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Winston is in the hospital!

September 4th 2009 1:02 am
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Well he didn't get better from yesterday's episode. Last night he was sick, and today he was very weak. Tonight Winston seemed to be really uncomfortable maybe in pain. So mom & dad took him to the hospital. His xray seemed a little bit better, but not how he was feeling. They're going to keep him overnight to try some medicine. Hopefully he won't have to have any more diagnostic tests mom said. I sure miss my buddy!



Winston is sick!

September 2nd 2009 6:12 pm
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Poor Winston is at the vet's office today. He has been vomiting and has been itching a lot. Mom doesn't think the 2 are connected. But dad is off work today, so mom asked him to take Winston to the vet. Looks like Mr. T is named correctly, cuz he's in trouble now! He swallowed some stuffing from one of our toys!!!! Mom is waiting at home right now wondering what's going on. She's already made the rounds of the house and yard and found every toy that could possibly be pulled apart. I tried to tell her those are my toys, but she wouldn't listen. They're all in a bag right now and mom says they're going into the trash.

What a sad day. Winston is sick and at the hospital, and mom took some of my favorite toys. I sure hope Winston comes home right away!!!



Grooming...sort of....

August 10th 2009 2:39 pm
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In the interests of being "economical" and Dad's determination that he can do anything, Mom has consented to let Winston and me be guinea pigs for dad's learning process. Can you believe it!!!! We are not pigs and we're not from any place called guinea. Oh, Mom says it means "practice". Well I guess that's ok then. She said it's like "medical practice" or "practicing the art of law", that it gets better with practice...well let's hope so. Dad has been reading up on the internet, and Mom bought him a video by Legacy Mini Schnauzers on grooming schnauzers. Mom has been giving him lots of tips from breeders and groomers that she's in touch with. Even our usual groomer, who Georgie went to last week, gave mom some tips to share with dad. Did you get that - Georgie went to the groomer last week!!! wouldn't trust dad with her because she's old and frail and fussy. Mom...don't you realize that we may be young and feisty, but we do care about how we look!!! Oh got his clippers out over the weekend and started in on us. He followed the lines from our last grooming. That seemed to work. I forgot to mention that he did have previous "practice" from grooming Molly our shih tzu, so he wasn't so bad. We didn't have adequate shears for the detail work, so mom is getting them this week. Then she said she will do that part!!! She's been around mini schnauzers for a long time now so she feels she might be a little more patient. We'll see...

If there are any REAL groomers out there that want to come and supervise this whole thing, please call us. 1-800-SAVE-US-FROM-DAD!!!!


Great get away

August 3rd 2009 8:27 am
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We had a great get away! We love having the big 1 acre yard to explore. And you can see everyone in the neighbor walking their dogs by the fence. Mason & Rascal came over to play, those are our 2 mini schnauzer pals who live next door. So Schnauzermania again!!! We didn't get to see the agility course because they're still working on it! Too bad, mom would've liked to talk to the trainer. But we had a great time anyway. This is one of the few areas where you can go on walks and to the beach off leash!!! Arrooooo!



The Beach!!!

July 30th 2009 1:36 am
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We're going to the beach for a couple of days. We leave tomorrow. It's gonna be mom's birthday and she wants to get away, and we're all going!!! Woo hoo!!! We're going to stay at the cottage that has a fenced in 1 acre yard where two mini schnauzers live next door. We go there at least once a year and the schnauzers come over to play. And they're building an agility course on adjoining property. Maybe I'll get to try it out since the trainer is going to be there. This sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait to get there!



Woo hoo....swimming!

July 27th 2009 6:54 pm
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I went swimming today. I wear my lifejacket so I can float, then I paddle like heck. I don't like getting my head wet and I usually direct myself toward the steps. But I'll hang out a little bit with mom. Not like Winson, he HATES water BOLBOL. Probably cuz he's so small and he sinks right away. Me, I can hang with the big dogs!!!


Start of summer

June 27th 2009 12:48 pm
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It's been a long time since I've written. So much has happened in our family. We lost our uncle Randy and our shihtzu sister Molly. We're all glad to be together through such hard times! And we've had a lot of family around. Even that pesky grandson who crawls all over our house. Sometimes he makes me nervous, and then I have to stay in the room with the gate. But it has the doggie door so I can go outside all I want.

Last week mom was on vacation with Georgie. Us boys were bach'ing it with dad. One night dad fell asleep on the couch after watching movies really late. He forgot to lock the doggie door! So Winston and I sneaked out into the yard and charged a skunk. I was in front so I got sprayed!!! Dad wasn't too happy to give me a bath at 2am but I gotta keep the yard safe from those critters!!! When mom came home, she wasn't too happy. She said everything smelled like me (or skunk-lite). So yesterday we all had to go to grooming, and I got a special skunk treatment. First they use some enzyme stuff, then a bath and then I got a special oil treatment for my skin to make it nice and soft. Mom stayed home and washed everything - all the dog beds & blankets, the human bed and blankets, living room pillows, and sprayed everything with stuff to make the smell go away. Then she steamed cleaned the floors. When we got home from the groomers, we were amazed at how everything smelled clean, just like us. But that didn't stop me from wanting to get that skunk last night!!! Mom had the doggie door closed by dark thirty no skunk last night. We'll see if we can slip out tonight again...


Uncle Danny crossed the Rainbow Bridge

March 9th 2009 11:58 pm
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Sending prayers and hugs to dad's Uncle Danny who crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonight. We love you Uncle Danny and our brother Andrew will look after you.



Vet Visit

February 27th 2009 5:11 pm
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Today I met my new vet, Dr. Porte. He sees everyone else in my family, and it was finally my turn. I was really good. I wiggled my butt for all the receptionists and techs. And also for Dr. Porte who said I am a handsome good boy!!! I even gave him a lick on the nose. In return he gave me my updated immunizations, drew some blood samples and scheduled my 1st dental appointment. Not quite an even trade off. But that's ok. I liked him a lot. Mom was really proud of me!!! I sat very still on the scale and weighed in at 20 lbs. I'm very lean & muscular so that's an excellent weight for me. And I walked right by the other dog in the waiting room without a fuss. I guess I'll like going there. They were pretty nice to me!



Update on training

January 26th 2009 11:34 am
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Our dog trainer just left. He said Winston and I are so smart and good! I do everything he asks of me. We worked on down today, something I've never done successfully. I usually just pop right back up. Also, we worked on having someone walk around me and behind me when I'm down, and staying there. But I worked up to at least 15 minutes without anyone in the room. Uncle Matty and mom went in the other room and were talking, and they forgot about me. When they came back I was still in a down!!! During prime squirrel hunting time, too! Once the phone rang, and I made my escape out the doggie door and chased a squirrel. But I was good and went back in and resumed my lesson. Then we worked on both of us down together. Mom is hopeful that we're going to get some photos of us actually sitting next to each other rather than 2 feet apart - BOL!!!

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