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Adventures of Roxie

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September 4th 2007 11:06 am
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Ah what a week... My "grammy" was here all last week just loving me up! She wanted to take me home but Jonesey said NO WAY!! They made the nicest yard for me! All the sod is here but now I get in trouble if I pee on the grass... Hey I thought it was MY lawn! They left a little dirt run on the side for me to do my "business" but I suddenly want to only poo on lush green grass (until now I have been a dirt doo-dooer) but in any case its really nice to have my own space.. EXCEPT a cat has been trying to get in on my turf and my old friend MR. Squirrel likes to arrive on the telephone pole at 5:00 am to say hi.. needless to say my barking at the squirrel has not gottten too many positive responses...

I got to to to the beach again on Friday where I ran myself silly.. There were two different people who came and asked if I was a "red nose pit" I think they were both police officers seeing if Jonesey was a bad lady who was going to fight me...nothing could be further from the truth.. the only thing I will ever fight for is more room in the bed! They both petted me and said how fit I was.. my leg is better but still weak after exercise. I walk around like an old doggie after the beach.

ITs been really really hot in LA .. I played Tennis on sat but it was too hot and I got a little owie on my foot so I had to lay low for the rest of the weekend. Everybody at my house went back to school today so finally I can get my afternoon nap in disturbed.. and I need it ...

cause today! I rooted out a mole ... Jonesey would not let me grab it in my mouth (she screamed rabies rabies0 but she let me chase it out of the bushes... then she made me watch it run away... but I did it ! I found it and hunted it out! I am a dog! A GOOD DOG!


oh the glorius Dog beach

August 13th 2007 12:24 pm
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Hi Pups..

what an exciting weekend! Saturday we played tennis.. for a little while but my owners got in a fight over a point so I didnt get too tired! Then it was off to obedience class where I aced the INTERMMEDIATE TEST!!! Can you believe it me? I sat they squeaked things right next to me! I sat as the rescue dogs were barking AND BARKING (it upsets me... I still remember the pound..and not too fondly) but I did it! No pit bull academy after that so we were just laying around at home. Jonesey had a final so I was dozin at her feet.

THEN early early Sunday morning there was commotion. I just wanted to go for a walk, but Josh took me and he doesnt know all my spots! But then we got in the car and I sat very patiently and let the wind go in my ears, but once I smelled the ocean at Seal Beach... I started to get very excited! I WOULD LIKE IT MENTIONED I did not pull jonesey down the trail to the beach and I was very patient going down the rocks (jonesey broke her back two years ago so rocks yikes!) then I ran and ran and ran into the water and down the beach OH HOW I LOVE THIS!! after about an hour and a mile of beach we got the old tennis ball going and I have now learned to BOB for TENNIS BALLS everybody could not believe it.. Jonesey says we are going for a boat ride before she goes back to school. I cant wait!!

Its only 8 days till my granma gets to meet her grandpup woo wee!



August 10th 2007 11:29 am
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Just when I was going to be a star, they closed the Pit Bull Academy before it opened! Curses!! Now the city council of Los Angeles is not supporting the idea of training me and my pup pals. Good thing I have been busy at pet smart working with my trainer Lauren.

I love the new house! My new yard is so cool... Jonesey got me this like plastic kiddie bowling ball that I love the most. I played for an hour straight dribbling it around. I cant chew it so it will proabably last a while! I got to do some more garden digging and now all the fleas are GONE! I cant wait till we get all new grass..

Jonesey says we should go to the council meeting next week. I think I could be good for a few minutes anyway.. I wonder if they will let me bark into the microphone?



August 1st 2007 11:40 am
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Hi pups

Yup I've been selected. I am going to be one of the first classes to go to the Pit Bull Academy in Los Angeles. Its a one of a kind place and there will only be pitbulls there!! I am just about to graduate from Pet Smarts obedience class but Jonesey wants me to get more training. Ok Ok so I still howl at skateboards.. at least now they know its becuase I am scared and I dont want to play with them!

June and July just flew by! The leasing office gave Jonesey a notice saying we could not stay even if the owner said ok (then there was some kind of contraversy about the notice) but we moved anyways and now... tada!!!

I HAVE MY VERY OWN BACK YARD complete with fleas.. YIKES Jonesey did the spray thing and that got emmm but man oh man thank Goodness for that tea tree oil shampoo cause I was itchy! Today we dug up a old bush in the corner.. I was a BIG help digging up the roots and even found a chicken bone! This week we are getting new sod so I will be able to just loll on the ground instead of on my mat

oh I got to go.. the sun isnt too strong today which means I am napping in the yard before lunch!

Yapatcha later

paws and kisses



Rajah request

June 7th 2007 8:06 pm
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Hey one of my coolest pup pals tagged me and asked me to list 7 silly things about me you would not guess here we go..

1. I will play tennis until my toenails bleed. (no not kidding)
2. My favority toy is a stuffed cow
3. After I do damage (as in remote control conversion to trash) I look very pentient for at least ten minutes.
4. I sleep in Jonesey's arms until Josh sees us and makes me move.
5. My last injury at the dog park was a ear bite by an evil Jack russell maurading as a "big Dog" instead of staying in the little crappers area.
6. I get depressed if people dont want to pet me
7. I will sneak a lick of ice cream off a cone in a nanosecond.

Bonus. I think I am retreiver as I love the water and now learning to surf!


Evidence of my naughtiness

May 31st 2007 12:13 pm
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Ok Ok I did it again... One hour and 15 minutes Jonesey went swimming - I kept busy by chewing up the remote to the tv in the bedroom... betcha I dont get to snooze in their unattended for at least a week (or until Josh gets a new remote that works with this tv!)

You can see my handiwork in my photos


MAY IS SO GRAY IN LA but the sun in coming....

May 31st 2007 11:57 am
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Ok well, so much has been going on since my B-day in March. I am having a blast in Obedience class and I am just about to graduate to intermediate this week. Jonesey cannot believe that I sit and STAYED at the beach for 30 seconds.. I CANT believe it either! I have mastered the "Leave it" command but its very funny to see me struggle with not going gonzo with squirrels and skateboards.. Jonesey says its like my whole body says GET IT but I catch myself and then I get a grip! We had the roofers in this month and it was REALLY hard not to bark and bark and bark but by day three it was old hat for a smartie like me.

AND speaking of smarties... I amazed all the people on our busy intersection when a four year old ran up to me and put her fingers right in my mouth while I was panting... I just wagged my tail and sat there you go. and after the passerbys stopped screaming and realized what a good doggie I am I got petted and petted and even got a hug from an older lady!

and lastly for those of you who have been keeping up with me vs the mean neighbor. The landord came over and met me and scratched my tummy! He said I was beautiful and I could stay as LONG AS I WANT.

Looking forward to the dog days of summer

its going to be a scratchin good time.

ps what do you guys think of dogs at dog parks that want to "nip" and their owners think its ok?


Spring has sprung!

April 15th 2007 1:11 pm
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hi everybody..

well its been an exciting month.. I have been named a dog-cat, learned many new skills AND the squirrel is back one foot from the window.

Such is life in la. We are now at a truce with the neighbor. Jonesey has me insured for thousands in coverage and I have been very good not to bark or even go near the gate. At the dog park, Jonesey and Josh have been busy filming me for some little movie they are constructing. Even though Jonesey is on the tennis team, we have not been playing too much together since I almost mysteriously ripped my toenail off two minutes after a visit with the vet. Its healed now and Jonesey has been working on her drop shot inside with a bucket . I get all the loose balls (which are plenty) so its big fun. I love spring cleaning, chasing the mop, getting the furniture arranged for running...Today was my obedience class.. yup I was naughty..bark bark bark,,, which is why next week Jonesey is bringing in the dog-cat tamer. IIIIICCCDDCDCDKKKY The water bottle. Seems she consulted with one of her cat friends on the power of the water bottle and guess who gets sprayed for bad behavior??? Yup me! It works like a charm. Even with skateboards! I sat on the scooter again yesterday so it should not be too long before my first ride over 1mph.

I have been snoozing a lot which at first worried jonesey since when I first got here I was INSANE getting up early and staying up late. Now, I am enjoying naps in the sun again and I am becoming quite the cuddler needing many snuggles before we get up in the morning. Dont tell or they will take my pit bull card away...


My first family visit

March 2nd 2007 11:50 am
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Ok next week is my birthday and this week Josh's niece is coming to stay with us for a whole week. I of course do not know this yet, but Jonesey is very excited to see how I do. She is worried that I will pull said niece down the street so today we got the gentle leader collar. I was not happy but I am adjusting.


mean mean neighbors

February 25th 2007 7:49 pm
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This last couple of weeks have been pretty pretty tough. we have a tiny little space behind our apartment that gives us a walkway to the laundry room. We have only one other neighbor who uses the laundry room so when we do laundry, jonesey lets me run back and forth. Sometimes we throw the tennis ball, sometimes I just lay in the sun and shred a pond frond. Well its winter in LA and there is a lot of debris so Jonesey was sweeping and sweeping and I heard the other neighbor who is NOT very nice come out of her house and I barked at her through the LOCKED gate. The neighbor called our rental agent and told her I was running loose on the property and I tried to bite her. She forgot to mention that she lets her cat poop all over the front yard and that I was behind a locked gate. but I DID NOT TRY TO BITE HER -- IT WAS NOT TRUE!! Jonesey had to show her renter's policy with me on it and the guy kept saying that I was a VICIOUS pit bull and it was only a matter of time before I ATTACKED someone. I heard Jonesey yelling on the phone and I was so sad, I was lying in the sun just relaxing but all of sudden I went inside - I am VERY sensitive to people yelling. I was depressed all week and really shaky. I peeed in the house and I have NEVER done that before. Jonesey keeps wispering in my ear that she will always be there for me but I have not been here long enough to feel safe.

Like I said its been raining all week so I have not been to doggie day care cause Jonesey's tennis matches have been cancelled . the sun came out on Friday so we went to Culver City dog park. A Bull Terrrier kept trying to take my ball from me and when I resisted he bit me HARD on the ear and then I bit him back. His owner said it was all my fault cause his dog had been there playing for a half an hour with no problems. His owner was not paying any attention to him at all - he was 200 feet away talking on his cell phone. This is the second time a dog has bitten me at that park so I hope Jonesey NEVER takes me back and that my ear heals soon.

Its not so easy being a dog whose breed has a bad reputation even if I am scared of the wind, and gates and mean dogs.

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