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All About Me....Or Is It??

Wrangle Is At The Rainbow Bridge

January 11th 2010 7:23 am
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This has been so hard on us. Wrangler was one of the best dogs known to man kind!! I have never seen a dog with so much love to give....

Boy let me tell ya' Wrangler was just awesome!! Everyone always told us that people would want this type of breed to fight. And that these dogs could be really mean. I tell you it is all on how you raise them!! We could have never asked for a better companion!!

May you rest in peace dear boy! You were so loved here on earth. And we miss you something terrible!! But we know you are not suffering anymore. You were the best Wrangler....

Well I have to go....Thank you dogster for doing this for our pets! I come on here to see him and listen to his song and read all of his stuff!! You keep my memories alive!!!!

Wranglers Momma


I'm the lucky one....

August 30th 2007 5:47 am
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Well Diary,

I have some news for you! See Doo-Doo Head has been such a Doo-Doo Head. For those that do not know him by that name he is Schnickerdoodle. Well he has been really mean to be for a little while now. So daddy told momma about it a couple of days ago. And momma said she has had enough! So momma let me come into the house. I have been so happy since that! I have been getting so much more attention. And I'm soaking it up! Not that momma and the sisters don't go out there and play with Spurs and Doo-Doo Head, cause they do! Momma took me walking this morning on the leash and Schnickerdoodle did not like that. He was barking at me the whole time. He wanted to be the one on the leash being walked by our momma. Well momma says she is keeping me inside. That's cause I don't use the bathroom in the house and I don't get into the trash nor I don't mess anything up. Unlike that Doo-Doo Head who does all of that. Not that I am telling on him or anything, but so does Spurs. I don't even mess with Cinnamon the kitty. She is so pretty. I never even knew that momma had a kitty! But I'm sure that one of my brothers would try to eat her. But she is cool. At first she scared me and I ran cause she said hisssssssssssssssssssssssssss at me. That was not nice of her. Momma told her Cinnamon you need to be nice. But then momma pet me and said she's trying to tell you she is the boss in the house. Well I'm okay with that. Just as long as her not hisssss at me again. Or I'm gonna tell momma about it again!

Well I just wanted to update you on my life and how it is going. I'm eating it up inside the house!!!!

Until I write in you again,



Oh Gosh I've Been Tagged....

August 4th 2007 9:10 am
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Well I have been tagged by my brother Schnickerdoodle!

Here is a little info. about me:

1) I love to be with my family
2) I love to help Doo-Doo Head chase squirels around
3) I hate water. I will not go in the water like my brothers do
4) I like to stand on my back legs and dance
5) I love to be the life of a party
6) I will always protect my family
7) Mom calls me wring worm cause of how I wag my tail and my whole
body goes with it.

Now you're it:

1) Ambey - Cause you was my first pal on here!
2) Maximus - Cause he is a cool pet, like me!
3) Jezzabell - Just cause hers is so prudy!
4) Zeke - Cause this cool doggie loves kisses just like me!!!! MUAHHH
5) Brutus - He does cool tricks like me.!
6) Vixen - Cause she is one prudy labbie!
7) Ella - Cause she seems fun to play with!

Now you 7 have to tag 7 other dogster friends. Then type in your diary 7 cool things about you and why you choose the 7 friends you choose. Just like here in my diary! I know it takes a little time but it is kinda cool going through and looking at all your friends!!!!



I'm in big trouble now....

January 16th 2007 9:45 pm
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Dear Diary Bud,

Well I can't say it is all my fault....See this critter had been taunting my brother and me for quite some time now. All's I can say is no more taunting from him/or her. There was no time to look....

See this was a couple of weeks ago. Mom was inside cleaning house. Dad was inside working on the house. And our sisters were in school. The next that happened mom came outside and seen my brother and I with a squirel in our mouths. I said to myself, "Self this can't be good!" Just the look on mom's face was not a happy face. I tried to tell her that this critter looked liked that insurance commercial - where they laugh and give each other high fives and the car wrecks. But mom would not hear of that.

Now she is screaming for dad to come out to see what we have done. By then we had already dropped the squirel. There is nothing that will show dad that we did it. But then mom had already seen us. Dad took it and burried it. And told us we were bad boys for doing that. Mom was really upset, I tried telling her too that I was sorry. I kept giving her my paw. But then she said, "Wrangler, no that is a bad boy - you can't do stuff like that." She told Schnickerdoodle the same thing. So I did my paw thing again and she accepted it that time. Oh we have never touch one of those things again. No matter how bad they taunt us.

All they have to do diary is stay off of our turff, our grounds, our club house, our back yard and above all our pecan trees. We can't climb up those. This is where it all takes place. Darn sometimes we wish we were cats....

I'll be good....

Till next time,

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Wrangler May You Rest In Peace


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