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2007- A year in review

December 31st 2007 1:58 pm
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Well, you can definitely say 2007 was a big year for me. First off, I was born. ;) That happened really early in the year. Then came March when I was unceremoniously dumped in a cornfield just outside of town. Someone called the police and they made the ACO come out and get my family. We ended up being a little bit more wild than advertised but they caught me, my sister and my brother, my mom was never caught.

After trying to run from the scary men I was shoved into a crate with my sister, who tended to try and kick my butt every chance she got so when we finally got to the shelter we each got our own kennel. Mom even remembers which one I was in- it was the large kennel behind the door. I was so black and little you could barely see me. Mom had to chase me down in my kennel just to pick me up- you see, I was very, very scared and didn't know where I was. But once mom picked me up I tucked myself under neath her chin was and still as could be. Once outside I ran behind a chair and wouldn't come out for anything. Mom sat down and cried wondering what could have happened to us to make us all so scared. We were so scared that mom said to not even take us outside again (normally all the shelter dogs are let our twice, once just to potty and the second time to play) because it just frightened us. The next morning mom was there again and we were all a little better. My sister Cleo and I had burrs and globs of mud stuck to us so mom took a little extra time and cut the nasty ones out of our paws. I was very good while she held me, just stayed as still as possible hoping it would all be over soon. By the end of her shift mom had decided to take me and my brother Harley home with her to assess us and try and socialize us. It was a challenge because we didn't know what leashes were but she didn't have a fenced in yard. Mom actually went and bought some posts and some fencing to make a small puppy pen for us. The thought makes her laugh now but at least she was innovative!

Harley did great and loved everybody and everything. I was still pretty shy and would bark at mom in the morning and bark at the neighbor man. After about 4 days mom took Harley back to the shelter but held on to me because I needed more "work". A week after I first came to the shelter mom had to drop me off there again to get my vet visit done. I was a good girl but scared and super happy when mom came to pick me up again later that day.

Time passed and mom found herself in love with a fluffy, bear cub of a puppy. There actually were a few applications for me but none of them felt like the right home to mom and since I was her foster they would let her decide on my forever home. I got kind of worried there for awhile because I was dropped off at the vet's and picked up by some strange lady. Where was mom? As it was explained to me later I was spayed and then had to stay with mom's friends while she took a trip. When she got back however she knew she needed to work something out.

Determined to keep me and make things work with Riley mom called Lainey, a trainer from Lincoln. Lainey came down and Riley liked her right away but I was scared to death of her! However, Lainey said that yes, Riley could learn to live with me and it might not even be as hard as mom thought. So two days later mom went and signed the adoption papers, paid her fee, and I was hers forever.

Whew, and that was just May 2, 2007!

That summer was a blast. I chased butterflies and junebugs, had my first swimming lessons, learned about hiking and taking walks. I got to meet pals at the dog park like Bruno and Polar. Some time during the summer I lost my fluff. I went from a fluffy pup to a sleeked out beauty. I guess that happens when you grow up.

In August I met my best friend Bray. I guess he was at the shelter too and mom introduced him to his new parents who were waiting to adopt a beagle like him. Bray got to stay at our house for a week, which was a blast and cemented our friendship.

Sept and October are months for hiking. Mom took us all over the place and took some great pictures. I even got to be off leash because my recall was getting better and better. We would hike and swim almost every weekend, it was great! Also in October I start something called obidence classes. Now those were interesting. It mainly meant doing a couple of tricks, getting lots of treats, and playing with my pals- what could be better than that?!

October was a big month... Mom also drove down to Kansas and rescued Levi and Buck with the help of her friends. I LOVED Levi, he was a great pal. Wish he was closer than Ohio so we could play.

In December I got to experience my first grown-up snow. I loved it to say the least. It was so fun to pounce on the snow and chase down snow balls. Now mom tries to take us to the rec area once a week so we can run around and just be dogs. I love those trips. Running and sniffing and playing with Riley. Occaisionly trying to hunt down a mouse or a squirrel... but it's so nice just to be a dog and get a super big workout. I don't ever seem to care about the cold but I know mom complains once in awhile but she sucks it up because she loves me. Now, at the end of my very first year I weigh 47 pounds. 30 pounds bigger than when mom first saw me at the shelter

Some of my favorite things that happened this year-
Mom adopting me
Meeting Bray and Levi
Getting Riley to finally play with me
Chasing bugs in the grass
Bully Sticks
Cuddling with mom
Getting to know G'ma

Pretty much everything I experienced was a first for me this year so a list of first would be pretty long. BOL!

Things mom wants to remember about me this year-
The way I cuddle
Me chasing a butterfly for the first time
Me sniffing a dandelion for the first time
The plastic bag mess she came home to when I decide to help her recycle
The way I wiggle my whole body at her when she comes home
I learned to jump into the car on my own
The first time I went swimming
The way I pounce and play with the snow
The way I used to just sit quietly on her lap and watch the world go by
The first official Riley/Raven cuddle caught on camera!

That's pretty much it for this year. I will add anything else if I think about it. What a big year though!! Here's hoping the next one is even better. =)


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