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Living On The Groovy Side Of Life!

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Rascal B. Ornery 2009 ~ It Aint' Easy Being Ornery

January 19th 2009 3:05 am
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ROFBOL... Not the Ornery Part "That's Easy".. It..

Aint Easy to Keep it Origional, Orneryish and "Oh My Doggie What Has He Done Now"

But Some Bodies Got to Do It!

i accept! BOL


WOWZA, what a year that 2008 was... as for me, i realy cant tell the difference, 'cept my top knot keeps getting into my eyes more & my Tail tends to get more girlee whistles..


But that 2008 was Great.. Boogie's all grown up bigger'n me now..
But i still put the "A" in Alpha.. well, i am more persistent.. I found out i can Mark 100 spots in less than 15 minutes if the wind is blowing just right..

See There's been all these Foster Bro's and Sissy's in and out this past year, and it's a regular 23 1/2 hour a day job to let them all know who own's the tree's, fences and generaly every toy in the Yard.. (shhhh, don't tell Dallas, we wouldn't want to upset him)

and while it's difficult it is one of two jobs that i accept.. the other is Perfecting & protecting the Ancient Art of Orneryism..

i not only have done the Ornery Clan proud, i may have invented a few new methods myself..

NOTE: No Doggies or Peoples were injured while filming these escapades of daring adventures... ROFBOL

***But, in my never ending quest for perfecting the art of Ornery Tzulian Culture, i have experienced some Fun & Excitement in that ole' 2008 (These Methods should not be tried without direct supervision of a Redneck Pop's) BOL

2008 was rock'n Fun, Me and Boogie spent the whole year trying to learn to fly.. While Zoomies, get the heart racing, Flying Makes ya feel like a Manly Man.. BOL
We have discovered the Ultimate High Jump and Tuck-N-Roll Couch Stroll..
New Heights.. I have found that the world looks quite different from Taller Places.. I dig Climbing to discover all great Views from which i can achieve.. PLUS +++ what a rush Pouncing on the head of anything silly enough to get near ya! But Warning!!! Don't try the Head Landing on a Foster Bro Ya realy Don't Know.. BOL cause sleepless nights trying to sleep with that one eye open..

I have cherished life in the Terrible two's and realy embracing Life and must move ahead into the Three's to Please.. Trainning is going great (we Never Quit Learning... How to Train our Parents) BOL

While Ornery will get you so far, i have also master the art of How to Please forTreats.. BOL No, fur real.. I have become a Super Doggie (if i must say so my self).. Able to accomplish just about every task taught, and with minimal obstinace..BOL

I dig the challenges that were set before me and look foreward to the 09 Times

***Will Try and Write more, and more often, but 4 now just know..

Living on the Groovy Side of Life is..Pawesome.. a Few Smiles, Puppy Kisses & Heart full of Love, ALLWAYS Makes up fur a Lots of Orneryism

Have a Pawesome day and remember

"It Aint' Easy being Ornery.. But the rewards out-weigh the Baths!"

Rascal B. Ornery ~ Jan 2009


Santa Paws is coming to Dogster Town !

November 4th 2007 12:16 pm
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WooHoo, I seen him, I seen him.. he's check'n his list and check'n it twice, gon'a find out who's naoughty or nice... Huh oh!


OMDoogles Birthdays Rock!

October 30th 2007 10:29 am
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WooHoo... I turned one and if i'd of know how much fun it was i'd of done it before now... BOL

So, it's been a few days since i penned anything..last thing was i Penned Boogie down and gave him slobbernocker kisses untill he decided to play Championship Pup Wrestling.. won't do that agin untill i am 2 .. he's a tough lil' boogerboogie.. BOL

But, i turned one and it was an awesome pawesome week.. Kansas, Miss Dixie, Eddie Essig, Dallas & Sassy Girl and Lots of others had a whole week of coolness and surprises in store fur me...

They started a campout in my group "All Fur Fun" and pups & Kitties been stopping by and saying Hi all week.. Pawesome.. Pop's hasn't given me lots and lots of time to go read it all yet, but i will.. Then next i been getting groovster Rosettes and Stars all week for my Big Day.. WOOHOO, thank you all!

Next Dogster/Catster started a cool new thing for Dogster Groups page.. that shows a featured group..and All Fur Fun was featured..then, BOL The All Fur Funster Team put my Birthday Picture on the group page and I fainted when i clicked on group's saw the cool new changes..then saw my Birthday Picture..! WooHoo Groovy! Dogster Rocks! Thanks for letting them do that and for making it happen.. and fur all the groovy new additions to our dogster world!

Next was the Birthday Party Day.. OMDoubledoodle... It was amazing.. felt like king fur a day! First I got to share my special day with some awesome pups/cats that have the same birthday! That rocks... next all the cool pmails and gifts was crazy fun and awesome.. so much happening i cant even remember it all.. but everyone that could was wearing fun biker clothes and riding Harleys.. DoubleWooHoo... and then there was a pawesome stroll for Birthday wishes and pictures.. and a Birthday Forum thread and more... YIKES sooo much and some awesome pals.. Next was the Big Party..

"Rascal's Birthday Rally" heehee, set up like a biker rally, and themed all out sooooo pawesome.. Birthday decorations and cake by big sis and bro, Sassy Girl and Dallas... Eddie Essig and Cailley Mae and others Hurring around making Motorcycle Pictures for everyone that needed them..WOW.. awesome pals i am so lucky! Music and fun at the party Rocked.. OK, im rambling and excited.. so i will just close by saying it was just too spectacular to mention it all... But lots of my pals made it to the party and made it an awesome awesome night for me... Thank you all!
There were some of my oldest pals that arrived as well as some of the newest i have met... incredibleeeee fun.

Got soooo many birthday kisses my cheeks were sore.. heehee

then my Birthday Rocked.. Lots more presents and surprises.. WOW

Got toys and New Bandanas from Kansas and Dallas and Sassy Girl and others.. wow.. thanks on the way!

All in all there was sooo much and so many i am sure to forget untill we get a chance to slow down and re-look.. but for now, just know it was sooo cool of you all and You totaly ROCK! Thanks and I say lets do it again tommorow..BOL I dig it!

may each of you enjoy one day with that many smiles in your hearts at least one time in your lives.. cause im not sure any of us could handle it happening too often..
Dogster Rocks, All Fur Fun Rocks, Pals Rock and Love Rocks.. !
Lets share some with others today.. Fur ever homes for those that need them.. Pals and f.u.r.e.n.d.s for those that want them, and smiles for all...

Rascal B. One ~ but no less Ornery

Thank You



October 14th 2007 7:46 am
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♥All Fur Fun♥ Ghost Busters Game * Happy Halloween

Ghostbuster Game in All Fur Fun Group

Ghosts !
That's Right... The "♥All Fur Fun♥" Ghost Busters have discovered some sCaRy sPoOkY things going on in here...
What cha' do if you see a Ghost? Call Ghost Busters?
NOPE.. Ya' Going to Catch It!
How To Play
Soon.... Ghost will start to appear in "♥All Fur Fun♥"
** They Can Show Up anywhere (main Pictures, Links, Thread Games, Rosettes..Who Knows )
** You Will Know when ya see one.. Don't Worry, YOU WILL KNOW
** As Soon As You See One... Hurry Hurry Right Back Here and Be the First To Post.."I Caught a Ghost Named___ " Don't Worry, You'll Know the Name"
** If You are the First To Catch a Ghost, You Win a Rosette , Catch 5 win a star!
Ok... Keep an Eye Out for Ghosts.. and have a Pawesome October...
Have Fun Good Luck !


WooHoo... Who'd' of Thunk it! Rascal B. Ornery.....- Dogster's DOTW

August 29th 2007 2:44 pm
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...well certainly not me.. Heehee, but i am living right i guess on the Groovy side of life.. i am still not sure what all is up.. pop's is floating around here & acting all goofy... stuffing treat after treat down my throat... (no that i am complaining) but the last time he did that..I ended up having surgery...YIKES.. Lets back up a little ways and start from the first of this lil' story..

Ok, now any normal (non-be on alert) day.. things flow pretty smooth around here.. like a well oily machine..ahahahahah NOT! but last night, we were, as usual, raring to go, cause it was dark.. and that's the best Ornery hours. We (doggies) we're trying to get wound up, when like every night..ole' Pop's started making us quiet down so the neighbors can hear him yelling at the football game well enough..
so against our natural desires we all settled in for a night of peace and quiet.. ahahahah well i was trying to catch a nap and behave untill he took his eyes off me...

just closing the peepers and WAHHHHHHHHHHH! he jumped up and went crazy! seems he had just found out some news from dogsterland..My Favorite spot to play.. well I don't know what it was but it almost scared the beegeeezies out of all us pups.. we went scurring and ducking for cover.. either The Dallas Cowboys were on TV and just scored or we were all in trouble for something we thought we had hid well..

Come to find out.. Lil' Me.. Rascal B. Ornery.. had been chosen as Dogsters, Dog of the Week ! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO... i still am not quite sure all that means but it seems to be conected with a get out of trouble free card.. cause this wonderful news has not changed me one bit.. i am still Ornery.. and yet somehow it seems to have broken Pop's finger.. cause he doesn't tend to shake it at me as much as usual.. This pawesome news seems to have muffled his barker.. cause he doesn't seem to be barking as loud.. and it must have come with a pay raise, cuase he's shoving treats down us pups throats like we were related to Snoopy or heirs to the Lassie fortunes.. i even asked him.. Pop's, I said.. what ..are we made of treats.. save some of those for a rainy day... when i jump in the puddle right after grooming..

anyways.. guess i better say THANK You Dogster/or the / Dog of the Day Chooser... cause this new living on the Groovy Side of Life is Ultra-Groovy indeed.

What an awesome Day we had and i want to thank everyone that sent us a note, a rosette or star.. that posted in the groups and everything.. What an incredible enviroment where pups/peoples from all over the globe can come togather and make each other you did me and Pop's today..

Thank you from the bottom of my NEW Treat Bowl, to the Top of Pop's head...(which i seem to get to climb on with out any trouble)..

Have a pawesome day.. in our book.. we're all stars that share in the pain & the Joy of each others days..


Rascal Be Ornery DOTW
HeeHee, I allways wanted some of those little intial thingees after my name.. just couldn't sit still long enough in doggie school to get any..



"I've Been Summer Tagged"... Does That Make Me Sun Kissed or- Tanned

July 31st 2007 6:57 am
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WooHoo a Cute Lil' Tzu, Daisy Mae has summer tagged me!
How Pawesome to make others feel special.. Thanks Daisy Mae

The Rules:
Here are the rules of the game. Make a diary entry, giving 5 pawsome facts about yourself! Choose 5 pals to tag, and list them last! Post the rules of the game. Send your pals a pawmail or rosette telling them they have been tagged to play the game!Write 5 facts and tag 5 friends.

Ok... here it goes!
1. I am a Ornery Boy.. I play Hide -N- Seek with my Pop's Stuff.. When he goes Looking for something, I even take him and show him where it's hid..Heehee
2. I am a Groomers dream..I Dig being brushed and Pampered
3. I am a Go Go Go Boy... Pop's has to make me slow down cause i will take out a wall to get where i am headed..Ok a Little wall.. BOL
4. Mr. Congeniality, I Dig People and Pups.. I am the show off at the Norman Dog Park.. Go Figure
5. My Favorite thing to do is Clown.. I will Put on a Full Show Take a Curtain Call and be ready to Perform again for a treat and Kiss..

Ok..That's the Rascal ... No sleep for the weary, let's Play!

Let's all Make someone feel special today.. what ya' say


*WooHoo ~ I've Been Love Tagged

July 15th 2007 4:06 am
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HeeHee, I got Love Tagged By a Pretty Girl... Molly.. WooHoo !!
WooHoo I been Love tagged By a Cool Dude Harley

(Here it is- the newest craze going around Dogster! It's called "You are loved!" Here's how it goes: Pick 3 dogsters who you think are just fantastic and tell a little about why you feel that they are so pawsome! Be sure to tell them how much they are loved with a p-mail or a rosette! Isn't it hard to pick only 3? )





I've Been Love Tagged!

July 14th 2007 8:04 am
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How Awesome of a way to start the day! I was love tagged

(Here it is- the newest craze going around Dogster! It's called "You are loved!" Here's how it goes: Pick 3 dogsters who you think are just fantastic and tell a little about why you feel that they are so pawsome! Be sure to tell them how much they are loved with a p-mail or a rosette! Isn't it hard to pick only 3? )

What a way to make a Heart Smile.. That's huge when ya can take the time or Make the time to do that to someone..

I was Love Tagged and some awesome things Typed about me By Kansas.. Thank you Kansas, I Luv's ya Too! What a wonderful friend that made my day!


Rascal B. Ornery
Rascal B. Smile'n


Lil' Less Joke, Lot More Boogie

May 24th 2007 8:52 pm
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Hi Pals.. I was in one of those rare form moods tonight and Pop's said lets write it out of you system..AH HA hahahaha Like that will slow me down..

Life's Changes and what 2 do about it by Rascal B. Ornery,,

As many of you know I lost my Lil Bro Joker.. Nobody seems to know why, (Peoples) Nobody seems to be able to come to terms, very well with those things they don't understand (Peoples). It's Like they must know everything before they can more ahead.. I think Pop's is that way some times.. What i see is the longer he searched for answers the less he realy saw..

Us Doggies.. oh we moped and were sad, trust me,... & something was realy missing from our days.. Yes a Little Joke to get ya started 4 the day (It's our form of Coffee).. a little Noon time Joke to get ya some energy to make it till bed time.. and a Little Joke to Make ya have good dreams.. Thats what Joker was to and for me.. My Reason, My Boost and my Sleep smile.. But he was gone and I had to Find a Boost.. Cause we Pups were mopping around all sad.. So I made a Tzu'nominal Choice.. Maybe instead of waiting fur a Boost I would try and Be one.. So I emmulated my lil missed Bro (the Lil' Joker).. I started to clown with the others.. I started to get em' going in the Mornings, Boost em in the Noon Time, and try and Put smiles in their dreams at night.. then I lay in the door way.. waiting to do it all again in the tommorow..

It seemed to start to work.. everyone of us Doggies felt a little better..a little..

Then it seemed Pop's got a little, (Very Little) Happier too.. One day He and Regena Loaded all us Pups up and took a drive..

They got out out after 7,403,204,032 1/2 miles (well it seemed that long).. and when they came Back..OMD there was a lil' and i mean very Lil' FUR Ball with them..YIKES another little Joker..

Seemed pretty cool at first, we were all happier and started to play more..It was like we might be missing a little Joke in our days but this guy gave us a Lil Boogie in our steps.. WELCOME HOME BOOGIE.. We Love YOU..

So we got this Lil' Boogie Woogie Boy, and he was sooooo sweet..Right..

WRONG!!!!! He wee's, He Poo's, He yelps, and he Tattle Tales all the time..

He's now been here Fur a little while and I realy dig him.. we are close, very close.. In alot of ways closer than imaginable..

We talk about all the normal Pup things.. Like how to escape Dallas, and how to tease Sassy Girl.. I teach him to Dig and How to be a BOXER Dog.. BOL, I know I am a Tzu' but i got Boxer in my Blood somewhere I swear..
I show him all the ways to get treats that Joker taught me.. and a few new ones I discovered since.. (sad Face 100 % Guarenteed treat getter)

Anyways.. we sure got lots of presents, notes, letters, cards, rosettes, stars and stuff durring that time and i realy want to say thanks... I think we are now to where we can start to dig into the thanks much better..

I won Dogster Dog of the Day a little while back.. that was cool..
Our New Group "All Fur Fun" is a Hit.. and has become the Largest on Dogster
I Have tons of new Pals
I am Diging more than usual.. and Diging Life some too..
I will allways remember Lil Joker, but now in a way i only hope Pop's can someday.. with the knowledge that to share one minute, 1 day loving someone or some pup, is never a loss.. It is a Treasure, and if I dont cherish those minutes, they lose their value..

We lost some close pals recently, and experience has taught us how to grieve with the families and stay focused on the living at the same time..

Lifes just tough some times and us pups don't seem to need to know why.. we'd rather find was to make it better than to understand why it's not.. Groovy to be a pooch...

Well paws are tired and I should get a treat soon so I will close with this..
If I owe ya a thanks, I havent forgot you.. Dig ya, Love Ya', and Hope to be a Lil Joke in your day...

Groovy! Untill next time.. Have a Pawesome day and smile along the way.. See a Pup or a peoples standing alone in the corner, at least check and see if they want to be alone.. Some of the Greatest Things in life are found in the Corners..
~Rascal B. Ornery


Life is sooooo Confusing

April 15th 2007 12:23 pm
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I am typing this with a sad heart and yet not a cruched spirit. For the Spirit that dwels within me can not be crushed.. though at times it feels that way. The spirit of Life and Dreams and Hopes and Love, comes from a power so much greater than my ability to understand it.. It's a Gift from God, and can not be destroyed..
So I write this with a sad heart for my Boy Rascal..
Rascal came to our home aprox 1 week before his Baby Bro 'Lil Joker'..
They have been side by side for several month now, developing their own relationship. Rascal a Tzu & Joker a Mini Schnauzer.. Rascal The Ornery one, Joker the exact match to his name...A clown and a joker..

The two were given to daily antics and play that is to say the least a spark in any living things heart.. They Breathed the very essence of life.

Joker took sick last week and passed away in 3 short days, though it seems like 1,000,000 days.. I left the house with Joker wrapped in a blanket.. I was Scared, and On my way to demand this puppy be checked with every possible test known to the k-9 world.. I was in such a state that i never considered any thing but this sick little puppy.

Joker had to stay at the vetrinarian Hospital, so I arrived bach with no Joker..
The other Fur Babies appeared confused and search the house continualy.

Joker had to have immediate emergency surgery and didn't make it through the first night..

Now heartbreaking as it is for me, it seems that the impact on a missing Joker from the hearts of the other pups is equalled in their own way. Rascal (because this is his diary) has stopped most all play.. he lies in what seems to be anticipation for his Jokers return.. I dont know what he's realy thinking, I just do the Human thing and assume the worst.. I hurt for my loss and More-so or equal to, I hurt for the other pups confusion and loss.. It make life twice as sad, if that were possible. Rascal is Eating and dare I say (Poo'ing) and i have never been so happy to have a puppy poo in the house.. He drinks and tries to run with the big dogs some.. but 90 % of his time is laying and who knows thinking what.. I hope to be able tohelp Rascal have some better entries soon, but i feel it is equaly important to enter the days that are not full of play, because it allows those that are suffering and or witnessing their fur baby in a sad state, to know it must be normal, and soon hope to report that in most cases it passes. Rascal needs more Hugs today, and needs me to step up and be the Alpha Pop's, to help him, encourage him, and if need be coax him to begin to play and run and live life a new way. Rascal and I will never have another Joker.. But when able maybe we will get a little Puppy for Rascal to romp with in new formed relationships.. The Greatest thing about life..Rascals, Yours, & mine is that it is there for the living... even when we need a little encouraging to get started..

Untill next time, have a good day and Play along the way..

~Pop's, for Rascal B. Not So Ornery Today~
But were hoping

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