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No Such Thing As Too Much Fun!

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Im Watching... Rascal

August 29th 2007 2:56 pm
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Heehee... sitting up here with Angel Tiffany and my other Bridge buddie's and we allmost fell off the cloud.. RASCAL B. ORNERY.. DOTW on Dogster.. heehee, what are ya' thinking....

Just Kidding, i loved my Bro, and would have loved to been there sharing in the treats and kisses.. but we are all celebrating with you big bro.. Have a pawesome week..

It's times like this that seems to remind us to hug our fur-babies every chance we get!

Luv's to you all... specialy my Ornery Rascal..

Angel Joker


I've Been Love Tagged

July 14th 2007 8:10 am
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WooHoo.. Happy Hearts all over Critter-Alley..
I was Love Tagged by a special Friend today.. What a great surprise to know ya have Pals so kind to take the time to Make ya feel special today..

Love Tagged?

(Here it is- the newest craze going around Dogster! It's called "You are loved!" Here's how it goes: Pick 3 dogsters who you think are just fantastic and tell a little about why you feel that they are so pawsome! Be sure to tell them how much they are loved with a p-mail or a rosette! Isn't it hard to pick only 3? )

I was Love Tagged and some Super things Typed about me By ♥Annie&hearts


.. Thank you Annie, I Luv's ya Too! What a wonderful friend that made my day!


Even Angels Need Little Buddies Too!!

April 13th 2007 7:15 am
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This will be the only note i will be able to write for a minute or two..
I just got the call from the Vet.. The Angels must need a new lil buddy too.. Joker went to the bridge last night..
Pop's is crushed.. But knows that when the pain subsides there will emerge a new energy for life. Not sure just yet what, but never is there pain with out following growth.. The saddness is overwhelming, but the pure joy of having shared 6 months with Joker is so strong that the pain is at least dulled.

**Here's the message I must Must get out.. Your Prayers were not in vain.. They were so valuable and will be in the future for any family and animal experiencing situations of any nature. I feel that even though the results didn't end as i had, and you had hoped, that the need for this experience was valuable for each of us to go through togather. I must believe that The God of my understanding has much bigger plan for me (Pops).. and that in time i will understand.

For now Thank you for all the prayers, phone calls, candles, photo threads, Main Pictures, Rosettes, stars, Posts, Prayers, thoughts, and more that i am sure i will recognize some day soon. Keep loving one another and praying for each other and sharing the kindness that we have felt through this.. It so helps. When i got the first news of serriouse trouble I needed an understanding heart, and Dogsters were there. This is the first lil one I have shared my life with and had to go to the bridge and it hurts like things I have never experienced..

Dont say to yourself that 6 months of sharing your heart with any living thing cant completely change your world, because it can..
Thanks again to all of you. When I can I will try and say thanks more personaly, but for now this will have to do.

My Love and respect to you all.. Throw in an extra prayer for Dallas & Sassy Girl they know somthing is'nt right.. and Rascal Please.. He and Joker came home with me about the same time and they have been togather every moment.. Rascal lays in the hall watching the door..

I will post later in all the groups.. after I take care of the Fur babies
This is all i can type for now, My heart hurts and my eyes wont quit leaking.. Big Guys Cry Too

Have a good day please-

Loves- Pop's, & Rascal AND ANGEL JOKER


Latest Update

April 12th 2007 4:28 pm
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Update on My Joker-
Just got the call from the vet-

Joker has finished surgery and only given a 50 % chance to live the night. This soooo very hard to write,

There was no blockage in his intestines, they were In Toxic condition. He didnt know as of yet the reason, but said that his prognosis is not good. Jokers intestines had to have portions removed and is now in a recovery area, where they are going to try and recover him from the surgery. He indicated that The only plus is Jokers age and that he is strong.. He doesnt understand the real plus is your prayers..

I am sure he said more and i will remember soon. He said he will call with any change.
I am not giving up no matter how it seems.. I will believe untill he is home..
I will so try and write more info later..But just cant now


Joker By way of the Heart - Pop's

April 12th 2007 3:15 pm
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I needed to share a few things with all Jokers pals.

About 3 days and 10000 hours ago (it seems) Joker began acting strange.. Not quite as playful (and all that know Joker, know he is a clown 20 hrs a day). He began not eating well and throwing up foods and liquids..
I contacted his Vet, and immediatly got him in.. He was examined and put on a agressive medication campaign..
Jokers Intestines had quit working completely and was not moving anything..

Unsure at the time to the severity of his condition, the vet began with Shots and medication to attempt to jump start (for Lack of a better term) his intestines to acting as they should.

At first there was signs of improvement in that he ran and played for a period of time with the other dogs.

That night he took a turn for the worse and began not eatting at all and throwing up on the hour, or after fluids..

The vet was called immediatly and informed us that it might take a day for the medicine to work, but if it got worse to surely get him in sooner.

Last night Joker Took a severe turn for the worse- He started throwing up evry 30 minutes.. was lethargic 80 % of the time, no food or water for 23 hours, was getting dehydrated and wanted no contact with anyone..

Pop's called the doc immediatly and Joker was taken early this morning to the Vetrenarian Hospital.. Where he was immediatly taken in for Xrays, Ultrasound and Complete Lab Work..

The only thing for sure was he was in critical condition, He Did Not Have Parvo, and he needed immediate Fluids.

The vet instructed Me to go on home and he would call as soon as the Utrasound and bloodwork was completed. Well, I couldnt wait so I called, the receprionist informed me as to what she knew but said the Vet would call shortly.

Call: Well the worst news so far, They had not isolated the problem & Joker was not responsive to all efforts to get him better, so the last option was needed.. an immediate exploritory surgery..

Joker is being opperated on at this time while I write.. I had to do somthing, my heart is fearful but my faith says keep believing.

It has allways been said that I have more faith than common sense so I trust my next post will be good news..

I pray that my lil joker will soon be up to his antics and trying to make everyone laugh again..

We have recieved so many wonderful pmails and will get back to each of you as soon as we can. Thanks for the 1000's of prayers, messages, The candles i hear you are lighting.. The Picture strolls the Pictures you have put up on your pages..So special.. the phone calls to, incredible.. And so much more.. We just can only wait now and think good thoughts..
Thanks for all the kindness to Joker, Rascal and Me.

I admit Big Guys get scared and I am not to Big or little to admit I am.. But The God of my understanding is Bigger than any fear I have ever faced.. so Thanks for listening, caring , praying .

If this sounds like rambling, thats ok for now..Joker writes better than I do.

I know I left out alot of info, but more needed to write than anything.

As my baby would say: Please Go and Have some Fun Today!!
and a Big WooHoo to You!! ~Pop's , for his little Jokee Joke Joker



Yowser Schnuazer!!!!

March 7th 2007 4:06 pm
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OM Goodness.. I won the Dogster Valentines Picture Contest..Ah, Had me a Kissing Booth, and Gave away free Puppy Breath Kisses..and won me a contest..It was sooooooo cool..WooHoo 1st Place!! Also Went to a party at STAFU, walked in the door, stepped on a balloon and won a prize..Guess I stepped on the winning # Balloon.. It was great!! Rascal & His Valentines Girlee won 1st Place in 2 Contests.. Dogster Cutest Couple and Tiny Paws Cruise Line's Overall Cutest Picture..We had so much fun!! We just realy Dig it here.. Rascal and I are getting big..I got real sick also this month, had a infection in muh' stub tail..It dont feel good I Double dog puppy swear on that.. But Pop's took me straight to the DocVet Greg, and He fixed me all better up!! Now Im back ta' wrestling Boxers and Play'n Hard.. Rascals all laid back..but im still 90 mph in a 55 zone.. Rascal has kind'a chilled, he's a clever Ornery one.. he waits till no ones watching and then sneaks around and Whahhhhh He clowns Them good.. Me I guess I'm just too funny..Pop's is allways laughing these days.. Rascals got so lazy he will go lay in the middle of the floor and I bring a mouth full of food to him..Now that's a spoiled Brat.. We eat it, then I go get us another mouth full, one by one till were done eating.... His idea of Energy these days is standing still and waiting till somthing walks next to him to nip its tail..Chase ya' not often.. He's a smart one I guarnetee it!! We have sure got close though.. Well that's enough for now, I see the Boys headed out side..I better go teach em how to run again..They might have forgot.. Oh, by the way..word to the wise guys..If ya got a Female Boxer around and she wants some privacy to ..well you know what..GIVE IT TO HER..what ever ya do, never assume that's a good time to jump on her back..cause I double dog puppy swear ya' will land 10 feet away and not remember ya name for a hour.. Then she'll stay mad at ya for two days!!!!! Just let them girlee's be, when it's ... well, when ever they tell ya to.... See I told ya I was smart.. ahahahaahha Have a great day!! Catch in the Dogster soon.. Jokee Joke Joker


Love Is... in the eyes of a puppy

February 4th 2007 8:09 pm
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Hi pals, peoples and all Pups.. I have had a fun week, but between all the pups, pals and peoples i have met at home, in town and at dogster..what pup couldnt have fun..besides i live with some of the funnest doggies ever created.. 20-7, thats 20 hours a day 7 days a week.. FUN.. I think when Pop's relaxes and lets me wrestle with the big pups, all growling at them and nipping their chins, now thats fun..and i think thats one way he shows he loves me,..By letting me have some fun. I think maybe i see love through theyes of a puppy and they see different than Pop's, but some things he lets me do is cause he loves me..and somethings he doesnt let me do is cause he loves me.. Now i pupsonaly think i should get to do what i want, but till i figure it all out i will trust that his love is to give me a chance to grow old enough to figure it all out.. It valentines time and love is a word that pops up all the lets see what we all think love is... I think love is belly rubs during working hours.. I think Love is hugs even though i somtimes wee on the carpet. I think Love is kisses from doggies.. I think Love is kisses from peoples. I think Love is hurting in your heart when you sense another doggie is hurting in their body or heart. I think Love is looking for a lonely pup to say woof woof to. I think Love is trying to make a sad pup smile. I think Love is sharing your treats.. I think Love is you mess up a whole house and still get to stay there. I think Love is when someone or pup makes a mistake and i dont make them feel worse.. I think Love is being allowed to play in the mud. I think Love is not being allowed to eat it.. (Rascal Disagrees) I think Love is ..making as many pups as possible know that you would like to play with them.. I think Love is making my mistakes and saying i am sorry with puppy kisses and snuggles. I think Love is probably cheesburgers cause my pop's sure acts all silly and googoo eyed when he sees one.. I think Love is biting a big doggie on the tail and they just roll ya over on your back and say now quit that little one..instead of eating you.. I think Love is a place to sleep that is soft.. I think Love is a place to sleep that safe.. I think Love is a place to sleep that is your own.. and if the situation is right and possible for a pup, I think Love is getting to snuggle with your Pop's.. I think Love is when you need a snuggle and your parent turns the tv off just for you.. I think Love is when a peoples takes us for walks when ya know they would rather be eating another Cheeseburger.. I know im a pup, and i probably am wrong...again, but i bet each of you can think of 10 more things that Love is 2 you.. I'm going to go give big puppy breath kissess to my pops cause I think Love is worth sharing. Well, dont just sit there go give kisses to someone or thing..heehee.. Ok I am all mushy gushied expect a little Joker in my next entry.. Woohoo I dig You.. Joker


The Ever-Ready Bunny is a Wimp!

January 27th 2007 7:47 pm
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Pop's is making me sit still long enough to write a entry in my diary..I think so i can look back someday and say..I never! But If it lands me a treat, I'll play along.."Hey Rascal You Can Use that as #11 in your 101 ways to get a treat! Anyways, today was a typical Rascal and joker day. I put another 600 wags on my tailometer.. and another 500 miles to my exploration log.. Pops hit the floor running at about midnight and wanted to play, wouldn't let us go back to sleep till noon naptime..Or was it the other way around..well it don't matter who made the choice, cause we're all a team, and so we just had a all day pawty.. Zingy ding'n, zipadeedooda's, whoopde whoops, flippee flops, rolly pollees, hopitee hops, jumpadee jumps, twisty turnee whirlamagiggies..we did whomptee whomps and crissy crosses.. We played bowlee wollee and wooly boogers..We had earth shake'n and record break'n fun..Pops took a nap while we plotted for the afternoon and never missed a beat.. We did, catch and fetch, pushy pullys, toss and grab, wingy dingys and even played Dodge the Blame Game. We ran jumped, hopped, flipped, flopped, rolled, strolled, walked, crawled, climbed and even hinney scooted..didn't even sit still to eat..ran over grabbed a mouth full, lined it up across the floor and played bloodhound all the way back to the bowl and started again untill there was no more kibbles to nibble.. we were in, out, up down and all around.. non stop pup action and still got energy to burn..Did a little this and tried a little of that.. even watched a little TV while passing by..Stopped only once to watch a bunny on the tv...The Ever Ready Bunny..kept going and going and going..about as fast as Yertle the Turtle..shuckee puckee, that Ever Ready Bunny's a Wimp.. we keep going and going and going and at a greyhounds pace..They should put me and rascal in that commercial.. we'd sell some batteries for sure.. well I better go catch up to Rascal, he's got a week head start in life on me so i dont want to let him get too far away, i might miss his next big plan for us..Have a great day and no matter what ya got to do..remember to take time to smile and have some fun.. Not all of us can be ever-ready pups, so be you and i'll be me and lets meet along the way.. Now That i'll stop for..allways up for meeting the new pup and chatting with the pals..Till then-lets keep the friendships going and going and going... Dig'n it! ~ Joker


I Ain't Never Had Too Much Fun!

January 25th 2007 10:53 pm
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Peekee Boo..I see you! and it's pawsome to have ya' here on our pages. Lets see what's up in the lil' Jokee Joke Jokers world.. well it's been a great week and a sad week.. Ras got a diary of the day thingy and has been strutting all over the back yard like he's Pawthorn or Shakespaw..But i'm dig'n it for him, cause he wouldn't be famous with out his Sundance kid.. We're kind'a like butch cassidy and the sundance kid in the pup world.. ornery ornery ornery..i admit it.. 110 mph in dogster town, but don't feel wore out by our energy, it's 150 mph at the house..X 2.. FUN, that's the ticket! We dig it.. I dig being a joker..the little jester the clown in the room..I didn't choose it, it's just who i am.. But if i'd a got a choice. i'd of picked it this way too, cause fun makes the day worth pawing through.. I have fun from sun up to sun up with a 15 min break now and then.. Too Much? Too Over the Top? Too annoying? well try it out for just one day..sometimes ya have to learn how.. My Pop's says he never saw anyone die from a happy heart.. Fun, i'm all about it.. Too Much, don't believe in it.. I Ain't Never Had too Much Fun.. It's like a Circus around here, if we can't get into it, it can't be got into.. Just today while Pop's was doing his art stuff, I came in and started to pick at him.. he petted my head and said, now go play..What did he think I was trying to do..Needed a little convincing, so I nipped his toes..No Good, so I got a squeaky and brought it right beside him and played him a song for an hour..No good, so I grabbed the Puppy pad and danced around with it on my head..No effect, so I turned all the food bowls up side down..Full- Still nothing..So I ate a sock (might regret that at 2 a.m., we will see).. Still no Play Fun, so I stood up and grabbed the cover off his bed and took it into the hall.. (believe it) no good huh, so I begain comming in and one by one taking things out of his by one till i had a pile tall enough to climb on and try and look him in the eyes so he'd see i was serrious about wanting his attention..I think he got the least after he got all his stuff, clothes, books, boots, socks, bed clothes, and more, put back.. Then he got it.. i just wanted to have some we did..
Too Much Fun, well i don't believe it exsists.. think i'm lucky cause Pop's feels the same way.. rather play than pick up clothes anyday! BOL
well it's almost 1 a.m. so better go to bed, 2 a.m. comes early! BOL have a great FUN FUN Day.. and if your ever having any trouble figuring out how to do that, just let your hair down and act silly for a day.. Run and jump and Play and clown and Jest and tell Jokes and be a pup..even peoples can try it.. You might be K' might Dig it.. Give me a pmail, i'll run with ya'! WooHoo I'll run with U too... see ya soon on the fast track to happiness! we all lost a few great pups this week.. they will be missed.. our hearts are sad too.. We have some pup pals and human pals that were sick or injured..our hearts are fearful and concerned.. Sometimes we run and play to keep from letting grief catch up to us..well it's our way.. and thats ok..
~lil' Joker


Oh the Dignity of a little Doggie!

January 20th 2007 9:38 pm
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hello everybody.. i so, hope your day was..(all togather now) FUN FUN FUN.. Well 99% of mine was.. but oh the dignity of a little Doggie (ME) was reduced to a most embarassing moment.. But lets go back a ways, a few days..
When i arrived at my furever home i had been accustom to eating, pooing and sleeping..Of coarse I was only 7 weeks old BOL.. But as soon as i got to my new home that all changed. Pop's knew I was overwhelmed so he held me alot for the first few days.. From high on the safety of pop's arm I could watch the other critters all running and jumping and playing.. I studied how they did it and soon decided I was ready to enter the fun arena.. I had so much fun being a pup that i would have to hurry up and wee, anywhere, to get back to playing as soon as possible..Then it happened the training started.. "go here, do this, do that, Dont Do This, Never ever do that!".. you all know the drill.. I got so tired of all the Don't Do That's, that i decided to make up my own rules for acceptable behavior.. basicaly I kept it simple.. Do what my training taught me unless i was not in eye sight.. BOL Most all my lessons went smooth and I got the biggies almost all down pat.. there are a few I still wonder why i can't do them.. so being the lil' joker, i keep on trying to convince the Pop's it'll be ok just this one time.. Or oh, pops all the other pups are doing it...If that doesnt work i try and act all mad at him.. turning my head away when he calls..or tries to sneak puppy breath kisses.. (that allways gets him).. any ways when all else fails I just wait till he is working and sneak off to try what i wanted to with his adult suppervision.. well pups.. today I learned that ole" Pop's is pretty smart and though i will still adventure on, one thing i may not try again is : "When they sat dont eat that, i may come closer to listening..cause today i snuck off and went right back to coffee table.. stood up on my little paws, and reached and stretched untill i snagged the news paper.. all wrapped up in plastic bag.. then i took me a few bites.. (Ok, Ok, they know not to leave anything anywhere near the floor now!) 'cause an hour later i went out to..(well you know what i went out to do).. i searched and searched for the bestest spot.. found it and then it happened.. somthing wasnt right.. YIKES~~~~~~> i took off for the house in a sideways twisty turnee kinda paniced run.. little paws dig'n deep for more speed and every step i took somthing slapped up against my tail which redirected me momenterly till i was banging into walls and running in circles trying to see what was up back there! Mamma G. saw me and knew what it was automatical.. she walked causually over to me.. grabbed my hinny and pulled a piece of news paper plastic from a place i'd rather not talk about...Oh The Dignity Of a Little Doggie and bad choices.. I'm thinking Pop's realy does has my best intrest in mind, and though i'm sure I will test the limits of his knowledge.. I bet i wasn't the only one that learned a little someth'n today.. BOL so pups.. be pups, and Pop's be Pop's and somewhere in it all we will grow up togather.. Have a fun tommorow and if you find yourself in an embarassing moment..Pup's or Pop's, just do the best ya can.. learn from it and move on, cause in the end, life was one whole plastic string of learning daily from start to finish.. Take care of your business, if ya need help get it and the only real embarassing moments are watching someone else experience what you wish you had tried.. Puppy life Rocks! woohoo! hey I think I will go try to eat a rock! Later all.. ~ Jokee Joke Joker~

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