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The Chronicles of Seany

Ruler of the Week

April 30th 2011 9:55 pm
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Can you believe it - I, Seany, the Cocker Spaniel, am Ruler of the Week at Rotties Rule. Ha - those sisters of mine will have to pay attention to me now. None of this, I outweigh you, stuff. My word will be law. I only hope the sissers and the cats listen, sigh.

Still, it should be good for some treats from Mum. And I do think my fluffy ears give me a very regal look. Like I have a mane. Seany, King of the Jungle, BOL.



January 3rd 2009 4:38 pm
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But first I need a diary!

Well, now that is organised, Lucy ( wants me to write seven things about myself and then tag seven friends.

Lets see, hmmmm:

1. I am a cocker spaniel
2. I live in Queensland, Australia, so I'm an Aussie Cocker, not a Joe Cocker
3. I love my food, which is why my waistline is not where it should be
4. I have two younger sisters (Rottie & Rottie X) who rule the roost - well the youngest does, anyway.
5. I also live with 5 cats, who rule the Rottie - so that gives you some idea of where I stand in the pecking order, sigh ....
6. I like sleeping under the coffee table
7. I love going to the off leash park and meeting other dogs

The seven dogs I tagged are:

Baby Killer

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Alexander -
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Utu - 2010
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