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I am not a dog, by Sadie

Sadie is in doggie heaven...

May 15th 2016 8:55 am
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We lost our Sadie girl on September 10th, 2015. I can't figure out how to mark her as gone here on dogster.


Life is good...

August 20th 2005 9:18 am
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Well, just to update ya. Life is good. I have finally gotten that new little Hayley to understand the rules around here. She is a fine pup. Now, Zoe is another matter. She won't ever listen to me. She is most exasperating! Lately our dad has been calling her Zo-Zo. Wierd! Her name is Zoe. I just can't figure that out. However, I have to admit, we have a grand family. Dad and Mom, Justin boy and Jennifer girl just love us and praise us all the time. I guess I have to admit I like having the Zoe and Hayley around. Like I said, life is good...


New Pup

October 28th 2004 5:03 am
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Well, I didn't think that it could happen again, but it did. My mom and dad brought another puppy dog home. Two years ago they brought that little devil dog, Zoe...of course now I love her, but she still can give me that look and make me get out of my bed so she can have the warm spot. I guess I am just an ole softy.

So, now there is a new pup...Hayley. What energy that pup has. Jumping all the time, chewing on my ears and biting at my tail. I am too old for this stuff. But, the little thing is kinda cute. She loves to play with me, where as the other one Zoe, never will. So, I have to play with Hayley, because she needs me. Oh, well that's life.

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