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No Such Thing As Too Much Fun!

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If Ican take the Heat! #1

January 3rd 2007 11:19 am
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Welcome Home Story Entry #1 Dec 29, 2007
Well... Lets see, ya' heard what happened when Pop's came to get Rascal.. I'll take it from here. Pop's payed the clever puppy person for me and Rascal, and kissed me good bye.. sounded kind'a like "ebyrda kmabdge abbysefee" I dont think my ears were working yet.. But I knew he'd be back soon.. rascal told me! Then I went back to my favorite thing..Sleep. Except I couldn't cause the phone kept ringing there. The Lady would say.. It's that crazy man again, wanting to check on Joker.. or that crazy guy just emailed again.. anyways, I think they decided to let Pop's come get me a little early cause they wanted some rest or somthing.. So He showed up and off we went.. Rascal was there, and we played all the 2, 745,853 miles home.. Or thats how long Pop's said it was taking. All was well and then we got to the new place to sleep.. and YIKES! they had some furry Big BIG ones there at the door.. It was pretty scary, I had noses poking and sniffing and tounges and tails and I weed.. yep. I think it was the first of many wee's on ole' Pop's.. Rascals all running around like he's as big as these other BIG ones.. I spent my first night all snuggled in Ole' Pop's arms.. I was pretty little, but I started warming up to all the new, and ate and drank and pooped and wee'd so everyone seemed happy about that.. So I just keep doing it. Funny, they don't seem as excited as the first time! BOL I love it here, I love em' all and think I want to be a Boxer when I grow up!
Thanks for the welcoming to dogster and all my new pals.. Lets have some fun..Lets Do It! ~Rascal (littlest Bro' of Big D, Sisster Sassy Girl, and Lil' Big Bro Rascal
Jan 3rd, 2007
so..if I can take the heat, can I come into the kitchen? Just curious..
I'm a lil' joker and on the fast track to lil' trouble.. or so they say. Been here at my new home for less than a week and I know every hiding spot in the house.. I think I am on the fast track to something. Almost house trained, allready puppy poopy paper smart.. (at least I am allways headed in the right direction) I got here this week and am having a ball, well been used for a ball, but don't bother me a bit.. I'll jump and bark (that's right) not yap, I'll bark at anybody.. Even Big ole' Dallas-Who seems uneffected. Sassy now that girl thinks I am built upsidedown..I bark at her and over I go, little stubby tail in the air.. She allways kisses me duhh, I keep messing with her for the kisses. makes sense to all little boys..pull their tails, or ponytails and get their attention. Now Rascal, he's a bit older but he's swimming up stream..if he'd just listen to lil' brother, he'd get to spend alot less time talking to Daddy'o, and alot more time eating treats. I am named well, a lil clown they say, I'm not sure what that means but evrytime I turn around they all laugh.. Ok, chasing my little nubby tail is kinda funny, but whats so funny about sitting in Dallas's food bowl? ..and why does all the humanite's run after us with those Flash Boxes.. My eyes my eyes.. I can find somthing new to play with, on, under, or in just about every room in this house.. ..but the kitchen..oh pals.. let me tell you it's a goldmine for lil' jokers.. as long as you stay out of the path to that coffee thing'a -ma-giggy, your ok, and unseen. But get caught and your allways shoo'd out. Makes a little guy wonder what they got inthere, don't ya' think? So I keep trying, and they keep shooing, Get's a little heated this battle of wills, but like i allways said... No like i allways will say "if ya' can handle the heat, can ya go in the kitchen" Just a little curios. And a whole lot happy with my new life, all 7 1/2 weeks of it.. Love my whole family, and the dogster pals that have welcomed me in.. Thanks.. see ya' all in the dogster kitchen! ~lil' Joker


who'da little man

January 6th 2007 10:53 am
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hey all! things are growing good here... I'm finding all kinds of places i am still little enough to get into, and all kinds of places I am getting big enough to get off of.. Hey schnauzer boxers.. (BOL) (i want to be a boxer when I grow up).. but, schnauzer boxers can jump.. I can jump down of the bed..and explore in the night, I can jump up on the porch and explore in the day..(and night)..BOL and I can jump high enough to nip Sassy's belly, and explore what the different moods she has (it's like day and night) but pop's says all girls are that way..oops I wasn't post to post that! So we're all having fun here and learning new stuff.. I am a realy catching on fast.. I don't know what "good boy" means but it usualy has somthing to do with evry time you poo in the yard your hair must get messed up, cause Pop's is allways smoothing my head and saying good boy.. I just wish he'd let me finish first, cause I go try and finish after he smooths my hair and says good boy, and as soon as I get some more little business done, he does it all over again.. No wonder sassy goes and hides to poo and wee! These un-furry peeps are silly. another example! Ok, like when I was younger (3 days ago) he buys us all this new stuff.. beds, blankee's, chew toys, and more.. So he gets it all set up, and I go right in and (naturaly) EXPLORE.. He's all acting silly, "He Likes It, He Likes It!" I'm in there messuring square footage, seeing if there was enough room to try and catch Dallas in a funny trap..I aint sleepin in there.. even if he promises it's just for naps.. I pulled all that stuff out.. He thought it was cute and took ANOTHER Picture..I was just trying to make more room for Dallas.. BOL anyways.. We're all having fun and dig'n life.. have a great family, some great new pup pals, and they have been telling me there's more to dig'n it, than just talking about it! so i will probably be trying that too real soon.. Have a fun day guys an gals, and remember: with a little patience and love, we can teach all our non-furry peeps to behave just the way we need them too! a little wiggle and a kiss go along ways.. Makes them act silly and we reap the rewards.. Later all....~ joker


Zowee Wowee! - January 8, 2007

January 8th 2007 7:25 pm
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Diary of the day today..Zowee Wowee.. How cool iz this... Rascal's the oldest so he gets to type first.. now let me tell ya more 'bout the day.. it's true all he said..bestest that i can remember.. a few other things happened too. I did find out my diary was picked today, and that was realy pawsome, but what happen'd next was abig surprise. I got all kinds of realy cool mail and surprise gifts and even hit in the head with a snowball! It was so fun I had to hire Rascal as a secretary to help with the mail.. That little rascal charged me 25 zeallies.. Thanks evryone.. you made all the pups in our house feel even more like a part of someth'n realy special. Even that sneaky snowball gang! BOL!
So as the day went on I was my same normal laid back sweet loving kind self..BOL never, i was ornery as ever.. if it moved i pounced on it..unless it was dallas then just kin'da at him, but not so's he'd think i was serrious.. well i temporarly learned my lesson.. I was headed through the room with all the food, headed for my favorite place.. (the playground outside) when i caught sight of someth'n.. just a quick movement.. I was cool, no fast action.... i paused, snuck a quick glance..tensed up ready to pounce......patince for it to move one more time.. i peeked just slightly around more..there it was, it moved, in a lightning flash i jumped in the air turning as i flew, wham *flat on my back*.. i had tried to attack myself in the dishy washer.. Zowee Wowee...i may not be the brightest pup in the house.. but i bet i wait just a little longer before i attack any more appliances... I shook it off and was up and outside in a flash..well a little wobbly at first, but when the little butterflies went away, i was off. As you can guess that little part of my day is about how they all go..20 hrs a day.. it's a great life for us all here.. Pop's is an artist and so he's lucky he gets to be around so much to see us grow up.. I don't know who's luckier himor us pups.. i think maybe it doesn't matter and we are all lucky. i hope every pup can love their daddyo's, momma's bro's and sis's like we do.. i hope you all are smooched and played with bunches.. cause at the end of the day it don't matter how many hard walls you smack into, just a little lov'n from someone makes it all feel better.. see, i can be sweet... now where's my pup family, im gona go antagonize one of them.. BOL.. Zowee Wowee


i'm gonn'a run for presedent!

January 11th 2007 8:02 am
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Oh my..i've had a piffamy.. that's someth'n ya dont get in trouble for..BOL well unless you act on it! When i get old as Dallas i'm gon'a run for president.. So, i was laying there trying to pretend to be sleeping so Pop's would doze off and we could all play... So I am laying there and thinking about dogster and all my new pals.. Now i'm a tuff little guy but i was kinda happy 'bout all the cool stuff that Dallas and Sassy Girl have been a part of.. and how they talked about their cool pup pals.. Now me and rascal are seeing it's all true.. Here at dogster it's pawesome.. we're just pups but we're smart 'nuff 2 know what kindness is.. we're smart 'nuff to know what being included is.. we're smart 'nuff to see good deads, and feel what fun is. We're just pups but we can see how Pitbulls and Pugs can play togather.. We're just pups but we can know what it feels like to be special, and what it makes other pups feel like to be treated the same.. It's pawsome here.. even the ornery pups (heehee) get to play, and the sick pups get to play too here. The Pups that went to the bridge, they even get to live forever here too.. I think my pops is learning more 'bout his furless kind, than he expected.. when i tell him what goes on here.. i think he opens more doors, like we do when someone arrives.. and he says hello more, like we do when someone is new.. Pop's pays more attention to what he says and does knowing his actions may effect someone..just like my pals are teaching me to do.. There's more, but your pups and you get my point.. Were lucky 'cause when we get in trouble or do someth'n wrong, we don't hold a grudge.. we solve it with kisses or clown'n.. our families take care of us cause were too short to reach the ATM, and we love them, but somtimes they seem to get all wraped up into things that make them squinch up their faces and scratch their heads.. I guess it's a part of being furless.. I just wish they could learn from us too.. we're pups but we could teach them a thing or two.. I thought i would write the president, then i decided i would just become the president, cause i think each of us could change a little bit of the world if we taugh one furless person to act like we do here... So when I become president i am going to make it law that each furless peson has to have a pup pal (cause not all homes are ready for pups) but hey have to have a pup pal and maybe they will all learn what its like when it don't matter where you grow up, if your big or little spotted or not.. all pups evrything should be welcomed-unless they don't want to be.. sometimes they just don't know how to play nice.. somebodies got to teach them.. anyways, this is a pawsome place, and I am glad to be here...ok all the mush stuff aside.. BOL look, all the sled dogs read mush and took off running.. BOL But there's a few things i will do when i am president that are good.. but most will be laws that are nothing got it: FUN FUN FUN! hey maybe till then we can keep comming up with bunches of stuff right here in our corner of the world.. LETS DO IT! 2007 check us out, still the year of the dogs.. at dogster anyways... Have fun and join in..that's when fun turns into FUN FUN FUN ~
i promise no more ooey gooey, back to my little ornery self again and come back soon, i will tell more silly stories on my Pop's..
joker for president 2010


He's A Brat!

January 11th 2007 9:19 am
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Ornery, Silly, Ambitious, Entergetic, Funny, and a Brat! Yep thats the way I am.....describing my Pops! Dallas and Sassy Girl tell me that Pop's use to be this laid back-i'm2old2want2learn-footballwat'ch'n-easyGoing kinda man.. They say he was pretty easy to get along with..once they had him trainned.. But that's all changed.. hummm. He was start'n to act old even.. So the 4 of us doggies started in and reminded him what it felt like to be young and laugh.. Jump'n around, making faces, looking for new stuff to get into, running here and there all times of the day and night, nibbling on ears, and even acting ornery..(now ya' know i am talking about Pop's, not us) He's a Brat Pups.. We're all like trying to sleep and he wants to play..
What's life like with my forever family? It's fun, it's a little wild, and it's a lot crazy..BOL I'm trying to learn all kinds of new stuff and Momma G. realy is being patient and cool about everything.. all the new little dynamics (me and Rascal, BOL) in her house, for now.. she's a cool momma and realy dig pups and so we have much stuff to play and get into.. Dallas and sassy are realy cool too.. Our furever Brother and Sister are pretty groovy, sharing all their space with us, and teaching us how to teach the furless wonders.. we are learning the ropes and getting away with antics pretty well now. Dallas is a (BIG BIG Boxer Mix, and Tuff as concrete, in fact he eats it.. but he is realy cool with us.. we get over the top sometimes but he has his ways of putting a stop to the ruckus when he needs to.. Ha, he was laying there just chill'n last night and i used him for a bridge to the table.. I ran right up his behinny, across his back and right as i was reaching the cool stuff on the table he jumped up.. didn't ever make it to the table, but there's allways a tommorow.. He makes a pretty good bro. Sassy girl is pawesome, and she has adopted us right she does all living things 'specialy pups.. She's a cool big sis.. teaching us how to act and when to wee, and when not to.. she'll snitch on us quick.. when i got too rowdy last night she laid her Big Paw on me softly, turned me over and had a chat.. she's so playfull.. and then there's Pops.. He's kinda just like Dallas, tuff as concrete (he doesn't eat it though) and a heart soft as rascals fur..He sure was use to dallas and sassy's rough housing.. They'd tackle him and smother him with kisses, and he didn't worry too much cause they were bigger.. But now we're here and he's have'n to learn all kinds of new things. I think he likes it, and were all learning togather. I'm getting all the new rules and whats right and (where's right) down good..few oops along the way to the back door, but what's a pup to do.. someday me and Rascal and Pops will move into our new house when we find it, but we allready found our Furever Family.. Momma G., Dallas, Sassy and Pops..and knowing them two furless fearless ones, maybe more someday.. but for now,
we may not be rich rich, we may not be Champions, we may not be the normal household, but but if Kisses count, we are all gazillionaires.. and if effort counts, were all prize winners.. and if fun counts than who wants to be normal.. Thanks mostest to Mamma G., Dallas and Sassy Girl for sharing your house with us, we'll work on getting Pop's trained to take out the trash! That just leaves Dogster Pals.. we dig ya all and have had such a cool time here, seems like it has been a lifetime..oh, it has, we were practicaly born on the dogster door step.. and Pops says were true Dogster Babies.. He tells us that he saved a few dollars from every portrait he did of dogster pups, and when he had saved enough, he came to get us.. What took ya'll so long.! BOL Pop Says were his Christmas Gift from Mamma G., Dallas and Sassy Girl, and all the Dogster Pals they met and introduced us to.. Now were here too, and look out, 2007 is going to be full of games, antics guessed it, FUN FUN FUN.. we may have some sad times along the way too, but togather we all at dogster can get through, saving a place for the next little runts that want to come play.. for now, i will say..well nothing.. have'nt i said too much all ready.. see ya around dogster ~joker B. Ornery (shout out to my pal Stormy)


I'm a Hockey Puck!

January 13th 2007 5:06 am
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yowzeee yowzeeewoohoooo! Ice and snow.. it's cold out there, but i still cant resist the oppertunity to go... Big Bro Dallas and sassy Sister love that snow and ice.. 'cause they got spikes on their paws and can dig in.. not so much for us pups.. I'm not trying to chase them around like rascal did... i'm not rying to skate, or play..I'm trying to stand still and.. well you know, and i'm a slip'n this way and slid'n that way, one of the big doggies bump me and off i go, slid'n cross the yard like a hockey puck. Being a pup sure has it's advantages.. xtra kisses, treats and snuggles.. But when it comes to snow and ice and stuff, i'm sure glad pop's knows it's tuff on a little guy.. were not so worried about record breaking house training here or getting or names in the poo hall of fame.. we're just trying to stay healthy so we can grow big enuff to grow spikes on our paws, then maybe we can run with the big doggies.. untill then they sure look cold.. i bet they need xtra kisses and treats too and more snuggles.. cause look how good they treat the furless ones.. going out side in all that cold... It's been fun growing up here (2 inches) there's all kind of facinating things to chew.. a couple of things bett'r left alone 1) Dallas's tail and 2) Dallas's everything else.. he loves us little ones but don't try and chew on him..YIKES untill next time i hope all you get extra kisses and warm beds.. and lots and lots of Play Time... i just couldn't imagine life with out kisses.. that would be Yucky Yucky.. ~lil jokee joke (Joker)


schnauzer power!

January 17th 2007 10:26 pm
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man - o - man did i hook into somthing today.. Now Pop's is always teaching us this or that, and acting all like mr. smarty pants know it all, and must thinks he knows how to be a pup.. But i love him and most of his ideas end up pretty close to right.. Not so today! Now as you might have guessed..or experienced, I Am A Little Entergetic Ornery Guy that is about as non stop as it gets...all those puppy naps Pop's read about.. not me, pals, I run on 100% schnauzer power...I thought i could run a puppy marathon and still have energy to do some laps around the yard with lazy ole' Rascal.. But i hadn't experienced anything yet! So, today we're off to out favorite Vet place and pop's is all frantic about some poo incident or lack of it, with Rascal B. Stubborn. So we get to the vets and im my usual no stop self playing about 75 miles per hour.. Doc even mentions how entergetic me and rascal are.. Pop's said all the time like this.. well if he only knew. Doc said he was going to give us another of those stingy shot thingee'magiggys.. so when it was my turn the doc looks at me and then says..Realy, he says I bet this slows ya down for a night little guy.. Ha! I laugh in the face of..*OUCHEE* danger... Slow this little schnauzer powered dynamo down , Ha! so I look over at rascal and he's all get'n droopy eyed.. Pop's, (Mr smarty pants want'a be vet) says, well you'll be out soon lil joker.. Well i'm here to tell ya pals.. that shot may have taken the wind out of a Shih Tzu, but buddies it electrified a schnauzer.. SCHNAUZER POWER x10, i was a zooming all the house nipping at the big dogs, pouncing on lil sore behinny Rascal, jumping at the Peoples... Drag'n chairs around and running laps all ove the place.. Wowsee wowseee wowsaaa.. I don't know what's in that litle needle but it don't work for us Lil bearded wonders.. Still going and typing 100 miles an hour...not going down till the sun comes up! So if i learned anything today it was that even though Pop's is pretty durn smart, never should he underestimate the Shnauzer Power! Ok, i cant sit still any longer, too many peices of paper in this house calling out "lil joker" Come here..come here! so good night pup pals .. Like my Pop's says.. : Have a Great Today..It's your choice


The Joker The Jester The Clown

January 18th 2007 4:09 pm
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The Joker The Jester The Clown, don't ya know...Life's little example you reap what you sow.. Life's moving on in the few short weeks ive been in my furever home..I have a full bill of health from the vet man and am taking full advantage of my youth. A Puppies work is never done! I've doubled in size an am eating well, and if ya take your eyes off me, i'll gobble up yours too. BOL I am a typical little schnauzer according to my Schnauzer pals: full of life ,
Energy and Antics. Pop's says i am truely deserving of my name. Harmless little one that would rather play than sleep. If it's in my sights, i'm on it.. Big Tall, short, round, square, fluffy, hard, loud, quiet, red, white or blue i'll jump on it, in it, over it, crawl under it or try and go through it.. It's all good unless ya' don't have a sense of humor..then i could see where i might be a tad...just a tad smidgen kinda sorts a little slightly annoying.. Ornery and Curious, i don't mean no harm just have a hanker'n to discover uncharted corners and play with as many things as possible in a 22 hour period.

I like to hide pop's socks and the big doggies toys, i like to tease everyone then go run and hide.. Im a little Joker, that's what i do.

I like to flip and flop and roll and wiggle, i like to curlee whirlee and wigglee jigglee, i can make ya laugh with just one dance..I'm a little jester, that's what i do.

I make silly little faces and goofy little sounds.. I bark at myself and amuse the crowd...I'm a little clown it's just what i do!

(They say)... my pop's was as entergetic human pup, on the go go go and allways looking to put on a show.. Creative in ways that were beyond his size, he'd keep 'em laughing until they had tears in their eyes.... Well life is poetic to say the least, cause now there's a joker-a little ornery beast! I'm a joker a jester a clown don't ya know- i'm pop's little example, you reap what you sow.. If i could have one wish on a star, it would be more laughter in each pups heart.. some times you reap and some times you sow, but giggles and wiggles make you grow.. Human or pup it don't real matter, let down your hair and raise some clatter.. Live a little on the kidish side and you'll never regret a smile thats wide. untill next time pals..Make someone smile if ya have to nibble on their toe..Ya sure would like it if we reap what we sow..
~ joker


Oh the Dignity of a little Doggie!

January 20th 2007 9:38 pm
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hello everybody.. i so, hope your day was..(all togather now) FUN FUN FUN.. Well 99% of mine was.. but oh the dignity of a little Doggie (ME) was reduced to a most embarassing moment.. But lets go back a ways, a few days..
When i arrived at my furever home i had been accustom to eating, pooing and sleeping..Of coarse I was only 7 weeks old BOL.. But as soon as i got to my new home that all changed. Pop's knew I was overwhelmed so he held me alot for the first few days.. From high on the safety of pop's arm I could watch the other critters all running and jumping and playing.. I studied how they did it and soon decided I was ready to enter the fun arena.. I had so much fun being a pup that i would have to hurry up and wee, anywhere, to get back to playing as soon as possible..Then it happened the training started.. "go here, do this, do that, Dont Do This, Never ever do that!".. you all know the drill.. I got so tired of all the Don't Do That's, that i decided to make up my own rules for acceptable behavior.. basicaly I kept it simple.. Do what my training taught me unless i was not in eye sight.. BOL Most all my lessons went smooth and I got the biggies almost all down pat.. there are a few I still wonder why i can't do them.. so being the lil' joker, i keep on trying to convince the Pop's it'll be ok just this one time.. Or oh, pops all the other pups are doing it...If that doesnt work i try and act all mad at him.. turning my head away when he calls..or tries to sneak puppy breath kisses.. (that allways gets him).. any ways when all else fails I just wait till he is working and sneak off to try what i wanted to with his adult suppervision.. well pups.. today I learned that ole" Pop's is pretty smart and though i will still adventure on, one thing i may not try again is : "When they sat dont eat that, i may come closer to listening..cause today i snuck off and went right back to coffee table.. stood up on my little paws, and reached and stretched untill i snagged the news paper.. all wrapped up in plastic bag.. then i took me a few bites.. (Ok, Ok, they know not to leave anything anywhere near the floor now!) 'cause an hour later i went out to..(well you know what i went out to do).. i searched and searched for the bestest spot.. found it and then it happened.. somthing wasnt right.. YIKES~~~~~~> i took off for the house in a sideways twisty turnee kinda paniced run.. little paws dig'n deep for more speed and every step i took somthing slapped up against my tail which redirected me momenterly till i was banging into walls and running in circles trying to see what was up back there! Mamma G. saw me and knew what it was automatical.. she walked causually over to me.. grabbed my hinny and pulled a piece of news paper plastic from a place i'd rather not talk about...Oh The Dignity Of a Little Doggie and bad choices.. I'm thinking Pop's realy does has my best intrest in mind, and though i'm sure I will test the limits of his knowledge.. I bet i wasn't the only one that learned a little someth'n today.. BOL so pups.. be pups, and Pop's be Pop's and somewhere in it all we will grow up togather.. Have a fun tommorow and if you find yourself in an embarassing moment..Pup's or Pop's, just do the best ya can.. learn from it and move on, cause in the end, life was one whole plastic string of learning daily from start to finish.. Take care of your business, if ya need help get it and the only real embarassing moments are watching someone else experience what you wish you had tried.. Puppy life Rocks! woohoo! hey I think I will go try to eat a rock! Later all.. ~ Jokee Joke Joker~


I Ain't Never Had Too Much Fun!

January 25th 2007 10:53 pm
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Peekee Boo..I see you! and it's pawsome to have ya' here on our pages. Lets see what's up in the lil' Jokee Joke Jokers world.. well it's been a great week and a sad week.. Ras got a diary of the day thingy and has been strutting all over the back yard like he's Pawthorn or Shakespaw..But i'm dig'n it for him, cause he wouldn't be famous with out his Sundance kid.. We're kind'a like butch cassidy and the sundance kid in the pup world.. ornery ornery ornery..i admit it.. 110 mph in dogster town, but don't feel wore out by our energy, it's 150 mph at the house..X 2.. FUN, that's the ticket! We dig it.. I dig being a joker..the little jester the clown in the room..I didn't choose it, it's just who i am.. But if i'd a got a choice. i'd of picked it this way too, cause fun makes the day worth pawing through.. I have fun from sun up to sun up with a 15 min break now and then.. Too Much? Too Over the Top? Too annoying? well try it out for just one day..sometimes ya have to learn how.. My Pop's says he never saw anyone die from a happy heart.. Fun, i'm all about it.. Too Much, don't believe in it.. I Ain't Never Had too Much Fun.. It's like a Circus around here, if we can't get into it, it can't be got into.. Just today while Pop's was doing his art stuff, I came in and started to pick at him.. he petted my head and said, now go play..What did he think I was trying to do..Needed a little convincing, so I nipped his toes..No Good, so I got a squeaky and brought it right beside him and played him a song for an hour..No good, so I grabbed the Puppy pad and danced around with it on my head..No effect, so I turned all the food bowls up side down..Full- Still nothing..So I ate a sock (might regret that at 2 a.m., we will see).. Still no Play Fun, so I stood up and grabbed the cover off his bed and took it into the hall.. (believe it) no good huh, so I begain comming in and one by one taking things out of his by one till i had a pile tall enough to climb on and try and look him in the eyes so he'd see i was serrious about wanting his attention..I think he got the least after he got all his stuff, clothes, books, boots, socks, bed clothes, and more, put back.. Then he got it.. i just wanted to have some we did..
Too Much Fun, well i don't believe it exsists.. think i'm lucky cause Pop's feels the same way.. rather play than pick up clothes anyday! BOL
well it's almost 1 a.m. so better go to bed, 2 a.m. comes early! BOL have a great FUN FUN Day.. and if your ever having any trouble figuring out how to do that, just let your hair down and act silly for a day.. Run and jump and Play and clown and Jest and tell Jokes and be a pup..even peoples can try it.. You might be K' might Dig it.. Give me a pmail, i'll run with ya'! WooHoo I'll run with U too... see ya soon on the fast track to happiness! we all lost a few great pups this week.. they will be missed.. our hearts are sad too.. We have some pup pals and human pals that were sick or injured..our hearts are fearful and concerned.. Sometimes we run and play to keep from letting grief catch up to us..well it's our way.. and thats ok..
~lil' Joker

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