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maskie's cute life

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Stupid cushings

August 25th 2009 10:06 pm
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So, Maskie is doing ok.........she pants a lot and she has put on weight but otherwise she is my cute, funny cranky girl. Sometimes I just can't stand it that she has this disease and I know I am doing all I can to help her body fight it. I just wish that she didn't have's not fair. I am glad Mask is with me and getting all the love, medical care and attention possible. Why do these furry creatures worm there way into our hearts and steal them?


Calendar Girl

December 6th 2008 8:59 pm
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We have a rescue here called, For the Luv of Paws. They asked people to submit pictures for their calendar and all the proceeds went towards the rescue. My mom entered all of our pictures and they all went in the calendar but..........only dogs that were hand picked by the local DJ's in town were picked for each month. Some of the months have all 5 of us in small pictures but only my picture was picked for the entire month of November!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a picture of me sitting in the middle of Yucca cactus plant. My mom always tells me how photogenic I am!


Christmas at the Vet!!!

December 25th 2007 4:21 pm
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This morning we woke up and I gave all 5 dogs a busy bone to chew on while we opened presents. After presents we gave them big stuffed octopus's. Maskie was acting all normal when I gave her the busy bone but after she ate it she was acting weird and wouldn't have anything to do with her octopus. Her eyes looked funny not their ususal intense look and she was laying all funny and moving like she was 90 years old. It scared me so bad so I called the vet and in we went to town. It takes me 25 mins. to get there and by the time we got there she seemed more normal. She got all checked out and they gave her some "goo" to coat and sooth her throat. We think she got that stupid busy bone stuck in her throat. A "normal" dog would not have done that but Maskie thinks she should eat her chewy things in 2 or 3 bites. I guess we will just stick with Bully Sticks because she can't gobble those down in 2 bites. I was so scared for her and shaking and a crazy nervous wreck. The vet was telling me on the phone how much holiday fees are and I said, I don't care how much it costs! At least my crazy funny little girl is ok. We said lots of prayers!


Alarm Clock

July 23rd 2007 4:28 pm
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Maskie is my little alarm clock. Last week 3 stupid skunks came to the yard and the 5 dogs found a weak spot in the fence and dug out. I should say 4 dogs because Maskie did NOT get out. At about 2:30am Maskie screamed/howled at the bottom of the stairs. I woke out of dead sleep and ran downstairs to see what was wrong. I smelled skunk and noticed that the other 4 were missing. I harnessed Maskie and we went walking down the mountain at 2:30 in the morning!!! We found the naughty 4 dogs with 2 dead skunks down at the barn. I am so grateful for my little alarm clock. Maskie saved the day...........there aren't any cars on the road at that time. We might have lost someone if this would of gone on all night. Good girl Maskie!!!



October 10th 2006 9:20 pm
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Maskie got sprayed! We've decided that skunks are stupid.....why would you go into a yard with 5 dogs? So anyway the skunk came in and actually escaped unharmed. Maskie had yellow stains on her cute face. I harnessed her and drug her into the bathroom and put the "potion" on her. Liquid dish soap/baking soda/ and hydrogen peroxide are a guarantee to get rid of the smell. Maskie was not impressed with the foaming mix on her and we didn't get rid of all the smell because I didn't want to get it into her eyes. Maskie is just a little stinky right now but she's still my beautiful girl!!!!



September 16th 2006 11:48 am
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Maskie was being her usual intense self and she went flying out the doggie door with the pack and I hear a funny bark (she rarely barks). She came back inside and was sitting funny and holding her back leg all wierd. She was licking it and being very vocal and then she started shaking from the pain. Of course I panicked called the vet and rushed her in. She wouldn't put weight on her leg. Maskie seemed ok on the trip to town. Once we got at the vet's she would not get out and was horrified that I was taking her to the scary place again. The vet did an x-ray and decided that she sprained her ankle. She just has a little soft tissue swelling around the area. This was in the evening on a Saturday. After a few hundered dollars we went home and Maskie was acting pretty normal. A few hours later she was running all around like crazy and kicking up the dirt in her yard. Maskie did get a pain shot and she took a pain pill but after that she turned her nose up to the pills. She's a tough little crazy girl.



July 4th 2006 3:51 pm
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Near the end of February Maskie gave me a big scare. I noticed that she didn't want her treat that morning but she drank water and seemed ok. That night I got home from work and she was very passive and not hungry. I went outside to watch her and she shot out blood from her rectum. I called the vet and said I'm bringing her in, I didn't even give the vet an option. They ran tests on her and gave her fluids and did x-rays and said everything was normal. Even her labs were normal. So I took her home watched her all night and took the next day off from work to keep an eye on her. Mid morning I called the vet and said somethings not right, she's not herself. So in we go, the big trip to town. They ran more tests and her labs showed that her platelets were terribly low. The vet said I couldn't take her home because if one of the other dogs bumped her she could bleed out. They also said she was in shock!! I hardly slept that night, because they said if she got worse they would call me. I prayed for the phone to NOT ring. The next day she was so much better and they let me take her home in the evening. They think some how she got a hold of a critter that was poisioned? They also thought it was Addison's disease but we did a blood test to rule that out. After a thousand plus dollars my Maskie is her old self again. I couldn't even write about this until now. One good thing is I have VPI pet insurance on my 3 dogs and they paid over 80% of the bill. At the time I didn't know that it would be covered. It wouldn't of mattered anyway I still would of spent the money on my crazy little girl.



February 8th 2006 8:56 pm
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Maskie thought she would chew on the logs that line the outside of her huge yard. When I got home from work I noticed that she was licking and moving her mouth funny. I offered her a greenie and she took it but wouldn't eat it so I knew something was wrong. She had a huge splinter in her front teeth in the gum area. Of course I was not allowed to look or remove it. If it would of been any of the other dogs I could of removed it. We called the vet and took her in. She had to put her out to remove the big mean splinter. The vet wanted to keep her overnight but they don't have someone that just stays there with the animals. Since I agreed to keep the other dogs away from her and watch her I got to take her home. It would of broke my heart to leave her there all night. It was a long night at home and Maskie was not impressed with the drugs she received or the fact that she was not allowed to run free in the yard with the other dogs. I wonder if she will chew on the logs again?



August 6th 2005 10:12 pm
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The other night Maskie came storming in the doggie door like usual. She wouldn't come in the living room and I could hear this wierd noise. I got up and looked for her and there she was with a huge moth in her mouth and the wings flapping furiously on both sides of Maskie's mouth. It was so funny. Brule' came in and was irritated at Maskie. Brule' is the expert moth catcher and killer. Maskie let the moth go and Brule' caught it and pounced on it and killed it.



March 8th 2005 10:28 pm
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Where do I begin? Maskie is so adorable and smart and naughty that I just can't stay mad at her. I came downstairs the other morning (things just didn't sound right) and there was my girl, eating the couch. So of course I got mad at her and yelled at her and blah blah and she grabbed the stuffing out of the couch as quick as she could and just looked at me. She was daring me and laughing at me at the same time. I just couldn't stay mad at my little super model.

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