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Adventures of Roxie

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one more thing

August 31st 2008 8:35 pm
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,but if you want to check me out surfing look on my

Jonesey is a poor college student or at least that what she cries when we are at the pet store so I have to post my videos off dogster...its worth the walk/stroll on the information highway


ok he's here!

August 31st 2008 8:31 pm
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My new pup pal Roxy wrote and said she wanted to see pictures of me and Dewey... hah like I would pose next to that big pile of blubber. Worse HE SMELLS - icckkky. So far what I like best is our walks together ... he just follows along and I get to be the pace dog PERFECT.

He gets me in trouble all the time and HE IS A BIG BARKER and a nipper! Did I mention I used my vantage point as doggie on the bed (hahah shortie cant get up here!) to spring on his head in play? Yeah he didnt think that was a such a cool thing and neither did jonesey.. yikes its a big adjustment!

Tonight stinky ooops Dewey finally got a bath and smells much better. He has an ear infection too and he keep shaking the medicine everywhere. But we did play pretty nice today and all in all a good day...I just wish he had NOT dug up my stash of bones under the banana tree. Jonesey DID NOT like that I snapped when he unearthed one of my juciest bones covered in dirt and ants... Sadly my stash went into the garbage... Good thing we are having steak tonight for dinner or else I might have to sulk like a vulture a little.


I'm getting a brother!

August 26th 2008 10:23 pm
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can you believe it... jonesey and josh got tired of hearing me squeak every time a doggie came by and tommorrow dewey a blue pittie comes to live with us. We have been hard at work getting the house ready. I had to try all the treats that were purchased and get my smell over all the beds.

He is having an "operation" tommorrow before he comes by so I hope he still wants to play a little. he seemed very cool when we met at the shelter today and when I went around the block one more time while Josh was doing the pawpaperwork _- I looked for him but they had already escorted him back to his room ooop s cage. Starting tomm. that is alll over!

More to come.. hey dig mynew picture!


oh those dog days of summer.

August 23rd 2008 4:13 pm
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SOOO I get a big backyard and then Jonesey takes a job teaching tennis for 6 yes 6 hours a day.. I was soooooo lonely but now she is back home with me and boy do I feel better!

I have been to the ocean again.. check out my video at


Doggone it - everything is almost perfect!

May 22nd 2008 2:13 pm
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OK so its been exciting around here! MY giant yard is swell- one weekend Jonesey and Josh made SOOO much noise and then there were GIANT piles of branches everywhere. At first I was terrified and went inside and took a nap, which was good because after they passed out from all that work, I was outside all night long sneaking through the piles and pouncing on ALL kinds of bugs,imaginary squirrells- well you get my drift. Then the next day when it was all picked up- Ihad a massive pit fit running from end to end .. I LOVE MY YARD yes I do!

I learned to pick up the tennis racket all by myself... look out wimbeldon.. I might just be ready after all..



April 2nd 2008 1:59 pm
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jonesey found our first childrens bowling ball it has a giant crack in it but I have turned our big yard into a HUGE pinball game just for me!

I think we should name the backyard PITTIE TOPIA but we would need visitors for that! I dont even care about morning walks anymore.. Jonesey just hits tennis balls to me instead. when she gets tired out comes the bowling ball. For a doggie with a bad leg, I am playing from 7-12 in the morning before I pass out for my afternoon nap.. I love this place.

We went to the doggie park cause they thought I need to see some other doggies. Too bad a young black lab wanted to keep biting me.. eventually I bit back and then AND ONLY THEN does the owner pay any attention even though Jonesey had separated me from the dog and we were just getting some water when the thing just bit me on the back for the tenth time. Naturally its all my fault cause I am a pit bull NOT. I think dog parks are great but I am glad I have my own exercise place that I can really enjoy without worrying about ill mannered playmates.

Jonesey went to the shelter this week 26 pitties four shepards and some yappers It breaks her heart so she petted all of them and I got to sniffie when she came back.

She tried to give away my first bed which I am too fat for now but NO WAY is that thing leaving the back yard. I sat in it and refused to budge. Guess thats why I am headed back to obedience class at a new place this month. Now we are going to class outside in a park! Hope the squirrels hide!

Your barkin pal..



I got a real back yard

March 14th 2008 2:01 pm
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YES YES YES!! Its true- I have a proper hollywood backyard.. ok it looks like a movie set from the Creature of the Black Lagoon but thats only temporary

See my latest picture of me jumping around!


Hey Everybody Ive been really busy!

February 8th 2008 2:25 pm
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hey Little doggies!

Jonesey has been working like a dog at that darn school thing and then she got really sick and ended up in the hospital (where I could not visit) Now I try to spend every minute parked on one part of her so she wont disappear. Its funny I have been home for a year now and I love being here! Everyday I wag my tail a little more and I have stopped chewing things when I am home alone.. well ok I did give a kleenex box a little nibble but for the most part its pretty good. Our landlord does not think we need heat which is how Jonesey got so sick. I am so lucky she got me this great coat at Centinela feed this summer and I look like a lion in it! One of the guys in my neighborhood said Pitbulls dont need coats - what does he know??? We saw those doggies from evil Vick's in that sanctuary and they looked really cold... maybe We might have to send them a few coats if nothing else just to cover those horrrible scars. Everyday I am lucky to have a home... Dont let BSL take my breed away from people like Jonesey who love ME as much as I love HER!


Barkin up the good stuff

October 22nd 2007 3:18 pm
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hey little doggies and those owners who are dressing us up in rediculous costumes....

I have to say I am not for costumes but I love my life vest... Yesterday at the beach the waves were sooo big and Josh kept throwing the ball way out there! I was glad for that vest, but I am NOT wearing that Bears shirt all season this year! I even got Jonesey to remove it from my page!

Can you believe I have been home for a year now! Who would have thought I would have it so good! I have been staying out of trouble and now jonesey has been letting me go to the garbage can with her without the leash... she puts a little string on my neck just in if that will stop me from those darn squirrels.... I have been doing better and better with the being scared of everything... though I TRULY am terrified of the guy at the party wherehouse store down the street in a BIG BLACK costume... Yesterday I howled at him which got me in big trouble then jonesey wanted to let that guy pet me...

NOTHIN doin! A dog has some pride and standards...

happy halloweeen pictures from my b-day party will be up next week

your pup pal



man its tough being a dog

September 19th 2007 3:35 pm
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Jonesey is back to school which means I am not allowed to use the computer during the day! AND THEN she keeps listening to these French tapes and insists that I learn all my commands now IN FRENCH ( you know I am never going to Paris.. no 6 month quarintine for me) although maybe we are going to Tahiti??

Pups its finally cooled off here in LA but the dog beach is still hot hot hot!

More about my latest exploits in just a few days!

your barkin pal


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