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No Such Thing As Too Much Fun!

Yowser Schnuazer!!!!

March 7th 2007 4:06 pm
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OM Goodness.. I won the Dogster Valentines Picture Contest..Ah, Had me a Kissing Booth, and Gave away free Puppy Breath Kisses..and won me a contest..It was sooooooo cool..WooHoo 1st Place!! Also Went to a party at STAFU, walked in the door, stepped on a balloon and won a prize..Guess I stepped on the winning # Balloon.. It was great!! Rascal & His Valentines Girlee won 1st Place in 2 Contests.. Dogster Cutest Couple and Tiny Paws Cruise Line's Overall Cutest Picture..We had so much fun!! We just realy Dig it here.. Rascal and I are getting big..I got real sick also this month, had a infection in muh' stub tail..It dont feel good I Double dog puppy swear on that.. But Pop's took me straight to the DocVet Greg, and He fixed me all better up!! Now Im back ta' wrestling Boxers and Play'n Hard.. Rascals all laid back..but im still 90 mph in a 55 zone.. Rascal has kind'a chilled, he's a clever Ornery one.. he waits till no ones watching and then sneaks around and Whahhhhh He clowns Them good.. Me I guess I'm just too funny..Pop's is allways laughing these days.. Rascals got so lazy he will go lay in the middle of the floor and I bring a mouth full of food to him..Now that's a spoiled Brat.. We eat it, then I go get us another mouth full, one by one till were done eating.... His idea of Energy these days is standing still and waiting till somthing walks next to him to nip its tail..Chase ya' not often.. He's a smart one I guarnetee it!! We have sure got close though.. Well that's enough for now, I see the Boys headed out side..I better go teach em how to run again..They might have forgot.. Oh, by the way..word to the wise guys..If ya got a Female Boxer around and she wants some privacy to ..well you know what..GIVE IT TO HER..what ever ya do, never assume that's a good time to jump on her back..cause I double dog puppy swear ya' will land 10 feet away and not remember ya name for a hour.. Then she'll stay mad at ya for two days!!!!! Just let them girlee's be, when it's ... well, when ever they tell ya to.... See I told ya I was smart.. ahahahaahha Have a great day!! Catch in the Dogster soon.. Jokee Joke Joker


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