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The Peach Pit

Thanksgiving Tag

November 10th 2008 5:55 pm
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My friend Cleo tagged me. I have to say 7 things I am grateful for. Then send this to 7 friends.

I'm thankful:
1) That I have an anonymous Fairy Dogmother at a shelter who decided I was worth saving and found my foster mom.
2) That my parents are suckers for a sob story and found me on Petfinder.
3) That I have my own space to go to when I don't want any other dogs to bother me.
4) That my Daddy took the time and care with me to make me understand that he's one of the good guys and I don't have to be afraid.
5) That Daddy rolls the window all the way down and let's me "surf" even though Momma hates it. :)
6) That my Gotcha Day is coming up and I'll get a special treat!
7) That my house is warm and secure and I'll never be without a home again.

Since there are so many of us in my house, we're all going to go in together as a family and only nominate 7 pups instead of 7 pups each.

Here are our choices, in no particular order:

1) The Brat Pack
2) H & E A Pair-A-Dox
3) Jett
4) Duke
5) Levi, PAWS
6) The Kurowskis
7) Mickey


My first annual checkup

January 6th 2008 11:23 am
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Momma took me to the vet yesterday. Ugh! Since Daisy had to go too, Momma made me sit in the back and wear my seat belt. I hate that thing...I can't reach the window. Not that it matters anyway...Momma won't let me window-surf like Daddy does. In fact, she won't even roll the window down so I can sample all the wonderful smells. :( She's waaay too obsessed with us being safe. is no fun!

The good part is, the vet checked me over and said that I am totally healthy!!! WOO HOO!! She said that Momma and Daddy have done really well with me and she's amazed that I'm as healthy as I am. She said my coat is perfect, my eyes are totally clear, my tummy is great and my heart is very strong. I've even lost about half a pound but I needed to...I was getting fed a little too well there for a while and wasn't feeling well enough to run around very much but now I feel great!

As a matter of fact, the vet even lowered my estimated age from 10 to 8!! Two whole years!! It's not every day that a girl is told she's two years younger than she thought. Thinner and younger...every old gal's dream! BOL

Of course after the good news came the bad...I have to have another dental cleaning. Since my jaw is so messed up, I won't let Momma brush my teeth at all. In fact, it took Momma AND the vet to even get my mouth open for the vet to look at them. My back teeth look ok but my one last canine is kinda gunky since I can't really use it. If there's any hope of saving it, I have to have it cleaned. My top front teeth don't look so great either. I hope they can save it...I kinda like when people call me Fang.

Then it got worse...shots. I did ok. Only tried to bite the vet once when she gave me the second shot. I really hate that stuff they put in your nose, though. Don't they know I have enough trouble breathing as it is? Momma's just glad I didn't sneeze it all out.

I did ok with the shots, no reactions at all. With Logan being allergic to the rabies shot, Momma was kinda worried I might have a reaction, too. But I did fine - just a little sleepy and whiny the rest of the day. Our vet did say that the vets in our state have all signed a petition and sent it to the state to extend the rabies vaccine to every 3 years instead of one. It hasn't passed yet but they hope it will soon. I do, less shot sounds good to me.

That's all for now...


Dog of the Day and I missed it!!!

September 23rd 2007 9:16 pm
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Mom was SOOO excited to find out I was DOTD but she's so upset that we missed it! She's been spending lots of time with me and the other Wee Beasties since we've been sick so she hasn't had much time to be on Dogster for us. Luckily, I'm feeling much better and was able to dictate this to her but I have to make it quick since it's past my bedtime.

I want to thank Dogster for choosing me as DOTD (so cool!) nd thanks SOO much to everyone who congratulated me with stars, rosettes, PPRs and pawmails. I promise I'll get around to thanking each of you individually later this week. My brother Logan is having surgery on Tuesday so Mom's kinda busy right now, but I'll make sure she gets list of all you great pups.

And a big, big thanks to those pups who were able to send pics of me being on the homepage. Mom's so stoked that she's gonna be able to add it to my scrapbook...and my Dogster page, of course!

Again, thank you all so much. My Benadryl is kicking in and I'm getting very sleepy, so I'm afraid that's all for now.

Peaches - WB3


Bad week for the Wee Beasties...

September 7th 2007 10:52 pm
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Momma is concerned and upset because each one of us Wee Beasties is sick right now...and all with different things.

First, Logan squirmed out of Mom's arms and fell on his bad leg and caused his luxating patella to get worse. He's already been one one 10-day round of Rimadyl therapy but it didn't help much. The vet wanted to try one more round before they do surgery but it looks pretty certain that he's going to need the surgery. They'll find out about that on the 18th.

Then, Daisy started vomiting bile and blood for no apparent reason. Since it was the Friday night of Labor Day weekend, they went to the ER vet who did xrays and bloodwork and didn't find much of anything (same as what happened with her in June). But her bloodwork came back with elevated liver enzymes (148 when they should have been less than 100) so the ER vet said it could be 1) an infection, 2) an allergic reaction to an unknown trigger that manifested gastrically (???) or 3) the beginning of some kind of liver disease. Our regular vet thinks she may have ulcers. She's on an antibiotic and an acid reducer. She also goes back in on the 18th to recheck her liver enzymes - if they go up, she'll need more testing because it'll mean something is definitely wrong with her liver.

And now for me....last night I was walking around with my tail tucked and not wanting Momma or Daddy to touch me but I'd let them. This morning when Daddy got me out of bed and did our usual back-scritchin's, I screamed when he got near my hip. It happened a couple of times so he called Mom and she made me a vet appt for this afternoon. I ate and peed/pooped ok but acted like I was in a lot of pain. Once Momma got me to the vet, I was fine. He checked me out, moved all my muscles and bones and I never made a peep...I didn't even tense up in pain or anything. The only thing they could find wrong was that my temp was way too high. So he gave me an antibiotic in case it's a kidney infection and some Rimadyl and took me off the aspirin for my arthritis. He thinks I might have some kind of back injury and inflammation.

After the vet, we went to see Daddy at work and I acted fine but got tired real quick so Momma took me home. Since then, I've been acting just like I did with Daddy this morning...I'm eating ok but don't want anyone to touch me. I sat in the chair with Momma for a while but when she went to move me, I screamed. She took a nap with me but I wouldn't cuddle up to her and later got in my own bed. When Daddy got home, I wouldn't even get out of bed and that's my FAVORITE part of the day...greeting Daddy. I always run to the door when he gets home and I won't even get out of my crate to tell him Mom and Dad are really worried.

Mom's kinda feeling like they're the worst paw-rents on earth right now. I tried to tell her when it rains, it pours but she's not listening...she's too worried about all of us.


I've been tagged...but I'm gonna cheat

May 24th 2007 1:31 pm
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Here are the rules of the game: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Shh...don't tell, but I'm cheating. Since so many pups are getting tagged over and over again, I'm only tagging one pup instead of 7.

I got tagged by Pepe, the Douglas Sisters and Baguette.

1. Since I only have one canine, my toys sometimes fly through the air when I "kill" them 'cause I can't hold onto them.

2. As soon as Daddy starts petting me, I roll over on my back so he can scratch my belly.

3. I have the worst breath of any dog Mom's ever met.

4. My allergies are so bad that I leave puddles on the floor when I sneeze.

5. My crate is my favorite place in the entire house.

6. I'd rather be outside in the sun than anywhere else.

7. I will not rest until my yard is free from squirrels, birds and cats.

The pup I'm tagging is Hershey


Wow! I won??

May 23rd 2007 4:57 pm
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Mom was shocked and amazed this morning when she checked her email and found that I was chosen for first place in the Adopt 07 stroll. Me?!?! Really?!?! I can't believe it...

There are so many great stories out there and so many pups that I'm sure are much more deserving of this honor than I am. I'm truly humbled to have been chosen. (but I'm also kinda psyched, too - BOL)

A big thank you goes out to all the pups who were involved in this contest, everyone who donated and all the judges. I know it was a tough job and I can't imagine how they did it...I don't think I could have.

But the true winners are all the pups who've been adopted and given a second chance at prize could be better than that. And to the people who've adopted a dog...especially a senior like me...thank you from all of us.


Three months today!!

March 9th 2007 8:13 pm
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Today is my 3-month anniversary in my new home. Mom STILL hasn't finished writing my story for my diary but she is working on it. I don't think War and Peace took this long to write. Sheesh!

Speaking of War and Peace...that's what we're dealing with now. Mom says I'm being difficult and causing fights with Daisy. But Daisy fights back, so it's her fault, too. Mom says I have to learn to get along so they can trust us together and I can stay. Otherwise, they might have to find a sweet little old lady I can stay with and be her only dog. I might not mind that if Mom and Dad can come visit me a lot...I'm getting really attached to my Daddy.

Other than not getting on well with Daisy, I'm doing alright here. I've put on just about all the weight they wanted me to and I look healthier every day. I play a LOT in the evenings now but once I'm tired, that's it...I'm ready for bed.

Speaking of bed, I'd better head that way now. 'Night all!


Peaches Ponderings - Episode 1

January 28th 2007 8:10 pm
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So why do people get dogs then decide they're too much trouble? Why do they decide that we're disposable once we're no longer cute or convenient? Mom's trying to find a home for a great dog who's family just doesn't love her anymore and it breaks her heart to know that all the dog really needs is some love and attention and exercise and she'd be the greatest family dog ever!

For Valentine's Day, please pledge to love your pup until the end of his days on this earth.



January 4th 2007 8:27 pm
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Ok, so I've been part of this family for over 3 weeks now and Mom is JUST NOW writing my first diary entry! Way to make a girl feel at home, Mom! Actually, Mom's been so busy taking care of me and the other two pups, whom I'll call Growly and Toy Thief (aka Logan and Daisy) that she's not had time to do much with my page.

Also, because she's not had time, she really couldn't come up with a good title for my diary either and everypup knows it's all about the title... So, with help of some great Dogster Plus pals, she got some great suggestions and ideas. It was a tough decision but Rudy Patudy's entry, The Peach Pit, won. Although, there will be a running series of my random thoughts and opinions that will be called "Peaches' Ponderings" - it was a close second. Mom's already got an idea for the first one, so stay tuned.

Mom wants to send a special thanks to all the pups who participated in the contest: The Fabulous Conway Sisters, Char-lie, Roxy, Wrangler, Mookie Dumbeldore, Morgan, Sammy, Sadie-Lickins, Sadie Lee, Abby, Butch, Rudy Patudy, Buddy, Chester, Jeannie, Baby Jessie, Bridget, Riley, Rosie, Phog Allen, Sassy, Jovi, Cosby and Bo. Your ideas and votes were all so great! Special thanks to Butch and Rudy Patudy on the top two! Here's a link if you want to check out some of the other ideas : Mom needs help naming my diary!

That's all for now but stay tuned!!

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