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The life of a Princess

Our Precious Mom Went To The Bridge

January 21st 2010 1:28 am
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My brother Snoopy and I write this with tears streaming down our face's. Many of you know that our mom Princess, the most beautiful and loving mother and wife had become paralized . The Dr said it was from three badly calcified discs in her upper back. She was put on meds and it helped the swelling go down but she still could only get around by dragging her hind legs behind her. But she didn't let this hold her back. She would join in with the rest of us when grandma Nancy would come home from doing errands and she was so excited to see her just as we all were.

Mom went to the Dr on Tuesday Jan 19th. The news wasn't good. In fact the Dr said that since she couldn't empty out even with grandma Nancy's help, toxic poison has taken over her body and her kidney's were shutting down. He told her that as of now, the surgery on her back has been taken off the table. Grandma Nancy was devastated. She cuddled mom and cried. Mom had sores on her paws from dragging them on the floor. The Dr said that all he could do is recommend a cart and give her meds and lots of TLC. He said mom will get worse with the Toxic poison and the kidney failure.

Grandma told the Dr she couldn't put mom through any more and she didn't want to see her suffer. He asked grandma if that was her wish and she said yes. He said "Then lets do it. She fought a brave battle. You are doing the right thing for her."

So on January 19th, 2010 at 3:15 our most precious loving mom went to the Bridge. She went peacefully in grandma Nancy's arms.

Our mom adored and loved her family. Our dad, her husband, Thumper was the light of her life. On January 13, 2010 he surprised her after he performed a Wedding Ceremony for my brother Snoopy and his Bride Katie Scarlet, with a Ceremony of their own. They had the most Romantic Ceremony Renewing their Vows. There wasn't a dry eye in the house it was so beautiful. Snoopy and Katie were to be married on our Cruise to Hawaii on Feb 6, 2010 but everyone agreed they should marry early so mom could be there and be able to enjoy the Wedding. I thank God everyday many times that they did. She got to watch her son marry the woman of his dreams.

I am so very sad that she won't be here to watch her grand daughter Valentine Rose be born. My darling husband Vip and I are expecting our first child Feb 21st. But I know mom, she will be there helping me every step of the way. She will be with our daughter as she grows to womanhood. Mom will forever be a part of our lives and dad's life even from the Bridge because our love for her is so deep and she is so embeded into our hearts with so much love. We keep her there with our love, she will never be forgotten.

Fly free mom. You will never be in pain again, you will never be sick again and you will forever and ever be in our hearts. A day will never go by that you aren't in our thoughts, prayers and hearts.

Oh mama, I love you so and I miss you something terrible. I just can't imagine my life without you. Dad loves you with every part of his being. You have been so much a part of his world and his life. You have been his Firefly since the day he met you and you will forever be his Firefly. Oh mama he loves you so. Watch over him mama. Help ease his pain of his loss.

We love you mama with all our hearts.
Until we see each other again..........
Your Daughter Tassy Susanne, Vip and Valentine Rose
Your Son Snoopy and Katie Scarlet

Barked by: Odysseus (Dogster Member)

January 21st 2010 at 11:16 am

I am so sorry for your loss. Princess was an amazing fur and I was lucky to call her friend. My family is keeping your in our hearts and prayers.


Princess Davia~ILM


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