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No Such Thing As Too Much Fun!

The Ever-Ready Bunny is a Wimp!

January 27th 2007 7:47 pm
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Pop's is making me sit still long enough to write a entry in my diary..I think so i can look back someday and say..I never! But If it lands me a treat, I'll play along.."Hey Rascal You Can Use that as #11 in your 101 ways to get a treat! Anyways, today was a typical Rascal and joker day. I put another 600 wags on my tailometer.. and another 500 miles to my exploration log.. Pops hit the floor running at about midnight and wanted to play, wouldn't let us go back to sleep till noon naptime..Or was it the other way around..well it don't matter who made the choice, cause we're all a team, and so we just had a all day pawty.. Zingy ding'n, zipadeedooda's, whoopde whoops, flippee flops, rolly pollees, hopitee hops, jumpadee jumps, twisty turnee whirlamagiggies..we did whomptee whomps and crissy crosses.. We played bowlee wollee and wooly boogers..We had earth shake'n and record break'n fun..Pops took a nap while we plotted for the afternoon and never missed a beat.. We did, catch and fetch, pushy pullys, toss and grab, wingy dingys and even played Dodge the Blame Game. We ran jumped, hopped, flipped, flopped, rolled, strolled, walked, crawled, climbed and even hinney scooted..didn't even sit still to eat..ran over grabbed a mouth full, lined it up across the floor and played bloodhound all the way back to the bowl and started again untill there was no more kibbles to nibble.. we were in, out, up down and all around.. non stop pup action and still got energy to burn..Did a little this and tried a little of that.. even watched a little TV while passing by..Stopped only once to watch a bunny on the tv...The Ever Ready Bunny..kept going and going and going..about as fast as Yertle the Turtle..shuckee puckee, that Ever Ready Bunny's a Wimp.. we keep going and going and going and at a greyhounds pace..They should put me and rascal in that commercial.. we'd sell some batteries for sure.. well I better go catch up to Rascal, he's got a week head start in life on me so i dont want to let him get too far away, i might miss his next big plan for us..Have a great day and no matter what ya got to do..remember to take time to smile and have some fun.. Not all of us can be ever-ready pups, so be you and i'll be me and lets meet along the way.. Now That i'll stop for..allways up for meeting the new pup and chatting with the pals..Till then-lets keep the friendships going and going and going... Dig'n it! ~ Joker


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