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Adventures of Roxie

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THE SUPERBOWL, TENNIS and @#@#@ Squirrels!

February 6th 2007 6:02 pm
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So life is pretty good here in LA, had to get a checkup since my eyes have been really red lately.. sure enough now Jonesey is chasin me around the house with eye drops and swearing about me being the thousand dollar mutt.

Its a wonder my eyes are RED... during the superbowl Josh kept trying to make me wear that Bears shirt, the squirrel kept jumping on the front door and there were a BUNCH of people screaming in the living room! Yikes its enough to make a dog go crazy.

Speaking of crazy we got the tennis channel and I LOVE watching that little ball on tv. We even got to the court (last weekend we almost got a ticket for me being on the court!) so now we go to these crappy ones but I dont care. Josh says I am ruining his serve cause I wont go to the net, but I keep bringing the balls to Jonesey instead of dashing by on the way to the net.
I LOVE tennis! ITS so cool

However, there might be a little trouble on the horizon.. seems the humans are sick of me pulling on the leash AND that vet said Gentle leader cause my neck is red from pulling so hard so guess what we bought... Yikes like people see me and think I am vicious what will they think of me with that thing on my nose... I am not sure I am going for this.. but those skateboards I just HATE them but we have to share the sidewalk so ......

I keep you posted.. Yap at ya later
Your pal Roxie

ps shout out to all mypals at LOVEDDOG day care! A new record 40 dogys and me playing peacefully. Take that animal shelter who said I was dog agressive NOT TRUE !!!!


Smarty pants ROXIE

January 20th 2007 2:53 pm
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So Jonesey has made the tennis team and goes to practice like five hours a day (and just why CANT I GO???) Friday she took me for an hour and half walk before she left. I thought it was great but then she left me home so I had to find some things to do..

I started in the living room rearranging the sofa cushions to a more convienent location on the floor, shredded a few plastic bags and then... YES!! Jonesey left the closet door in the hall open after dashing in for her tennis racquet bag... oh the treasures! I carefully found her demin jacket with the faux fur on the collar and sleeves that can be removed and I did!
She came home two hours later and I was snuggled up with the fur collar part. I did not mangle it nor did I break the little loops that hold it in place on the jacket - I just undid them! I do pretty good with shoelaces too. I dont wreck shoes I just unlace them.

Now they say we dogs dont remember what we do and that we should only be punished for what you catch us doing but let me tell you. I remembered that jacket and thought I would get a whuppin like my previous owners used to do. I WAS SCARED when she found the jacket and fur piece not attached but she just laughed .. thats why I love my new family! I can get in trouble and they still love me!

And they think only dogs can give unconditional love!



January 15th 2007 6:32 pm
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Jonesey made the tennis team!! Yeah! I think its because I have been such a good ball girl she has gotten lots of good practice! Everytime we go to the court I amaze everybody by getting all the loose balls and dropping them at the net ! (Mr. Wimbledon I am still available for July! I wear a medium!)

anyways, I sorta continued my shredding act all week long so Jonesey decided I need to have a little more supervision and NOT in a cage soooo
I am off to DOGGY DAY CARE!!

Check out my new location for afternoons at the its a cage free big warehouse where I have plenty of friends.. HOW HOLLYWOOD!!) the exam to get in was tough! Two other dogs failed while I was there BUT NOT ME!! I have to work on my manners but man oh man I am sooooooooo tired after my first day- I cant wait to go back (Jonesey says she has class and practice tommorrow so I 'm ready!!) so far my leg has been pretty good.!

I am so excited because the culver city dog park scared me bad! There was a bad dog called IZZY who kept biting my tail and his owner did not think that he should stop.. GOOD THING I AM A GOOD PIT or else... well you have heard it on the news....


NO NO Bring back the holidays OR the Shredding continues

January 2nd 2007 12:19 pm
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Well today Jonesey went back to college - first day we got up REALLY REALLY early so we could go for a walk. It was nice but pretty cold . Everybody was frantic to get going and I was pretty nervous by all the commotion but Jonesey calmed me down and gave me a bone and made up some filmsy excuse about needing more money to keep me in my cush lifestyle hence the college thing.

AS soon as she got out the door I got busy and SHREDDED bags, opened lighter fluid (jonesey doesnt think I drank any but I did get it ALL over the couch. It was in the middle of the table in the kitchen but that didnt stop me! I brought a couple of shoes into the bed chomped on them for a while. Then THREE HOURS later Jonesey comes home. I was trying my contrite act but she was not buying it we went for a walk BUT the DAMN squirrel was right outside so I had to throw a HUGE barking tantrum.. Jonesey was trying to tie her shoe but I did not care I finally calmed down later.

I liked it when they were both home for the holidays.. I guess I will have to get it together cause spring break seems an eternity

totally in the doghouse.




December 31st 2006 12:00 pm
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Hey everybody I am having a great time! Today I was sooo calm from the bicycle therapy I did not lunge once and NO BARKING...
AND Jonesey let me meet two dogs and it went well!!

I dont care the dog wisperer might be contraversial but he sure helped us!

We still have the backyard today so guess we are having a barbeque woo hoo!

I will post some new pictures from the ocean for the new year

yap at ya



vacation doggie style

December 30th 2006 8:34 pm
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Jonesey has been watching that darn dog whisperer .. damn that Cesaer he gives away all the secrets! OK so I been growling at bikes lately and of course pulling and Jonesey has HAD it with that .. (something about her arm and imaginary tennis career.. blah blah blah) so today she and josh did the bike intervention and first just put the bike in the back yard where we were hanging out.. (they have been "cat sitting " for a friend so we go there twice a day....) I was SCARED OF THE BIKE!! I would not sniff or nothin! so Josh started to pet the seat and then I gave the tire a sniff... so then he started to ride the bike around and I first chased but then I just sat down.. THEN we went on the sidewalk where EVERYBODY rides their bikes in LA (and that is stoopid) I DID it no barking no nothing.. I didnt even bark at the dog across the street!!!)

Then I went to the OFF the DOG Leash spot in my hood! It was a great success till this little nipper kept
biting my neck and back and his "mommy" wanted to know why Jonesey would not let me play rough.

Jonesey would never let a dog bite me on purpose over and over again and I am thrilled that I am not scared of bicycles anymore and a back yard ITS THE PERFECT DAY IN LA!!!

Rock on Dog wisperer.... ...



December 24th 2006 7:58 pm
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Today for xmas eve we went on a big adventure trying to find the dog beach in Malibu well we did not get there cause Jonesey and Josh still are Chicagoans when they drive!! But we snuck onto a little bit of beach by the PCH and man I battled the waves. I bit them and crashed into them and Jonesey says I NEVER have pulled that hard ever cause I did not want to go home. I played tennis last night but today I got an owie so we went to the beach instead!

For xmas we are going back to the beach I cant wait..even if Josh gave me a bath after today and I smell oh so clean.. I want to see if Ican swim with the dolphins we saw today! Jonesey got it on map quest for me... I want to go to Long Beach but that is kind a a dog park and Jonesey does not to share me with all the other dogs.. She says we should go to the private beach until I get a better handle on my dog excitement. I tried to tell her I only wanted the ocean but hey we are still going!! Waves lookout - here comes ROXIE THE WONDER DOG!!!



December 23rd 2006 8:58 am
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Hey doggies

you are NOT going to beleive what happenned to me this morning!! We got up early cause Fedx did not deliver Jonesey's new software as promised so we have to go pick it up this morning (we could not go for a long walk ALL DAY cause the lady on the phone said FOR SURE it would be there just wait.. LIAR LIAR pants on fire!) so right off the bat she did not even lock the door and I gave her the Mary Poppins pose.. the squirrel was UNDER the hedge! We went out of the yard and there he was scurrying up the palm tree... I started barking which Jonesey hates so she tries to calm me down - she does the old sit with me and hold me technique - and while she tells me that the squirrel is ALL the way up the tree I can see him COMING TOWARDS US!! Jonesey turns around and the darn thing is at our feet!!! (she used to feed one in the yard and it would come right up to the door when it was hungry- ) I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!! The NERVE... I barked and it ran about five feet and came back!! Jonesey is sort of a softie so she made us leave and guess who follows-- YUP THE SQUIRREL...

NOW I am worried that I am going to get kicked out of the squirrel group.. does this mean I will have to be friends with THIS squirrel ... I think Jonesey should only have ME for a pet!! After all I give her kissess... YEAH squirrel you might have brushed her leg with your fur but DO YOU GET TO SNUGGLE ON THE COUCH WITH HER??? YOU DONT EVEN GET IN THE HOUSE ! hahahhhahha

Well.,.... maybe I could be pals at least for the holiday! After all I got rescued this year too!

Peace in petland

Your pal



"VICIOUS" Pit bull scared of wind.....

December 22nd 2006 12:42 pm
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Man oh man... Jonesey is right!! I am a bonifide scardy doggie.. Today it rained and you know what they say "it never rains in California.....but girl dont they warn ya..." THEN the wind was howling. Jonesey tells me thats what Chicago is like ALL the time ikkky!!! Shouts out to my dog pals including Wrigley in Chitown -

YAP A RAMA the palm trees are swayin and the leaves falling and blowin on the roof and falling against the window... Bark Bark Bark I JUST CANT STOP... the hair is up on my neck.... Jonesey cant stop laughin when she is not busy telling me to calm down and stop wrinkling my forehead!! She gave me this big big soup bone that she baked for me to try to keep me busy until the wind dies down.,

I had a great walk to the post office and guess who doesnt bark at me any more... yup bully is DONE snarling at me! I only pulled really hard twice on my leash while we were out a new RECORD!! Jonesey made me steak for breakfast. We were up really late video editing... I like to watch the mouse fly around on the big screen sometimes I try to push all the keys myself but jonesey says my paws need a pedicure first!

Still waiting for my new boots -- tonight the two lover humans are off to dinner with friends.. but I think somebody else is staying the night as welll... Pajammma Party Bring on the popcorn MY FAVORITE...maybe they will paint my toes too!!

Gotta help straighen up.. did I tell you I always help make the bed.. well at least play help anywayss..

your canine cuz




December 21st 2006 9:36 am
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Man that darn squirrel got a little too brave in our yard and Josh saw him and let me chase him up the palm tree. Take that squirell! Ha scram Mummy is only going to be feeding ME from now on! I was able to do that on my leash can you imagine what would have happenned if I was FREE snicker snicker!

Then there is a really mean mean dog on my block. Every time we want to go to the post office theres that dog snarling at me from his fence - if I get too close he tries to bite me. So again Daddy was walking me and that mean doggie started in barking and snarling and Daddy stopped holding me back - -I barked and snarled and guess who doesnt bark and snarl at me anymore! Take that - I am a lover not a fighter!

then I got to play tennis it was COLD but I did not care I even did not want to leave the park afterwards - usuallly I jump right into the van but last night I stalled - did the dig in but Jonesey just picked me up and home we came (well we went to burger king!)

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