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February 2nd 2008 11:23 am
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I was bummed to find out about Blackie. I was actually used to him hanging out. I saw Molly running all over, with her friends Bite Me and PC looking for Blackie. Molly acts bummed. She has other friends but Blackie was her pal. I feel teary when I think about it. Can't let Duke see me cry. Bite Me hangs out with her alot now. He is a handsome cat, who is friendly but if you pet him too long he will bite you. That is how he got his name. The other cat, PC is a cat mom nursed back to health. He is wild, wild wild. She had to sneak medicine into his cat food. He got completely well and hangs out on the porch. (Porch Cat-PC). Well, at least we still have Raven. Blackie was her dad. Raven's mom was humans. They tried to blame us by putting her in the back yard with us, but dad checked her out and she had no doggie bites on her. We didn't do it, but if we find out who did, Duke and I will go bite them.....grrrr.


What a nice day!

January 14th 2008 11:55 am
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It is so nice and clear outside, you can see the San Gabriel Mountains from our backyard. Still too much snow for us to go there....maybe toward the end of winter. We went up to Yucaipa and had a fun ride, then we drove on this long and winding road through fields and trees. It was cool. Duke liked it too. Why is it always a nice day when dad has to work. Mom is sick today, so we cannot go anywhere. It was really nice yesterday too. Last night it was so clear that you could see lights sparkling on the mountains. And of course, Molly and Blackie were outside. I get mad when Molly gets on the porch and looks into the house. She is too afraid to go inside. Blackie does it too, but it only bugs me when Molly does it. I like Molly. She has been here longer than me. we go again. But I have been good. By the way, where is Raven. Why does she have to stay in the house all the time? I liked it better when she was outside with Blackie and Molly. What gives?


I only went to the vet to keep an eye on Raven!!!

January 13th 2008 7:29 pm
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I like to go where that little cat goes. Don't ask me why, cuz I don't have an answer. It was funny watching Duke wrestle with the vet. I stayed to the side so I could watch Raven, even though she was in a carrier. I knew she was there. We went for a long ride that day. Mom was joking with dad we should go to Mt. Baldy, but the snow level was too low and dad does not have chains for the tires. I want to see what snow is. Duke would probably check it out and run back to the truck. Duke does not like anything cold.


Cats.....why are they here?

December 28th 2007 9:22 pm
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I just don't understand... you can't chew on them, or bite them, or tackle them (like I did to Paisan) What is the purpose of cats? Duke likes them. He even has his own cat-Dylan. That cat bugs me because he follows Duke everywhere and meows. Like Duke understands "cat language". I get along ok with Chase and Emma has forgiven me for our misunderstanding. The little black cat Raven intrigues me. When I come inside, I just have to find her. When she sees me, her little eyes get big. I have to admit, she is a cute little cat. From what Duke tells me, I do not want to meet Buddy. Long before Duke or I lived here, Buddy busted through the screen door and went after a Pit Bull and a small dog. He made the Pit Bull cry. That is some cat. I heard that was a pretty ugly scene, but everyone survived. I just can't figure cats out. They tease me in the windows and when I am in the bedroom, they tease me from under the door. Do they want to play? Hopefully I will figure all this out someday.


What? Another cat??

November 6th 2007 7:58 pm
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Very funny Sasha...I will see you later. I never said I wanted to see what Raven tastes like. I only said I want her to stay out of my back yard. She puts her little Raven scent on my toys and in our doghouses, which given the weather is cooler she probably sleeps in the doghouse. No one can bother her back there. She is cute, but cute only goes so far....stay off my stuff, Raven!!! Grrrr......


Feeling bad for the people and animals affected by the- wildfires.....

October 30th 2007 10:39 pm
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Duke and I watch the TV news almost every night. We were watching the wild fires and we feel bad for everyone involved and for the animals too. We could tell something was wrong outside, because the sky was gray and the sun looked funny. This grey stuff kept coating our fur and we would shake it off. We were not close to the fires, mom said the closest one was about 30 miles away, but we live right outside of Los Angeles toward Orange County and we were surrounded by fires in the mountains. I hope they catch those people that started the Santiago fire. We have been in those mountains before and it was so beautiful and so many trees. It will take more than my lifetime for it to look like that again. We have been to Lake Arrowhead before too and there were two or three fires up there. Such a sad situation, but people have been coming together as a community to help out. Mom and Dad donated money to the Red Cross to help out. As far as the animals, there were large make shift shelters for people trying to find their pets and most of the horses were taken down to the Del Mar fairgrounds because parts of San Diego county were on fire too! I heard there were 2400 horses at the fairgrounds. In the mountain areas they had animal control people trying to reunite pets with their owners. You have to have a microchip guys!!!! Happy Halloween everyone. Duke and I get to come in early so we don't bark at everything and we don't like people in costumes. (especially if they look like police officers...after that little bombing incident next door-that ruined Duke's ears forever) A story for another time. Take care all. Duke says Hi. He only has one eye open cuz he is going to sleep now. I should do the same.


I had my own mouse...for a minute

October 17th 2007 8:38 pm
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When Duke and I went outside this morning at 5:30, I was greeted on the walkway in the backyard my a mouse gift. I think one of the cats (Molly or Blackie) left it for my trying to get on my good side. Ha Ha. Mom saw the mouse at the same time I did. The mouse went away, and I was bummed. Oh well, maybe I will get another gift soon. Or, better yet maybe Duke will fight with a Possum again. That is always fun.



August 11th 2007 10:47 pm
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Duke's final score: Possums: 0, Duke :3. Duke got bit on the tail and he is not happy.


I have no fur!

July 14th 2007 6:51 pm
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Mom took me to the vet yesterday. And left me there all day...with Duke. We both got our baths, our shots, and they shaved off all my fur-except for my head. Mom says I look like a lion. I feel better. I have to watch out when wrestling with Duke because I don't have my thick double coat anymore to protect me. I was so hot and miserable, that mom told the vet to shave me down all the way. I will have to thank her for that later. Whew!


I was a bad dog yesterday.....

June 18th 2007 9:26 pm
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I chased a baby bird and eventually it ended up in my mouth. Mom put a stop to that quick. She got me to drop the baby bird on the ground and then she put me in the kennel. She picked up the baby bird and was petting it. I guess it was ok. It could fly a little. So mom waited for baby bird to make it's escape then she let me out of the kennel. Duke just watched. He chose wisely not to get involved. Mom had a little chat with me about hurting little animals. Look, I don't chew on cats anymore...what's a dog to do? I got the message loud and clear.

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