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Edie-torials: Tails of a Spoiled-Rotten Grrrl

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Let It Snow!!!

January 30th 2010 7:06 am
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Hey, pups! Just like my page banner suggests, our whole furmily has been clamoring for snow. My skin brothers are eleven years old and still haven't seen snow in a decent quality and quantity fur making snowmen and fur sledding.
Well, our wait is finally over! We have just over four inches of the white stuff on the ground right now. It would probably be more, but we had a changeover to sleet during the night fur a while.
When Humama let me out fur doin' business this morning, my lil' paws did not even sink down in the snow. I had a hard time getting back up the steps, but with a running start, I did it. Humama greeted me at the door with a warm towel. I really liked that! She even gave me a couple of treats, probably because she felt guilty about having to send me out to do business, and also because she was impressed with howl I got up those icy steps.
I hope to play outside with my furmily later today, and I also hope to star in some new photos fur my page. Wherever you are today, furiends, pawlease stay safe and warm (cool fur all my buddies who are in summertime locales). Until next time, furrs, this is your lil' Dachsie grrrl, reporting furom six inches high,


Diggin' Out My Nurse's Cap Again!

January 13th 2010 6:33 am
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My poor skinbro Joe! He was up shortly after midnight, throwing up his toenails. He must've been sick five or six times. Our pawrents slept through it all until Hudad woke up around 4:45 after noticing that Joe's light was on.
Humama and I are staying home with our sick boy, who is running a fever to add to his other miseries. I am wearing my nurse's cap again, ready to comfort my boy any way I can. As soon as I finish barking this, Humama will get the doggies steps furom Ray's room (where I stay most nights) and put them beside Joe's bed.
I sure hope my boy feels better soon! If he does, do you pups suppose he'll pawlay ball with me?!
Gotta run do my rounds! Until later, signing off from six inches up, I am your loyal furiend
Nurse Edie-Grrrl


Havin' a Ball!!!

January 8th 2010 6:12 am
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Hey, pups, I have been very busy and am now taking a short bark break. I got several cool pressies fur Christmas. One was a Snuggie, which is soft and fleecy, and I just love fleece! I got some Dingoes and doggie cookies, which are all so tasty. My furvorite was a Dachsie hot dog squeaker toy. Unfurtunately, I gnawed a hole in it in about ten minutes.
Humama took it to P-E-T-S-M-A-R-T to exchange fur another toy. It is always a challenge to find great toys fur me! I adore chew toys, and I have several of these. But squeakers are just divine, and espawcially hard to find, given my tendency to chew and shred. Howlever, the afurmentioned store, which I dare not actually name because I will go into zoomies and fits of joyous barking, carries a line of basically tough and nearly-indestructible squeaker toys. Humama chose a small green baseball squeaker fur me.
Boy, is it the BEST! It is like my furvorite toy... EVER! I am an official fetchaholic! Hudad took it away at bedtime the furst night, and I refused to go upstairs to bed with the boys. Instead, I stayed downstairs and whined and barked at Humama to give me the ball. She went to bed, and I gave up fur the night.
The next day, I was the furst one up, which just never happens. I barked at Humama when she refused to give me my ball, mumbling something about not letting me have it until everyone was awake. Silly hoomans.
I even took my ball when I went out last night to 'do business'. I left it out there (hard to pooper and squeaker at the same time!) by accident. When I got back in the house, I looked everywhere fur my ball, and Humama and skinbro Ray even joined the search. Ray suggested looking outside. Humama turned on the porch light and looked on the landing, and lo and behold, there sat my beautiful green ball! I did a happy grrrl dance on the spot!
Well, now that we are on the second snow day (which I just LOVE!), I have hoomans to pawlay fetch with me. I hope they don't put my ball away when they go out! Humama mumbled something about my needing supervision with it fur awhile to make sure I don't accidentally shred it.
I need to go find me a sucker, er, hooman who will fetch with me! Stay warm, pups... until next time, reporting furom six inches high, I am your very own


Just Say 'Einie'!

December 4th 2009 3:39 pm
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Hey, pups!
Howl are y'all doin'? All is well here at BoyHaus, which is what I sometimes bark our home (since I have three eleven-year-old skin brothers and all!!!). Hudad has decorated our yard and trees, and the house looks festive, unmade boys' beds excepted, BOL!!!
Fur the grandpawrents' Christmas pawresent, our furmily had portraits made right here at our home. Our furmily had not had a furmily portrait done since the boys were seven months old, so it was high time to do this! Humama's nephew Stephen (he is my boydog Einie's skin brother and he is my Uncle Allen's son) does photography with a friend, so they were in charge.
Unfurtunately fur me, this whole experience put me on the short end of the stick. Furst of all, Humama and Hudad gave me a dreaded B-A-T-H to get ready. Second, instead of letting me sniff the unfamiliar guests, they made me go to bed. Then, to top it all off, once the all-hooman pics were done, they brought me out of my bed but made me stay in skin brother Ray's arms. Boy, was I a mess!!! I barked and tried to wiggle free with all my lil' might, but Ray kept a furm grip on me!
After a few shots with the boys and me, Humama and Hudad entered the frame. I was just about beside myself by this time, barking and wiggling fur all I was worth! The photographers were about to give up on our all-furmily portrait, when Humama thought of something, or rather, somefur, that would hold my attention: my boydog Einie. Humama said, 'Einie!', and the Stephen whispered 'Einie!' to his furiend with the camera. The photographer then exclaimed, 'EINIE!!!' and I froze like a statue, looking straight into the camera. CLICK!!!!!! Where was Einie? I looked around and barked, but no boydog. But appawrently, they got the shot they wanted, because Humama announced that we were done. After the photographers packed up and left, I got to get down and play. Humama gave me a nice Dingo, which I sat on the soft red couch (the one in my main photo) to enjoy. Bein' little and cute sure is hard work, BOL!!! Well, until next time, pups, it is your pin-up grrrl Edie barking, 'You just never know what those hoomans will say!'


Dog LICKS Mailman!

November 9th 2009 6:05 am
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Okay, the title sounds much better than the truth. That goes more like 'Dog pees all over hooman pawrent when meeting the letter carrier who leaves doggie treats in the mailbox each day.' Howlever, this is what happened on Saturday.
When Humama goes to the mailbox, she brings back a Milkbone treat fur me. I didn't know where she got them, because we don't have any in the garage or the pantry. When we heard the doorbell, Saturday, I barked and Humama saw the mail truck. Humama grabbed me up and took off fur the mailbox, just in time to meet the lady who delivers our mail. I was so excited! My tail wagged like mad, and I just lost it! Yup, pee-peed all over my Humama!
The letter lady was so sweet to me. She had already left a treat fur me at the door with our mail, and she gave me another while we got acquainted! I just acted like my adorable self, giving generous kisses and wags. Humama told her all about me... what's not fur a pup to love?!
So when you hear the same old tired jokes about pups chasing and/or biting the mail carrier, you just remember that some of us LOVE our mail carrier (I know that 'mailman' is a lot easier to say, but I just can't bark that when our 'mailman' is a lady, BOL!). Until next time, pups, signing off from six inches high, I am the one and only...


7 Facts!!!!!!!

October 21st 2009 1:53 pm
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I was tagged recently by my furiends The Tater Tots. Their pawmail instructed me to give seven facts about myself, then go tag five more pals. Sooo, here goes:
1. I am an only dog, and I am the only female in our furmily besides Humama.
2. I came to my furever home to celebark four birthdays: my triplet skin brothers turned seven, while
Humama hit the big Four-Oh!!!!
3. I am a water dog! I like to swim, float on water toys, ride on a boat, and fly by on a Sea-Doo! I even
have my own doggie life jacket!!!
4. I am an incontinent grrrl; that is, I pee-pee whenever I get excited! And most anything can get me
excited, BOL!
5. I am a treat hound! Rarely have I encountered a treat I didn't like!
6. I sleep on my skin brothers' beds. I love them all, but I like to sleep in Ray's big high bed best
of all!
7. I feel furtunate to be a Dogster pup! I have laughed and cried a lot, learned about page decorating
code, met some furtastic pups, and grown closer to Humama as a result of being a Dogster.
Here are the five pals I am tagging:
1. Snickers, a fellow longhaired mini
2. Smoke. a smooth Dachsie who singlepawedly invented the Internet *poke*
3. PITA, my kind and beautiful senior pal who has made many furiends all over the place
4. Peaches, who, more than most any other fur, has helped me learn howl to make my page prettyful
5. Cinnamon, a fellow Tennessee pup who makes me laugh and is just about as good a pal as I can imagine
Thanks, Tots, fur tagging me! This is fun, AAAAAROOOO!!!


Calling Nurse Edie!

October 21st 2009 9:29 am
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Hello, pups! Long time, no bark, I know, I know!!! Hope this doesn't make me a bad pup! Humama was very busy with my skin brothers and the start of school, so she didn't have time to type all I had to bark!
We just had fall break around here! This means I went to see my peeps and furiends at Pet Paradise in nearby Tullahoma. I love it there almost as much as being at home... maybe it should be called Pup Pawradise, BOL! I had fun and was well-spoiled, and I also got a B-A-T-H, haircut, and nail trim.
Unfurtunately, my skin boys brought some unwanted souvenirs home furom their trip. Two of them had coughing with low-grade fevers, while the third has what Humama calls 'intestinal episodes'. I can bark that it stinks something terrible when he has an epawsode, and he has cried about his stomach hurting today. Just about enough to make me cry with him. I cheered him up by giving Humama a great big smoochie on the lips when she wasn't looking. See, I AM a nurse, BOL!
I plan to sit on beds when any of them rest today, and I will not let anyone disturb them. This is my duty as a nurse, and I will not stop until everyone in my furmily is well again. Humama says I should get a nurse costume fur Howlowiener! I guess we'll have to see about that.
Well, I need to go tend to my boys now. Stay healthy, everyone and everypup, and I'll BAYL! From six inches up, this is your very own... Edie-Grrrl.


Celebark America the Edie-Grrrl Way

July 4th 2009 7:17 pm
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Hey, pups, Edie-Grrrl here, coming to you live furom northern Alabama. I am here with my furmily fur the Fourth. Hudad's mama, whom my skin brothers call 'Grandma', celebrates her birthday today, and I am celebarking along. Humama's mama, Mammy, is here, as is her Maltese boy, Baby.
In case you haven't figured it out furom my picfurs, I am a certified water-lovin' pup! My skin brothers and I invented a new game while out swimming today. They helped me up onto the blue float, where I drank water and barked until they'd splash me. After I barked enough, they would jerk back on the float, which landed me into the water. I'd swim around to each boy, then go 'chin' on the blue float until someboy would give me another lift up. My skin brothers renamed the blue float the 'doggie diving board' fur all the antics I got into on it.
The furmily shot fireworks at the dock once it got dark. I was out fur some of it, but the hoomans kept putting me back into the house, sure that the noise was bothering me. Silly hoomans! They oughta know that I am pawrt people and that I like to be where my hoomans are.
A word about my pup buddy Baby: He has had back trouble fur a few months, and it was evident to Hudad and Humama that he was suffering this weekend. He was panting and walking strangely and not eating well at all... silly boy wouldn't eat the Lean Treat Humama offered him (I gladly polished it off!). I would appawciate any pawrayers or Power of the Paw anypup could send his way (unfurtunately, he is not a Dogster pup).
Thanks to everypup who has read my barkings! Stay safe and have a happy Fourth, fur those of you who celebark. Until next time, I am your humble pup, Edie-Grrrl.


Early Summer Daze

June 9th 2009 7:04 am
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Hey, pups!
I have been all over Humama like a cheap suit to pupdate my page. She has promised to do it this week! I can hardly wait!
The boys and Humama are in their third week of summer vacation furom school. They are all around the house much more, which makes my furry heart glad. They have taken me to the river house (Grandma and Granddaddy's place) in Alabama once, and I bet we will go again some more this summer, which means spoiling and running around outside without my leash!!! Oh, boy! And that is befur we bark about swimming and riding on the boat! Just about as good as it gets fur me!
I will also be vacationing fur a few days with my boydog Einie while the hoomans are away, which is also fun fur me. I would like to send a bark-out to my pals Taylor and Loki, whose hoomans Tony and Gail operate Pet Paradise in Tullahoma, Tennessee. It is the most furbulous pawlace to stay when you can't be at home. Mr. Tony and Miss Gail truly make it a home away furom home fur pups and kitties!
I took a long walk this morning with Hudad, Humama, and skinbro Joe. My legs are really short, so I could only run so far. Between that and barking to you now, I am sorely in need of a nap. Until then, reporting to you from six inches up, this is Edie-Grrrl barking to you all... Good Day!


The Big FOUR!!!!

May 2nd 2009 5:03 am
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Hi, pups! I have always had four legs, of course, but now I have been walkin' on them fur four years! My barkday was on April 29th. I wish I could say that I had a big pawty with lots of pups and pawresents, but that didn't happen. My furmily were in the middle of their workweek (Wednesday), with a big field trip on Thursday fur all the skin brothers. Friday was the school talent show, where skin brothers Ray and Tom were backstage helpers and skin brother Joe played his guitar and sang. That has meant lots of time at home alone fur me *sniffs and snuffles*.
Howlever, my fate may be about to change. Ray keeps asking Humama to let him take some of his allowance money to go to PetSmart to buy me a new toy or some treats. That would be pawsome, fur sure! If you know me the way Humama does, you'll know what a treat hound I am.
All the boys are good to love on me and let me take turns sleeping in their beds with them at night. That is the best pawrt about being the furmily pup. After all, Humama lovely refers to me at times as an attention&$#@%. She said to bark to you that she used those symbols in order to keep this diary kid-furiendly.
Thanks fur checking in to see what is happening here at Edie Haus. Until I bark again, this is your humble, four-year-old pal Edie barking out.

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