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The Life of Lucy

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Sunshine and the not so hots!

August 24th 2009 9:59 pm
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We had a really big storm a couple days ago! I mean BIG!!! We even had the electricity go off! But i knew it was gonna happen...i stood in the middle of the room, and i could smell it coming! Too bad mom was in the other room or she wouldn't have jumped the way she did! heehee!

It has gotten a bit cooler outside. Me and mom are sleeping much better now. The windows are all opened up and i can hear the owls hooting and the crickets singing. It's nice! And in the morning me and mom are a little chilly so we have snuggle time together before we get up to feed the kitties. It makes both of us very happy!

I hope tomorrow that we go visit Toby! She really knows how to play!!! Lots of running and chest bumping and stuffs! BarooOOOooo!!!!

Back to sleep now....


Hot fun in the summertime

June 25th 2009 2:34 pm
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Things are getting more normal around here again. Mom had a good interview for a jobbie at the vets around the corner from she doesn't smell so upset anymore. I am sending all the good thinks i can muster for her!

Today we emptied the swimmin pool and cleaned it. Then came my most favoritest thing about the pool....THE HOSE!!! YES!!! BRING IT ON MOM!!!! I LOOOOOVE that hose!!! I helped mom to fill the pool back up! Yup! And then we watered some plants and i helped with that too! I was smilin and mom was laffin at me!!! She says i am such a silly!!! She says i get this googly whirly look in my eyes and just grin as i run thru the hose!!! It was lots of fun!!! I wish i could play with the hose ALL the time!! Every day!!! All day!!! Mom says that if i did the water police would come and take her away. Oh well!!! It was still fun!!!

Tomorrow me and mom are going to go visit my bud Miss Toby. Mom says she'll take coffee so she can finish waking up, while we 2 girls get our crazy on! It is going to be a wonderful day!!!

Kisses, kisses to efurryone!!!


Haven for the Economically Challenged

June 10th 2009 2:30 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] is now unemployed. Yup. She is freaking out a bit...and now a good friend of hers just lost her job too. Mom got to thinking maybe there is something all of us dogsters and catsters with financial difficulty can do for each other. And we know that the difficulties just don't come when your pawrents are unemployed. All kinds of things can happen to make things tight. She got on Catster looking for a group that addressed this. She didn't find it, so i talked her into creating one.

Enter.... Haven for the Economically Challenged

(mom doesn't know how to make linkees...sorry! if you can't find it mom will send you an official invite with the linkee)

We have created this site for a few reasons.
First of all this is one of mom's happy places. She feels safe and loved and valued here. And in turn she values the experiences and knowledge of others here.
Secondly she is convinced that if we band together (Crazy DogLadies and Doggie Daddies of the world UNITE!!!) and share our information we can help each other.
Thirdly she knows how alienating it can be to be unemployed. Or employed or retired and just short of cash. Sure everyone understands, but suddenly - where you were once out in the world, now the world has shrunk to the size of your computer. You feel alone. You feel like there is something wrong with you. People understand, but do they REALLY feel you? Emotional support is necessary - even just a place to vent and get the bad juju off your chest. Just let it all hang out. Helping others has the benefit of also helping yourself.
A Fourth - it would be nice to have one place where all the deals and whatnot can be found - rather then having to search all over the innerwebs.

We are hoping that this group will be a big success. She is hoping that we can help to make the load a little lighter, inspire ingenuity, nurture hope and spread the love.

Kisses!! Lucy Mae


what a great day!!!

April 26th 2009 7:58 am
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mom took a whole day off from the place she goes to almost efurryday to spend a day with me!!! we went for a ride in the car....then we had cheezburgers at mickie d's, then more ridin and then.....WOW!!! woods!!! water!!!! i remember this place!!!!

we went for a long hike at the red top mountain (the same place my bff toby and her mamma go hiking!). it took a little while but mom found our spot where there used to be an island in the waters you could get to by walking on a sandbar where it wasn't too deep....but now!!! BOL!!! we have had so many rains here that the lake is back to depth (i think) and all you can see is the two lone trees on the island! and a little bit of the sandybar around it but that's all underwater! still...i played inn the water and even swum a little was feeling a bit freaked out acuz the waters weren't lookinng like glasses of water and if she steps in gushies she totally freaks out....she also freaks out if she hits a cold spot acuz she thinks somethin bad is gonna happenn....i told her i would be there to protect her but she just couldn't shake it....she told me she was sorry and that we wouuld try again. its not like she doesn't know how to swim...she can! she is just getting out of practice for doing sillies, thats all!!

yesterday we just chilled here at the house...nappies onn the porch when the day got realy really hot...she says today we will do more stuffs (yeah soon as it gets hot she'll be back on the porch under the brella! heehee)

hope efurryone is doing well....special shout out to my cousin jojo in 'sconsinn!!! enjoy the sprinngtime weathers up there jo!!! and give lots of kissees to gramma and grampa and uncle joey too!!


a easter prezzie for my mom

April 20th 2009 8:50 pm
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on easter sunday i had something speshul for my mom. for months and months now whenever we go outside she calls for possumkitty. this is my furiend jackies sisfur. we hasnt seen her in a really long time. on easter i made mom come get me from the trailer park on the other side of the woods. efurry time she called i just stared at her - willing her to unnerstand that SHE was the one who had to COME. BOL! anyway..she finaly got the message and i gave her the prezzie. Possum. yup! i foundout where she is livin now and then i showed mom! she was so happy!!! said it was the bery bestest prezzie i could have given her!


February 22nd 2009 3:47 pm
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Welcome to the new 2009 edition of "Get to Know Your Pals"

ok - i am cheeting here...i thought it would be nice to let efurryone know more stuffs about me and not have to ask! i think that EFURRY BUDDY should do this so we all know each others better!

okey dokey - lets hit it!

1. What color is your collar?
Red most of the time, but i have blue and black and a special purple one Miss Wanda made for me that says Lucy in yellow! The only thing that is ALWAYS the same is mom puts jingle bells and stuffs on my collar (they are martingale style so they hang like a necklace!).

2. What kind of food do you eat?
oh, lots of different stuffs. mom thinks variety is good so i don't get bored and eat bad things. right now i like the nootrish from that tv lady rachul ray. also beneful - the chicken stew is awesome!!!

3. What are your favorite treats?
Milkbones. absolootely. better then all the others. oh, and sometimes i get a pig ear, or peanuttery paul nooman cookies.

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other??
my boyfriend offishully is Einstein. He is furry handsome, and he was borned in Tennysee, so is a southern boy!

5. Do you get Table Scraps?
Scraps? they don't even make it to the table! BOL! i loooove cheese, and mom usually shares sammiches with me.

6. What is your favorite toy?
all my Booda balls, and a little foxy loxy that skweels when i bite on her! too good!

7. When is your Birthday?...
December something - mom says probably the 22nd acuz that was when Miss Skitzee went to the burridge, and mom thinks she sent me to her acuz mom and dad promised her they would never have a dog while she was alive (they didn't think it would be fair to her acuz she was o-l-d).

8. How many times a day do you get to eat?
we do what peeples do for feeding. there are crunchies in my bowl all the time and i can snack if i want, and then at supper time i get it topped off and have warm stew stuff with it. mom doesn't measure but she must have a good eye for how much acuz i am still looking lean and mean!

9. Do you have a favorite color?
i think my favorite color is little red riding hood and the big bad wolf all rolled into one! heehee!!! i like baby blue too - it makes my furrs look pretty.

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
i hope efurry one does this.....don't wait till someboddy asks you, just do it!

love alla y'all!


my boyfurriend...!!!!

February 22nd 2009 3:24 pm
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well, i gues it's offishull now....i realydo have a boyfurriend...

he is a really big tall guy (and younger then me! heehee!). he has really nice wavy furs that are whitish and grayish and stuffs and beeootifull eyes! mom says they look kinda bluey grey hazelly...his name is Einstein and he is a Irish wolfhound!

We met at the dogpark a couple months ago when he was only 6 months old. From the first time he saw me it was l-o-v-e!
for him anyway!

now he is even taller and grander then before, and he is a littlel more sensitive to our size difference and doesn't jump on me so much...we just hung out together last saturday. it was really nice! then a couple times when he was getting a bit too rowdy for little old me this big ginormous handsome guy came over and made him stop. his name is wrigley and he is a newfee i think or a giant peeranees? mom was not sure, but HE LOOKS LIKE A BEAR!!! Einstein's mom said he is my black knight!
so i gues its officshulll! i now have a reall boyfriend! mom is glad that we played together and walked around the park together too. she said if we dould have been able to we would have held paws! he DID give me lots of ear kisses tho!

well, other then that there is not much happening around here. my kitty friend Jackie has been at his new home with hershee's dad rawool for almost 3 weeks now! i miss him, and so does mom. she keeps thinkin she hears him singin outside, but its here imagination playing trix on her!

we go visit my very bestest buddy toby girl too - sometimes 2 or 3 times a week now (and not just weekends!). it stays sunshine outside longer and so we can go if mom gets all the kitties stuffs done really kwik when she gets home.

today me and toby had a grand old time! mom was chilly from the wind so she laid down with her top in toby's house! BOL!!!! toby was very surprised! i checked on her and she said she was ok..just tryin to stay out of the windiness!!! then on the way home we stopped and saw Neffie - she is a little tan poodle that lives on the way home. her brother couldn't come out (his name is Anubis) acuz he always barks at me and i don't know why. Neffies dad threw a golf ball for her to catch, and i helped chase it too. i just didn't know it was a booda (booda's are to be caught after once bounce or in mid air - then you shake them till they die - you can;'t do that with this golf ball).

so anyhow - now it is almost dark outside, and we have to go make sure the kitties and bunny and guinea pigs next door are all ready for bed (their mom and dad went to floreeda to see gramma and get someo warm sunshines and beeches).

lots of kisses to efurrybody!

lucy mae


well its about time

January 21st 2009 5:23 pm
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ya, mom has been a baaaaad girl....she was gonna take me to 'sconsinn in october to see gramma and grampa and efurryone...but she and dad decided it was better i stay home with him...they thought the ride would be too much..oh sure, like i don't like to ride???puhleeeez!!!
well anyhow, mom went away for about 5 days...i was NOT happy, i love my papa and the kitties too but WHERRE WAS MY MOM??????????? it was like she was gone furever, ya know???

well, she's back now, and when she got back there were pooter issues so she couldn't write for me in this diary. but now she says its all good.

so, what have i been doing??? pretty much the same and mom and my bg sisfur zoe all sleep together (sometimes maxwell takes zoez's spot), we get up and feed the kitties, and go make gasse, then i sleep most of the time till mom comes home from this evil place called "work". i don't like it acuz when mom doesn't have to go to "work" we always do special stuffs. but anyhow, when mom comes home it is like a party!!! woohoo!!! sometimes me and dad will sing for her when she gets here! we are good singers together, my dad and me...then we feed the kitties again, and go play! BOODA!!!!!! but i need some new ones...i still like the old ones but they don't have hardly any bounce anymore. mom says we will get soome new ones a girlie soccer booda, and a bassetball booda, and another FOOTBALL!!! i can't wait!

we have been to see my bestest furriend on the planet toby girl sometimes. usually on fryday acuz mom comes home early that day. and sometimes too on caturday and sunday. we have been to the dogpark sometimes too. it's just not as fun unless toby is there too. i make some furriends....but not too many. i mostly like to sniff butts and see the peeples. mom says when its not so cold we will go walking in the woods some more. i think that's my favoritist thing....being in the woods with mom. we wander all over the place. sometimes i see birds and skwerls and even some big deers! there are so many good smells in the woods!

mom gots some picshures of my furriend from joeja who lives with gramma and grampa....they have lots and lots of white snows in 'sconsin where they all live. jo-jo has a special coat to keep him warm, and even boots! BOL!!! boots!!! heehee!!! he looks very handsome tho....but he is so shrimpy! and in those boots!!! Oh!!!
Gramma says he needs this stuff acuz his toeses get cold when he goes out, and also acuz he is white (like the snows) he needs a coat soo they can SEE him! BOL!!! too funny!!!

ok...well, that' about it for today....

will everybody please keep my furriend MooMoo in their good thinks...the docturrs donn't know what is wrong...

lucy mae


Red Top Adventure!!!

July 21st 2008 6:06 am
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Oh my!!! What an exciting time i have had!!!

Miss Wanda (Toby's mom) asked MY mom if we would like to go hiking at Red Top Mountain. Mom said sure!!! So, Saturday mornin mom got up early (i tell you, on the weekend, if she opens her eyes before 9:30am it is a BIG deal!) and we went to Toby's. We all rode in the same car (thank you Miss Wanda for drivin us!!). Toby is a fidgeter in the car. She goes from window to window - doesn't want to miss a thing! Me, well, if i can't be nabigator i am happy just chillin.

We got to the park and off we went!!! Woods, and hills, and then....water! We found a penninnsula, and off to one side was AN ISLAND!!! Mom got all excited acuz she could see a sand bar unnerwater to get there. So, off we went! Toby was a jumpin like a deer thru the waters! She was havin so much fun!!! Mom stood on the island like a conquering queen!! BOL! She can be so silly. Back to the mainland Miss Wanda was waiting for us. Toby went first, then mom...i started after mom and then all a sudden - there was no ground! I was ok tho - mom freaked out acuz she thought i would get messed up and go swimmin far away. I was shakin my head cuz waters got in my big old ears, but otherwise did just fine! Mom was so proud! Miss Wanda and mom were telling me and Toby how wunnerful we were, and how brave, and how special!!! Well, me and Toby just couldn't contain ourselves! We took off, side by side, racing thru the woods, along the shoreline, into the water, out of the water, back thru the woods, over the wooden bridge, back into the water, over and over again!!! The moms just smiled and laughed!!!

After a while we started hiking thru the woods....we walked a long time. It was really getting hot! The place Miss Wanda knew about for us to rest and have sammiches and do more swimmins had a boat there with some dogs - there was no room for us! So we kept hikin...seemed like a really long time! Mom's face got all bright and red (she doesn't do good in heat). Then Miss Wanda found a really awesome place - another penninnsula it was! It ended up at a rocky beach (mom said it minded her of lake supeeerior-whatever that is). Well, the mom's unpacked lunch, and we had ham sammiches and shortybread cookies, and special puppy treats (thank you miss wanda!). Mom got all soaking wet trying to get rid of the hots. Miss Wanda got in too!!! Toby didn't really go in too far, but me! Well, i am a swimmin basenjer!!! Mom was so very very proud of me!

Once we were all cooled down, and our tummy's werent' rumbly anymore we started the hike back. Well, let me tell you, the mom's were not as spunky as they were to start with! And honestly, neither was i.

We made it back to Miss Wanda's truck, and started the drive home. Toby was still pretty fidgety - gotta check out the world from the windows! Me, well, i was just tuckered out. I almost fell asleep! When we got home i went right to bed. I was so tired!

Me and mom are so glad that Miss Wanda and Toby asked us to go! We can't wait until we do it again! Thank you for a wonderful day!!!


Sleep Over!!!

June 23rd 2008 6:15 am
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Well, my neighbor furriend Dolly's mom and dad went away camping this weekend in the mountains - she couldn't go acuz there are SNAKES - something called Copperheadz. So, mom said sure, we will watch Dolly. Well, we had a sleepover - 2 nights in a row!!! It was kinda ok...Dolly is pretty needy - she was taking all my mom's lap like almost all the time! We all 3 slept in the basement - mom made lots of cushions for us to sleep on, and we watched mooveez, and had chewy bones, and cookies too!

We refilled the swimmin pool on Friday nite, and i had a great time with the hoze. Dolly is ascared of it! Silly girl! On Sunday mom had convinced Dolly that the pool was good - she was jumping in and out on her own...drinking lots of water too! She would take 2 steps then drink then 2 steps then drink, etc.

Overall it was a pretty good weekend...i just wish that Dolly wouldn't hang all over MY mom all the time. But i guess that's ok says Dolly was just missing her fambly.

Today mom says we can go see my bestest bud Miss Toby and her NEW porch! I cannot wait!!! I have been missing her, and we haven't been going over to visit acuz the working men were there. But now, HAHA!, they are gone!!!! Yippee!!!!!

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