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March 7th 2010 12:13 pm
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We've been bicycling whenever it doesn't rain. Today is a beautiful sunny day in California. So mom got out the bike. But this time she decided to bring Nisha in her Doodlebuggy carrier!!! Sheesh... We had a good run though. We stopped and talked to a lady who's going to recommend the WalkyDog to her daughter who has a new rescue and loves to bicycle. I hope he has as much fun as I do!


Some rain, some clear skies

February 24th 2010 8:35 pm
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Boy, I really don't like going out in the rain! I will run outside to chase a squirrel no matter what, but they don't go out in the rain either. We play chase in the house, and wrestle but I prefer to run outside. Oh well, mom says it'll be better soon. We did have a week with some sun and temperatures up to 70 degrees! I went on a couple of bike rides with mom. I tried to run after some squirrels when they ran by, but the WalkyDog attachment keeps me going with mom, BOL!

Dad got a new pickup truck this week, and he takes me & Winston everywhere now. We stay in the back seat until he gets out of the truck BOL! Then I like to sit in the drivers seat. I love that we have windows to look out of the back and the sides without having to stand up. We decorated them with nose art, just so he knows how much we like it. Now when dad tows his motorcycle, we'll get to go with him. Arrooooo!!! I can see some new experiences coming up!


My Valentine Poem for Uno!

February 14th 2010 3:22 am
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Flowers are pretty
In paintings by Van Gogh
But they don't compare
With my girl pup Uno!!!

luv Finnegan xxooxx


Search Dog Foundation

February 3rd 2010 5:19 pm
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Wow, we watched a neat video on the Search Dog Foundation of search dogs in Haiti. We learned that a lot of search dogs are rescues themselves. I bet a schnauzer would be really good at search and rescue. That's something we do every day! .html


Thank you to all of my pals!

January 21st 2010 6:36 pm
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Thank you for the birthday greetings and presents. You are all so Pawsome! You helped make my birthday very special. We had a really bad storm this week so we didn't get out much. But mom made sure to give me lots of love, treats, toys, belly rubs and way too many kisses. I did get to go for a walk when there was a break in the storm and the sun came out. I got to walk under a big ol' rainbow!!! Mom says that was one of my birthday presents, BOL!

Again, thanks pals. I had a very special birthday.



Happy Birthday To My Finnegan!!!

January 20th 2010 10:18 am
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Today is Finnegan's 5th birthday! He has been with us for 3 years now and what a happy 3 years. What we'll never understand is how anyone could give him up, let alone 2 previous families. He is our love bug, our protector, our happy, playful sweet boy. He is the most loving boy. He loves his cuddles with mom and dad, and always wants to cuddle with visitors. He is up for anything we want to do. His favorite thing in the world is to run free on the beach. We frequently take family vacations to the beach and often stay where we can take all of the dogs. As soon as he smells that ocean he's excited. Actually, he's excited to do anything - ride in the car, go for walks, run alongside mom's bicycle, swim (with a life vest), run around the yard, ride in dad's motorcycle sidecar, chase a ball, play at agility, whatever we offer him.

There is also a very caring side of him, where he looks after the rest of the pack. He's always concerned if anyone is hurt or ill. Once when Georgie came home from the hospital, she was unable to balance herself due to her dizziness. Finnegan walked beside her with his snout tucked under her chin to keep her steady. I've never seen a dog with so much sensitivity!

He is always protecting our yard from wild animals, unfortunately yes there are skunks, and yes he's been sprayed. His daily job is to keep the yard clear of squirrels, which he takes quite seriously! We have giant walnut trees on our property so the squirrels are around all year! He has a doggie door so he's able to run outside if he thinks any are getting too close. Twice he was able to get a hold of squirrels that jumped out of trees and stunned themselves. He was so excited, he kept pushing them with his nose. We locked him up inside the house until the squirrels were able to get up and run away! Schnauzers are bred as ratters and that is a trait that is strong in Finnegan. Once he found a rat's nest and he stomped the rat with his front paws. He never picked it up, just kept jumping on it. Yikes! When dad went to investigate, he found out that Finnegan was certainly good at his job!!! One of the things that surprises us is that Finnegan is soft-mouthed similar to our previous retrievers. I kept wondering if he was a schnauzer mix although we were told he was from a schnauzer breeder. So I did a DNA test just for fun, and he came out ALL schnauzer!

When Finnegan came home with us, he was only 2 years old so he was still a puppy, and he had not been leash trained. His energy level was just too high for Georgie so we got him another playmate, Winston. Finnegan loves to run, wrestle, challenge and tease Winston all day & night. I have to take their toys away and make them lay down every night so we can get some peace and quiet LOL! He will watch tv and immediately jumps up if there is another dog. We did get a trainer to work with him & Winston, and they will sit in front of the tv and watch his DVD! He is quite a howler too if there are any sirens going by, or we are playing a video with a howling dog. Finnegan is tireless at playing and staying aware of everything going on. He follows us from room to room just in case it might be a play situation. Whenever we go out we tell him he's in charge, to watch after the others. We think he probably does!

What a happy loving boy, our Finnegan. We're so happy he is part of the family and look forward to many more years of his sweet playful personality. We'll see what else we can get him into, he is up for everything!!! We're sure there will be many more stories to tell about our Finnegan.




My Birthday Message From Dogster!

January 20th 2010 12:25 am
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Dear Finnegan,

Woof woof!

We want to wish you a very Happy Birthday full of love and joy and tail wagging. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate it with you!

Finnegan will be profiled today with other birthday doggies on Dogster's special Birthday Stroll.

Since it's your birthday we want to give you something special, so we have given you 25 Dogster bones and one vote of 5 Paws! Dogster loves you!

Your Friends at Dogster


Dogs Welcoming Home Their Soldiers - for all vets on veterans day!

November 11th 2009 4:33 pm
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Thank you to the daddy & mommy soldiers and vets who have served our country in the military!

4 Paw Salute to you!!!




October 25th 2009 7:58 pm
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My favorite new activity is bicycling with mom! Mom bought a WalkyDog attachment which has a leash and attaches to her bike. It is adjusted just for my height. She attaches the leash to a harness. The harness I have isn't ideal. It's better when I'm riding in the Ural with dad because it attaches at the back. And that's where I need it to keep me in a seated position. The new harness has the ring in the middle of my back. I should get that in the mail in just days.

Mom goes slower than me, BOL!!! She is still testing it out and doesn't want to put me in any danger. It keeps me the perfect distance away from the bike so we haven't had any mishaps. The bicycle has some kind of 3 speed internal gear system inside the rear hub, so that I can't get caught up in the mechanism. We have really wide bike lanes in our neighborhood and I'm attached so that I'm between the bike and the sidewalk. Mom thinks of everything!

I did see a cat today that I wanted to chase but mom sped up a little and told me to leave it, and I had to trot to keep up with her. Yesterday I was interested in some squirrels in a tree, but quickly learned that I can't pull away. That makes mom feel safer. I'm looking forward to more rides! Woo hoo, it's fun!



The World Trade Center's Heroic Rescue Dogs 9/11

September 11th 2009 12:29 pm
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We will never forget.

Here are photos/articles to remember our canine heroes. 915a.htm he-911-rescue-dog.php welfare/blog/the-heroic-dogs-of-9-11/

http://www.our.home ntelacrossamerica/blog/2009/sep/11/remembering-911s-heros-au dio

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