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A TedEbears' Tale

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"May Your Memories Come Alive Today..."

December 22nd 2012 12:30 pm
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I helped Mommy with her Christmas picture again this year. She was getting worried, as I was late getting to her. She still is having lots of trouble with her eye not blinking or tearing, so it gets really hard sometimes when she tries to make others days brighter, by making Rainbow Bridge pictures. But she keeps at it, and I try so hard to help her. The pretty picture this year is one Mommy took a few years back...then...they were hit with 14" of snow!! She did get a few nice pictures, maybe we can use them for next years picture ...BOL...
So this years poem I was able to get to Mommy in just a few minutes, it was amazing!!
For those who can't read it in the picture.....

May Your Memories Come Alive Today

"Memories of Angels; with her Christmas Day
She wondered why they couldn't stay
Then she realized; if she could believe
They would be with her...underneath the tree."
© Juanita Pfeiler 12-12-2012

Our wish for you this Christmas Season,
Is for your Memories to come Alive Today
and for you to be Blessed by Miracles each and everyday.

Merry Christmas, Love TedEbear and Mommy Juanita


Another Angel Gets his Wings....

November 8th 2012 7:24 pm
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A lil background information....In 2002... I, TedEbear was born, and Kitty Tigger was getting old. He had some good times with me. As time grew close, Tiger arrived. Mommy was off work in those days having to have 3 surgeries. After Tigger received his wings, Mommy was heartbroken, but Tiger and me...well...we kept her all loved up as good as a kitten and puppy could! Mommy would rock us for Tiger on one side, me on the other....That being said...I received my wings in 2006 Mommy was totally devastated!!...since then, Tiger kept Mommy as happy as he could. Now it was time for Tiger to join us and he received his wings yesterday 11-7-12. It was a sad sad day for Mommy. The connection between us is now broken cause we three are here, and Mommy is still below. We all know one day we will be together. We watch over her now and lovingly guide her in poetry and the making of Angels pictures,to help relieve any grieving Mothers heart.
We ♥ you Mommy...
Your three lil Angels Tigger TedEbear & Tiger
P.S. We are here with Mommys other special Angels, Bear, Sam, CoCo, and baby CreamPuff.


Happy Birthday, TedEbear

September 12th 2012 9:06 pm
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Well, little one, I am so thankful I started your picture early. See I was diagnosed with Bells palsey two weeks ago, and having problems with my eyes, I would not have had a chance to do you a new picture in memory of your birthday. But I was a little ahead of the game, and had it almost done. I hope you like the new still hurts so much to know you're gone....but I am so blessed to have had you in my life! Happy Happy Birthday, TedEbear!

Ten years ago today this precious Angel was born
on a sunny September, Friday morn
He had to go when he heard the horn
life cut short his Mommy would mourn
Hearts forever ripped and torn
still she goes on sad and forlorn
but so blessed to have loved him when he was born.
© "Mommy" Juanita Pfeiler 9-13-2012

Snuggles,my lil bear,I'll see you tonight in my dreams. ♥ Mommy



May 25th 2012 6:56 am
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My sweet Baby TedEbear,
My life will never be the same. You arrived, and taught me so much about love and patience and just how special a furbaby puppy can be. You were my very first puppy. Until then, I had many kitties who were my babies.
Today I made you pretty rainbow wings, and you'll never guess what I took a picture of to use!
....A dandelion, that was waiting to blow away in the breeze!
I hope you like them.

"Six long lonely years it's been
Since I lost you; my best friend
There was no clue you'd leave so fast
I thought our time together, would forever last
When I awoke and realized you were really gone
I knew I'd grieve for you, my whole life long."

I know, for me, you patiently wait,
I just don't know how long it will take.
Furever L♥ve, Mommy.
©Juanita Pfeiler 5-25-2012


Rainbow Bridge Day 4-1-2012

March 31st 2012 6:59 pm
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Well TedEbear, I have survived another year with out you.
I don't think of you less, but, cherish each memory all the more.
I made a special Rainbow Bridge Day picture for you, and a poem too.
Here is the poem, I know it's a bit hard to read in your picture....

In Loving Memory of you
This rose bouquet; of rainbows hue
Blue for every tear I cried since you left
Pink for time we had stolen; an untimely theft
Red reminds me each time my heart would break
Yellow for the memories we loved to make
Green for the days I felt so alone
Purple for sadness when I see your stone
This rose bouquet; of rainbows hue
Each representing how much I miss you.
© Juanita Pfeiler 4-1-2012
Loving you, thinking of you and still missing you.... Love,from Mommy


My Remembrance Tree 12-2011

December 15th 2011 2:47 pm
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Here is the poem about my remembrance tree, Mommy was inspired to write as she was making my ornaments and pictures on the tree.

The Remembrance Tree

Christmas balls of red, gold and blue
Reflecting images of a past we knew
That’s all I have now; memories of you
If my Christmas wish, could ever come true
I'd be holding you again, the whole year through

As the years have gone by; we review
If losing you, my love could undo
Together we'd continue our lives anew
Had we only had just one clue
That was not the Heavenly plan; we bid adieu
© Juanita Pfeiler 12-2011

This Christmas we are blessed with memories of
all our precious furbabies, who wait
at the Heavenly gate


September 13th is my Birfday!!

September 12th 2011 2:30 pm
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This entry in my diary is a bit different.
It has been quite some time since I sent Mommy a rainbow.
She would be looking every time it rained and just a peak of the sun. But no rainbow. Mommy was really getting worried, that I had moved on to a new level and she was feeling so lost and abandoned.
I'm not sure why, cause she knew I was right there when she was making heartfelt poems and pretty memorial pictures for some of my new furiends here, that had to leave their furmilies on earth.

Well, it was just a month till my birfday..Aug 13, 2011 to be exact. It was raining up a good storm, the sun would peak through, Mommy would run outside looking for my presents (a rainbow), but none. Then it poured. and the sun came out and it rained in the sunshine...and behold!! A perfect rainbow! It was so perfect, cause the sky was lightened and pretty clouds were around. And it made for a beautiful picture. And Mommy got it on film!! So now she knew, I was still with her.

So, Mommy used this unbelievable picture to make my birfday card, this year, then she put a light touch of oil painting on it with her photo program, and I wrote her a little message, just so she would know...I'd never leave her.

My Message to Mommy on my Birfday

Just a month before my birfday
when you thought I was a million memories away
I sent to you this most precious rainbow
I knew after so long, once again, you needed to know
If I was still there when you needed me most
I see you write poems for others, so their mommy's would know
But you wondered, where was I when you needed me so?
You should not have doubted, I wouldn't be here
when I'd see your tears and feel your fear
Now I know you will be ok, just for a little while
when you are thinking of me, I can see you smile.
With you forever and always
♥ your beloved TedEbear.
This link should be my picture
♥ to Mommy


~Till Eternity~ As Mommy Remembers....

May 24th 2010 8:04 pm
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Four years have now past
Since you held me last
So dry away those tears
‘Cause really I am right here
Letting you know I’m everywhere
In the splendor of gifts that I share
Thinking of what to send in June
I have even used a full moon
That special space within your heart
My place; I will never part
You will find me there night or day
Till it’s time for you to slip away
I’ll be watching over you till that time
And I promise to be with you, as you cross the line.

Mommy try to remember the good times, and know I am always with you.
~♥~ Always and Forever, your baby TedEbear~


Rainbow Bridge Day ...April 1st 2010

April 1st 2010 8:22 am
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My dearly beloved ♥ TedEbear ♥
You are still so deeeply missed, but I guess that is a good thing, cause you make me able to still write poetry. My new book is coming along really good, there are a lot of poem "from the Rainbow Bridge". I am hoping tomorrow when we have a egg hunt for the little furless grandbabies I can get some good pictures to include in the book. I used quite a few of your beautiful rainbows you sent me, and the moonbows..were totally awesome and so unexpected.
And your little face as you played in the priceless, what more can I say.. Thank You, so much!!
Your poem for today is sent also to White Boots, and your two pommie furiends, Sassie and Prissy. And really it is for all furs who have crossed to the bridge, as you all think alike on this matter....

High above the rainbow on a cloud we wait
getting a seat early, so we won't be late

April 1st is Rainbow Bridge Day
waiting to hear what our pawrents say

Coming to us in balloons and bubbles
we sure don't want to be any trouble

Hoping they're doing better than the year before
coping with their loss, maybe even loving one more

We know we are missed and won't be replaced
to love another is not a disgrace



First Place in Poetry Contest!

March 5th 2010 1:42 pm
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OMD!! We are shocked and totally surprised, by receiving FIRST PLACE outta 16 entries, in the Forums Home> Plus Friendly Dogster poetry contest held by Natcho.
We just found out this afternoon.
Here is what we wrote.... Mommy was so excited she forgot the title...BOL..
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~MY TedEbear~

With your first breath of life in 2002
Who could have known the strife you'd go through
September 13th, a Friday no less
But my life you sure did bless

Floppy ears till you were one year old
Big brown eyes and a little black button nose
I named you TedEbear
It fits you perfectly I do declare

Tiny and furry
You sure made me worry
Always feeling so cold
But you tried to be brave and bold

You really liked to snuggle
Life was such a struggle
We tried to make the most
So I would hold you real close

Waiting till a long days end
Happy to see me like a best friend
Ready for "Mommy and Puppy time"
I'd pick you up, cause you couldn't climb

Lots of trips to the vet
Sometimes I'd fret
Not knowing if you'd pull through
But God was with you I knew

All too soon the end has come today
I'll hold you real close, then you'll be on your way
Following the path to the Rainbow Bridge
And patiently wait for me on a distant ridge.

wheeee I'm so excited!!!!
We wish to thank the judges for this special honor!!

♥ Me and Mommy

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