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Thanksgiving Tag

November 10th 2008 5:55 pm
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My friend Cleo tagged me. I have to say 7 things I am grateful for. Then send this to 7 friends.

I'm thankful:
1) That I have an anonymous Fairy Dogmother at a shelter who decided I was worth saving and found my foster mom.
2) That my parents are suckers for a sob story and found me on Petfinder.
3) That I have my own space to go to when I don't want any other dogs to bother me.
4) That my Daddy took the time and care with me to make me understand that he's one of the good guys and I don't have to be afraid.
5) That Daddy rolls the window all the way down and let's me "surf" even though Momma hates it. :)
6) That my Gotcha Day is coming up and I'll get a special treat!
7) That my house is warm and secure and I'll never be without a home again.

Since there are so many of us in my house, we're all going to go in together as a family and only nominate 7 pups instead of 7 pups each.

Here are our choices, in no particular order:

1) The Brat Pack
2) H & E A Pair-A-Dox
3) Jett
4) Duke
5) Levi, PAWS
6) The Kurowskis
7) Mickey


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