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Shelby the spoiled one's diary!

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For Shelby

May 5th 2010 4:35 pm
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Shelby was more than a dog, more than part of the family, she was a very dear friend to me. We went though so much, good times and bad, but she never faltered. As I sit here 4 months after Shelby's passing and reminiscing about all the fun times we had together. Life would have been very different without Shelby and I feel so blessed and honored to have owned her. She was a friend to all and no one could resits her labby smile.

Shelby was no typical lab, she hated water and wouldnt dare go into the pool. Yet she adored food, her doggie pals and people. Every day I thank GOD for letting me own such a wonerful dog, even though He has taken her away, I know that there is a reason. GOD wanted a good loyal dog to watch over the boys and girls up in Heaven, a dog who would love them, teach them, play with them and adore them and Shelby was the dog for the job. I miss her but knowing that she's in a better place with all the food, people, and cotton fields she could ever want.

Shelby was the prefect example for her breed. Sweet, loving, attention wanter and a food lover. I have a picture of Shelby on my bedside table and when I see her happy smile I just cant help but to smile. She will always have a very specail place in my heart and I know that she has a specail place in the hearts of the people she touched. I will always remember the day I first layed eyes on her. A big, fat, round ball of excitiable labrador bounding though the door way. Oh she was a sight to behold! The the time she decied she wanted to go in the front seat of the car with me, not the funest time for me! So many great times and I know that she's sharing her love with the people in Heaven. Thank you Shelby for being you, no dog can ever replace you. You were one in a million, you were one of a kind.

Shelby's Mom,


I'am Sorry To Say............

February 3rd 2010 3:39 pm
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I'am very sorry and very sad to announce that Shelby will be put down tomorrow at the ripe age of 9.

Her back legs gave out...........she can not walk or even get up to go get a drink, eat, and go to the bathroom. We took her to the vet that morning and the vet looked at her last year x-rays(when she lore a ligament) and was amazed that she was even walking then. We belivie that due to terrible artrithus and hip-displaisa her back legs have become detached or close to heart aches so bad right now.

Shelby was a one of a kind dog and a dog that will never be forgotten by anyone who met her. She was the type of dog that could care less about anything and was the best dog out there. I just cant say enough about her! This dog was amazing during her time here on Earth. I'm so very sad that she will be leaving us soon but I know that she will be a a place were no pain will come and she'll beable to run in the long grass. This was the hardest decison we have ever made and one that we wish we ever have to make.

The way I see it is that some little boy or girl has been called back by God and that they need a dog to take care of them. I know that Shelby will take very good care of that little boy or girl..........because she took great care of me, my family, friends and everyone. Shelby didn't have a mean bone in her body. I'll miss you so much Shelby and until we met again...........goodbye.


The Dreaded..............TOOTHBRUSH!!!

November 24th 2007 10:45 am
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Today Mum took me for a walk with Emit again to the cotton fields and let me off the leash. I ran around and I happened to come across a gopher head that had magots all over it. So my labrador instinct got the better of me and I picked it up and brought it over to my owner. I spited it out and I made a face that meant:" Holy Cow! That thing tasts like my own poop! Ewww discusting!!!!" Mum looked at the gopher head closey to see if anything could cause a big problem with me. Once she was done we contniued with are walk. Sadly EMit had to go home early so Mum took me home and guess what.............and gave me a good toothbrushin'!! Mum gathered up two toothbrushes( one is battery powered) and two toothpastes. She took me out to the pool area and tied me up. I knew what was going to happen. Mum grabed the battery powered toothbrush and loaded it with toothpaste and grabed my mouth and turned it on and started to brush my teeth. We contuited with that for 15 minutes. Luckly my Mum's mum came out and said try some Listeren on her. Just a little bit though. So Mum got a wash cloth and pour a lot of Listeren on it and scrubbed my mouth. She did that 3 times then got the hose and reised my mouth out. "She has the cleanest teeth in the world right now" said my Mum. And it was true. I hate that toothbrush and darn my labrador instinct!!!


Please Remember Me. I will always remember you.

November 21st 2007 8:06 pm
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Barbaro won the hearts of millions. From the Kentucky Derby to Belmont Race, and the Preakness he was amazing. He was bred to be a champion. He was born to run. Everyone said he would be one of the greatest racehorse's of all time. Everyone loved him dearly. Everyone sadi he would win the Triple Crown like the fable Secretariat. Then at the Preakness, one sickening, heartstoping moment, everything changed. Suddenly he was no longer racing for glory; he was fighting for his life. And the horse bred to be a champion became much much more. He became a symbol of hope and courage for an entire nation. People came with cards, letters, treats, signs, etc just for Barbaro. When Barbaro was a little colt he loved to run with his best pal, Last Best Place. They would run, buck and kick to see who was the fastest. Barbaro always won. He flew over the ground, with such great speed. He was born to run, he was as fast as the wind. You are a leagen that will live on Barbaro. I miss you dearly. I watched you grow up, to become big and strong. Then that one day, that horriable day, you broke your back hoof. Despite the pain you wanted to run. Your soul was calling to you to run. Run, run and win Barbaro. But your jockey stoped you. You called out, the pain steaming like crazy. I looked into your eyes and I saw the sweetest brown eyes. Wish I could see you one more time. To spend one more day with you. To run over the fields, to fly. You became big and strong, seeing you run and doing what you love it what mattered. I miss you so much Barbaro. I love you, I knew you like you were my horse. That day when you got hurt, I felt hurt too. And I can still feel the pain......... You became America's favirote horse, and you are remember forever.


Just keep on walkin'!!!!

November 17th 2007 12:57 pm
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Today was alot of fun!!! My Mum's best friend, Natalie, called and asked to see if my Mum wanted to take the dogs for a walk. She said yes. She grabed my leash( I was going crazy like a mad dog!) and her phone and ran out the door with me.

We reached the horse trail and waited for Natalie. And of couse she brought my best pal, Emit!!! It was a cloud of dust when me and Emit met, we licked each other and started to bark and wine. We went for a VERY long walk!!! Went went all the way around the whole neighborhood!!! We walked about 10 or 15 miles! Mum thoght it would be a good idea to take the dogs out to the cotton fields so we did. My Mum stop and looked at this black figure in the cotton.My Mum said" I think its a dog but I'm not sure." Natalie looked also. I stoped and looked at the black figure and I had my ears up in intersest. Natalie said " Hold Emit. I'm going to go see what it is." I said" OK." Natalie walked slowy toward this figure.

Its head shot up and looked at us. Natalie ran back and said" Yeah its a dog." But this huge dog didn't move. It looked at us with great intersest but we walked slowy away. It watched us disapper. I looked back but then Mum called me. That was weird though. Later we went to Emit's house to get a well deservied drink of cold water. After that we headed back out again. I did relize that Emit was protective of me.................When ever we got near a crazy or mean dog he got to the side of me that the mean or crazy dog was at. Well it was a great day so far and later I get to go fishing!!!


A Big Change to Arizona!!

November 15th 2007 6:13 pm
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Today was a big change!!! It started to RAIN! yes you heard me right rain drops were falling from the sky!!! Its been so hot and then today I wake up and BOOM its raining!! The temparture is a little bit cooler but not freazing. Amazing!


Cotton Field Days!!!

November 14th 2007 6:40 pm
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A day in the cotton field for a dog is like eatting steak for dinner every night. I had so much fun today!!! My Mum invited her friend, Natalie, over and we went to the cotton fields!!! The cotton fields are HUGE!!! I couldn't belivie how big they were! My Mum always lets me off the leash so like any other day, she let me off the leash. ZOOOOOOM I was off like a rocket!! For some odd reason my Mum always throws rocks into the cotton filed for me to go chase.........its odd but very fun!!! She'll throw the rock and I chase after it!! I'll be so far it to the cotton My Mum has to keep calling me. This was a wonderful day and I hope I can go again tomorrow!!! Oh yeah I forgot to say that my Mum was on the quad and I followed her!!! So much fun....................such little time!

~The Queen and Barbaro Fan~


Mission: Save BLUE!!!!

November 9th 2007 7:58 pm
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Mission is: Saving BLUE
Location: Somewere in Brighton, MI
Information: A fantaisk husky, great at agility, a handsome pup, a wonderful compain that wants to go HOME!!!

Dear Dogster Pals,
This is a very important diary entry, a dear friend of ours is missing and a lot of us have banded together to bring him home.
Can you imagine for one second if this was you? How would your Mom feel? How you would feel? Imagine either being cold, hungry and alone or with strangers wondering where your true family is.
Blue has been missing now for 6 mo. but we haven't, and will not, give up hope.
We believe in our hearts that someone has Blue and may not know where he belongs, or may just want to keep him. He is a very handsome and talented boy. I have included some basic info and some helpful links, if you have any info about Blue or can pass any of this info along feel free to do so.

Blue, a black and white Siberian Husky (4 year old male, brown eyes, microchipped) has been missing since May 8, 2007 from Brighton, MI.

Dogster page:


Telephone: (313) 550-6095
Reward offered for his return, no questions asked.
Permission and gratitude for cross posting. Thank you!

I love all my Pals here on Dogster, I want to celebrate when you are Happy and I want to be there for you in times of need.
Right now we need to bring Blue home.
Thanks for your time Dogster Pals you guys are the best!!

How would you feel??? Knowing weather or not you'll get your dog back??? Knowing if you'll ever hear his call???? Knowing if you'll ever see him again??? Knowing if there's a prayer in the sky that will bring BLUE home......................but yes there is, a prayer that will lead him home and into your arms. You will cry and weep with tears of happiness. Looking into his eyes and seeing the happiness in your dog.

Sometimes late at night
I lie awake looking at the stars
knowing if I'll ever see them again
I'm your dog, your companion,
Your saver, your defender....
I'm cold and hungrey
But I wont give up hope

Because I know that somewere
There looking for me
But if I dont come back
I want to know one thing
I want to here you say
"I'm proud of you, I
Love you, I wont give up"

But I will come back
The stars will lead me
If tomorrow never comes
Will they know how much I loved them?
Did I try in every way to show them every day
That there my only one
And that I miss them and I love them

As the wind ruffes my fur
I howl to the sky and beond
Wondering if they'll beable to hear me
I shead the painful tears
As I look out beond the hills
and the valleys
Wondering were I'am
and who I'am with

I will follow the wind
It will lead me back to you
Were I'll jump into your arms
And my long journey will be over
I have beaten all the things in my way
But here I'am in your arms
As your cry and shead the tears of
Happiness, I look around and see
That I'am home, were I belong

No more cold nights
No more wondering and
Painful tears
Because I know that I'am
I use to howl about the painful tears,
And the unbearable cold

The hunger and wondering
If I'll ever see you again
But now I can howl about
The stars, my humans,
Happiness and most of all
That I'm home were I belong

"The Tears And Happiness"
By Jasmine(Shelby's Mum)



No difference here.

November 9th 2007 7:32 pm
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Well its coming close to winter but here in Arizona its still in the 90 F's or 80 F's!!! I dont think were going to have a cold winter like last year! It got so cold the horse tub's froze!!!!! Yeah that cold!!!! So much for my winter coat but oh well.


A Happy Halloween for me!!!!

November 1st 2007 6:57 pm
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So my Mum took me out as an gardien angel and she was a hospilitle paient!!! I got to meet a little Italenan Greyhound called "Bat Boy" because he was wearing little bat wings!!!!! The edlerly ladie gave me a doggie treat too!!! Everyone loved my costum and every was like: "Awwwww!! Look at the doggie angel!!!" Little kids loved me and everyone wanted to pet me like crazy!!! My Mum got twice the amount of candy because of me!!!! Ok so we go to this one house and there was this ladie and she saw me and just fell in love with me!!! Her daughter smiled very big and her mother asked if she could take a few pictures of me becuase she thought I was the cutest thing she ever saw and might put me in a magizen!!!My Mum said sure go ahead!! She got two great pictures of me!!! This was a wonderful Halloween for me!!!!

-The Queen

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~Queen Shelby~ R.I.P 2001-2010


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