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Adventures of Roxie

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Spinnin in the neighborhood

December 13th 2006 4:59 pm
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Well another perfect day in LA. We went boppin down the street for a walk at high noon - I had to sleep in because well I must have just nibbled too much off a bone that I spotted on our walk yesterday because I had the big tummy ache. Luckily for me my owner Jonesey had pepto bismol on the ready and by lunch I was back!

I like best to pull her down the street like Mary Poppins in the wind, but she is soo smart. She has figured out that if I start to misbehave all she has to do is dribble a tennis ball and I am HYP-MO -TIZED. I am doing a little better- there was actually slack in the leash for most of the walk... ok well there was those darn bicyclist that flew by and how could I forget the squirrell taunting me from under the bushes. Damn those squirrells! But for the most part I am settlin in nicely . My new "Dad" Josh is big and tall and I am a little scared of him so I mind pretty good but I love licking his toes when he dozes on the couch. Even though they got me the coolest bed which I like to nap in.. I have caused a little talk of actually getting a bigger bed for the humans.. Something about me hording all the space.. I mean after all I only weigh 4o pounds and can stretch myself up to three feet... how much room do they think they need?? Tonight they plan to sneak off to the clippers game without me. whats up with that? I hope they remember bones for me while they are gone or else a shoe might get it!

Well time to get back to nappin.. thanks to all the dogs who threw me a bone today!

yap atcha later.

xo Roxie


G'in the sun LA style

December 14th 2006 3:26 pm
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well as predicted said owners left me home and stupidly left the closet door open and YES its the treasure chest of forbidden fruit so to speak. By the time they came home I had shredded bags by the door, pulled out 5 pairs of shoes and did a little contouring on an previously very stylish lavendar jewelled flip flop... kinda looks like a shark did it!

Of course I acted contrite upon their return and all was forgiven (after all I WAS sick in the morning......) I think they were stunned by the sheer size of the mess in less than four hours so I had that goin for me.. oh I know you are thinking where is that dog's crate??? In the garage... Most of the time I am pretty good. but this time I was bored after all... I shredded Josh's brand new SI edition he carelessly left on the couch before they got out of the driveway.

Today the sun was shinin and I have been out an about --a drivearound in the car, a couple of walks.. a squirrel siting AND a trip to PET SMART where thankfully there were no other doggies and I was able to adored by all who saw me (and not my Cujo side...) even got a treat when we left.

I disovered shredding nylon rope today oooh how fun and how cheap! ( there is talk of a big storm this weekend so the wind will be blowing some new palm pieces in the yard-- I cant wait)

oops got to go ... they are rattling my leash




December 15th 2006 1:20 pm
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Today is my favorite day of the week cause we get to go play tennis...see little doggies arent supposed to get on the courts but nobody plays late on Friday so off we go! I never ever make a mess there but rules are made to be broken and hey you know how those little doggies get so nervous when a pit bull shows up at the park.

ME?? I dont mind any dogg.. there is a litttle doggie down the block that just waits to jump right on top of me and bite my ears... I just wag my tail like a poster child for patience and goodwill for the xmas season.

I have to tell you to check out the site there is toy they sell made like an alligator that I CANNOT wreck (can you believe it? ) Mummy bought him from target cause the tag said it would take a 1/2 ton of pulling to rip him.. (believe you me I have been trying!!) THE DARN THING IS TOUGH!!

Well Jonesey wants to video edit on the computer so I have to wrap it up.. I got a bath last night so I am looking good for our next walk

have a barkin weekend

your pal




December 16th 2006 1:09 pm
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Dragdograma its raining and I DONT LIKE RAIN. Maybe cause I had to shelter myself for a while but man I hope Jonesey doesnt think we are going for a walk in THIS! She keeps telling me I am lucky that we dont live in Chicago like they used to cause Idont like being cold after all I only have a short coat!

Last night was a blast on the court! I have a new trick where I take all the stray balls to the net and drop them.. Jonesey says I am cheaper than a ball girl. I say way cuter too!

Last night I refused to leave the couch until Joshie came home at midnight.. after all I have to earn my pay as a guard dog even though Jonesey says I am scared of the dark. WHO's SCARED- (well not inside behind two doors anyways....)

Well bark atcha later

lickes and kisses

Your pal



I got an owie on Jonesey's bday

December 18th 2006 10:18 am
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HEY Doggies

I am pretty recovered today but wowee I got ashphalt burn not on my paws but on the webs between them. Guess I thought I was Raphael Nadal and slidin to get that Tennis ball only we were NOT on clay. Jonesey is pretty handy with the fixin so she put this super strong zinc cream that she got in Mexico and Viola I am almost all better (well not more raw hamburger look just a little pink - she also put sunburn cream on first which had aloe and I never lick that off.

we had a great time playing tennis and I am really really doing great about taking all the loose balls to the net. I usually stay on Josh's side cause he misses A lot of them. Some times when the ball is in play at the net I try to get in on the action - but I know NOT to get too close - hey they have rackets after all!

For dinner I had some of Jonesey's dinner- beef brisket and it was good! Guess that means back to dog food today- I just found out I hate Pedigree wet food. I had to barf some up to make the point but a dog is got to do what a dog is got to do!

well yap at ya later

tail wags to all my pup pals

lickies for everybody




December 20th 2006 9:45 am
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Hey Doggies...

Jonesey has this cool scooter - well actually Josh has one too but he crashed his and now he has to wait for a brake handle so anyways yesterday I got to ride the scooter from the front lawn to the garage. First Jonesey just let me walk next to it why she was pushing and that kind of freaked me so I played sled dog and pulled it...(she had not started it yet) then she put me on the floorboard and pushed me into the garage.. man it was so fun!! Then she started it up and we went for a little scoot in the driveway.. I think she is right I bark at skateboards cause I want a ride- cause ever since the scooter ride I am not so charged up about bicycles.

I love gong car riding especially if we go play tennis, but darnit they have not taken me since sunday cause of my sore paw.. yesterday we all went to the computer store and when we got home I insisted in getting back in the car cause WE DID NOT GO TO THE COURT YET! but we had to go back inside. I start shaking when I can see the green fenced in court. Jonesey ordered me the coolest boots to wear on my back paws today so I dont get the burn marks but they have to come from Ireland so it might be a few days... I hope tonights the night we take the court again!!

My grandma made me this cool little fleece coat for my night walks.. Jonesey wants to put ROXIE THE WONDER DOG on it like a boxers robe. mmmmmm I have to see before I wear that one!

Josh and Jonesey have a friend named Teacy who owns Emma. Emma is the reason Jonesey finally said ok to the doggie thing. Teacey went to Australia and left Emma with her family and they put her on a DIET... man is she thin.- I cant wait to play with her SOON - Hurry up Teacey and come back to the US!!!

Ok well I have to go..nap time after all I just had breakfast I have to pace myself!

your pal




December 21st 2006 9:36 am
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Man that darn squirrel got a little too brave in our yard and Josh saw him and let me chase him up the palm tree. Take that squirell! Ha scram Mummy is only going to be feeding ME from now on! I was able to do that on my leash can you imagine what would have happenned if I was FREE snicker snicker!

Then there is a really mean mean dog on my block. Every time we want to go to the post office theres that dog snarling at me from his fence - if I get too close he tries to bite me. So again Daddy was walking me and that mean doggie started in barking and snarling and Daddy stopped holding me back - -I barked and snarled and guess who doesnt bark and snarl at me anymore! Take that - I am a lover not a fighter!

then I got to play tennis it was COLD but I did not care I even did not want to leave the park afterwards - usuallly I jump right into the van but last night I stalled - did the dig in but Jonesey just picked me up and home we came (well we went to burger king!)


"VICIOUS" Pit bull scared of wind.....

December 22nd 2006 12:42 pm
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Man oh man... Jonesey is right!! I am a bonifide scardy doggie.. Today it rained and you know what they say "it never rains in California.....but girl dont they warn ya..." THEN the wind was howling. Jonesey tells me thats what Chicago is like ALL the time ikkky!!! Shouts out to my dog pals including Wrigley in Chitown -

YAP A RAMA the palm trees are swayin and the leaves falling and blowin on the roof and falling against the window... Bark Bark Bark I JUST CANT STOP... the hair is up on my neck.... Jonesey cant stop laughin when she is not busy telling me to calm down and stop wrinkling my forehead!! She gave me this big big soup bone that she baked for me to try to keep me busy until the wind dies down.,

I had a great walk to the post office and guess who doesnt bark at me any more... yup bully is DONE snarling at me! I only pulled really hard twice on my leash while we were out a new RECORD!! Jonesey made me steak for breakfast. We were up really late video editing... I like to watch the mouse fly around on the big screen sometimes I try to push all the keys myself but jonesey says my paws need a pedicure first!

Still waiting for my new boots -- tonight the two lover humans are off to dinner with friends.. but I think somebody else is staying the night as welll... Pajammma Party Bring on the popcorn MY FAVORITE...maybe they will paint my toes too!!

Gotta help straighen up.. did I tell you I always help make the bed.. well at least play help anywayss..

your canine cuz




December 23rd 2006 8:58 am
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Hey doggies

you are NOT going to beleive what happenned to me this morning!! We got up early cause Fedx did not deliver Jonesey's new software as promised so we have to go pick it up this morning (we could not go for a long walk ALL DAY cause the lady on the phone said FOR SURE it would be there just wait.. LIAR LIAR pants on fire!) so right off the bat she did not even lock the door and I gave her the Mary Poppins pose.. the squirrel was UNDER the hedge! We went out of the yard and there he was scurrying up the palm tree... I started barking which Jonesey hates so she tries to calm me down - she does the old sit with me and hold me technique - and while she tells me that the squirrel is ALL the way up the tree I can see him COMING TOWARDS US!! Jonesey turns around and the darn thing is at our feet!!! (she used to feed one in the yard and it would come right up to the door when it was hungry- ) I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!! The NERVE... I barked and it ran about five feet and came back!! Jonesey is sort of a softie so she made us leave and guess who follows-- YUP THE SQUIRREL...

NOW I am worried that I am going to get kicked out of the squirrel group.. does this mean I will have to be friends with THIS squirrel ... I think Jonesey should only have ME for a pet!! After all I give her kissess... YEAH squirrel you might have brushed her leg with your fur but DO YOU GET TO SNUGGLE ON THE COUCH WITH HER??? YOU DONT EVEN GET IN THE HOUSE ! hahahhhahha

Well.,.... maybe I could be pals at least for the holiday! After all I got rescued this year too!

Peace in petland

Your pal




December 24th 2006 7:58 pm
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Today for xmas eve we went on a big adventure trying to find the dog beach in Malibu well we did not get there cause Jonesey and Josh still are Chicagoans when they drive!! But we snuck onto a little bit of beach by the PCH and man I battled the waves. I bit them and crashed into them and Jonesey says I NEVER have pulled that hard ever cause I did not want to go home. I played tennis last night but today I got an owie so we went to the beach instead!

For xmas we are going back to the beach I cant wait..even if Josh gave me a bath after today and I smell oh so clean.. I want to see if Ican swim with the dolphins we saw today! Jonesey got it on map quest for me... I want to go to Long Beach but that is kind a a dog park and Jonesey does not to share me with all the other dogs.. She says we should go to the private beach until I get a better handle on my dog excitement. I tried to tell her I only wanted the ocean but hey we are still going!! Waves lookout - here comes ROXIE THE WONDER DOG!!!

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