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Joker By way of the Heart - Pop's

April 12th 2007 3:15 pm
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I needed to share a few things with all Jokers pals.

About 3 days and 10000 hours ago (it seems) Joker began acting strange.. Not quite as playful (and all that know Joker, know he is a clown 20 hrs a day). He began not eating well and throwing up foods and liquids..
I contacted his Vet, and immediatly got him in.. He was examined and put on a agressive medication campaign..
Jokers Intestines had quit working completely and was not moving anything..

Unsure at the time to the severity of his condition, the vet began with Shots and medication to attempt to jump start (for Lack of a better term) his intestines to acting as they should.

At first there was signs of improvement in that he ran and played for a period of time with the other dogs.

That night he took a turn for the worse and began not eatting at all and throwing up on the hour, or after fluids..

The vet was called immediatly and informed us that it might take a day for the medicine to work, but if it got worse to surely get him in sooner.

Last night Joker Took a severe turn for the worse- He started throwing up evry 30 minutes.. was lethargic 80 % of the time, no food or water for 23 hours, was getting dehydrated and wanted no contact with anyone..

Pop's called the doc immediatly and Joker was taken early this morning to the Vetrenarian Hospital.. Where he was immediatly taken in for Xrays, Ultrasound and Complete Lab Work..

The only thing for sure was he was in critical condition, He Did Not Have Parvo, and he needed immediate Fluids.

The vet instructed Me to go on home and he would call as soon as the Utrasound and bloodwork was completed. Well, I couldnt wait so I called, the receprionist informed me as to what she knew but said the Vet would call shortly.

Call: Well the worst news so far, They had not isolated the problem & Joker was not responsive to all efforts to get him better, so the last option was needed.. an immediate exploritory surgery..

Joker is being opperated on at this time while I write.. I had to do somthing, my heart is fearful but my faith says keep believing.

It has allways been said that I have more faith than common sense so I trust my next post will be good news..

I pray that my lil joker will soon be up to his antics and trying to make everyone laugh again..

We have recieved so many wonderful pmails and will get back to each of you as soon as we can. Thanks for the 1000's of prayers, messages, The candles i hear you are lighting.. The Picture strolls the Pictures you have put up on your pages..So special.. the phone calls to, incredible.. And so much more.. We just can only wait now and think good thoughts..
Thanks for all the kindness to Joker, Rascal and Me.

I admit Big Guys get scared and I am not to Big or little to admit I am.. But The God of my understanding is Bigger than any fear I have ever faced.. so Thanks for listening, caring , praying .

If this sounds like rambling, thats ok for now..Joker writes better than I do.

I know I left out alot of info, but more needed to write than anything.

As my baby would say: Please Go and Have some Fun Today!!
and a Big WooHoo to You!! ~Pop's , for his little Jokee Joke Joker



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