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Merlin's very own diary.

Merlin's fourth month with us, some good news with some bad- news and more good news.

April 28th 2007 9:45 pm
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The good news. Monty seems to have brightened up and has began playing with Merlin and Bella, even wagging his tail when he goes out to play with them, his eyes have got a bit of the sparkle back he had with Lady. The bad news, Monty has got a failing heart, the vet said he wont have too much more time with us. All we can do is spoil him and make his last remaining days so special. Merlin seems to know this and plays very gently with him, and stays beside him quite a lot, as if to say, "I'm here old fella, don't worry." When Monty's time with us does come to an end, I know his best pal Lady, will be there waiting for him at the bridge, two best pals together again, playing for all eternity. I can see Monty running up to Lady with his little tail wagging as if to say, "Did you miss me Lady girl, well I am here now so lets go and play."

More Good News!
Monty was given medication for his heart, and I am so happy to report he has perked up quite a lot. Its so wonderful to see him play with Merlin and Bella, he actually has an expression of joy on his face. When he has had enough of playing, he takes himself off for a little walk around the property, has a little sniff here and there, and finds a nice warm spot in the sun to lay down for a while.

Merlin, more and more of his humour, intelligence and his character are showing through, he is still my shadow, I cannot move without him. After a weeks work I come home Saturday afternoon and take a nap, when he thinks I have slept long enough he jumps on my bed and licks me to wake me up, as if to say, "Come on Dad, don't lay there all day, lets go for a walk." Merlin is really turning into a handsome boy, he is filling out wonderfully, getting bigger, heavier, and stronger day by day. He is so loving towards his whole family and when anyone comes home from work he is the first to greet them, the expression on his face is so full of "Boy am I glad your home at last, I've missed you." One Sunday I had to go out for a while, Merlin as usual was right beside me, so I said to him, "Merlin I have to go out for a while, I wont be long." His facial expression was so sad, as if to say, "Please don't go dad, stay here with me and play." When I came home after an hour or so, he was so pleased to see me, he nearly knocked me over! He still loves to steal socks, slippers or anything he can get hold of, and when anyone tries to retrieve what he has taken, he turns it into a game, running slow enough so we can catch him, then as we get close he runs faster. OH BOY WHAT A DOG!


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