Northwest. I have been so busy helping Momma plant the garden stuff. There is some stuff called steer manure??? I think it kinda smells good but Momma says NO NO - DO NOT STOP, DROP, AND ROLL!!!! Any how - she planted petunias - they are kinda sweet but then again she does not like it when I pluck the flowers. I have been busy chasing bugs - Do not chase the bugs with stinger things on their tail - they hurt and then I get benedril so I dont swell up. Lubs and Hugs to all my furiends, Peaches the Basset


Oh - I have been tagged!!

January 25th 2009 6:47 pm
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I have been tagged by some of my bestest furiends - Here are some things about me you might not know!!

1. My nose is pink!!

2. I am an only hound child

3. They say I am "Lemon and White" Huh - dont look like a lemon


5. You can rub my belly button

6. I have an outee belly button

7. I love cheese


I got tagged!!!

November 4th 2008 6:11 pm
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My very good furiend Buster tagged me and now I am going to tell you seven things about me and then tag 7 of my furiends to do the same. Well here it goes -
1. My full name is Peaches n Cream
2. I am an only child but am trying to talk Momma into getting me a brudder or sister
3. I have a outside doghouse with a four poster bed and a porch but I like it the bestest in the hooman house with Momma and Daddy.
4. I have a boyfuriend and his name is Brody (He is soooo handsome)
5. I went and got beautified today - bath, ears, and nails (I hate my toesies touched)
6. I have lots of squeaky toys - the elephant is my favorite
7. I get pumpkin mixed in with my kibble every night for dinner.

The furiends I am tagging are:
Penelope Jo
Daisey Mae
Queen Sadie Sue
Have fun furiends!!


It's My Burthday!!!

August 14th 2008 12:41 am
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I am so excited - I will be six years old - Momma tells me I am getting Frosty Paws and Ribs (I love the bones) - and PRESENTS!!!! Yesterday I got to go to the garden and Momma pulled up my VERY OWN CARROT!! I ran around with it in the yard and we played chase and I won!!


Washington Weather

April 20th 2008 4:29 pm
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Hi everyone!! Well, again I am not happy. The reason being is that the weather here in Washington State CANNOT decide what season it is. Yesterday it snowed!!! IMISSED MY WALK!! Today it hailed and poured rain!!! I MISSED MY WALK!!!! I don't know what will happen tomorrow but there better be a WALK in my future. Talk to you later, Love Peaches


I'm pouting

February 7th 2008 1:09 pm
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Hi, Peaches here. I am not happy. I am pouting in my bed for I don't know how long. This morning Dad got up cuz I was barking and barking cuz the package man was here. Got that taken care and he let me outside. Then Mom got up and let me in and I was so excited that I jumped as high as I could all over Mom. Well, she YELLED at me - said a bad word and said I hurt her. I wasnt trying to hurt her - I LOVE HER!! By anyhow my feelings were so hurt that I went to bed - she has been in several times to pet me say how sorry she is but I will not budge - well not yet. I am sure I will get some really good pets, loves and treats. Pouting is good sometimes - Love, Peaches


We Moved!

March 18th 2007 12:51 pm
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We moved from our really big house to a little one. I was very upset when my house with the 4 poster bed was loaded on the trailer. I very confused. When Mom and Dad brought me to new house I went potty in the house a few times - Mom was not happy. Finally they got my doggie door in and a fence built with my house in it. I like our new home because I am closer to Mom and Dad all the time. My only complaint is that my bed in the house is in the same room as the EVIL VACUUM!!!! I have a new brother that Mom rescued off the street. He has really long legs - a black lab named Harley. Not totally sure I like him - now I have to share my treats but sometimes he is fun to play with. He has to stay outside all the time so I guess I am still the favorite!!!


My Birthday

August 17th 2005 12:27 am
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It was so hot here - 90+ which I do not like but I got vanillia ice cream (just a little) and alot of toys which I did not feel like playing with. All I wanted to do was just sit in front of the fan. Momma put my life jacket on to get in the pool - I felt better when I got out but still all I wanted was to lay on my back in front on the fan. My Momma teases my - now I am 21!!!! and can go bar hopping! Thats in human years - and I have no ID and no thumbs and cant drink from a straw so - home is where I want to be - on my new bed. Until next time - Peaches n Cream


My Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 8th 2005 1:53 am
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I will be 3 on August 14th, and I know that I will be treated special. Sorry it has been so long to post on my diary but you know I have been busy - hmmmm - napping, snacking, napping, etc. Love, Peaches n Cream


Went camping and had a great time but -- the new fire place!!!

October 7th 2004 4:18 am
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Momma and Daddy just had a new fire place put in - just for me I know it!!! It is so warm - I can lay on my back - warm my belly - you know - which ever way I want to lay and be cute/sweet/innocent/etc. Updates later - gotta lay next to the fire - hmmmm really warm - bye Peaches

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