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The L.G. - (Lolly Gagging Journal)

Where Have I Been?

September 26th 2009 6:02 pm
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So, it's been a while! The rest of July after Independence Day was great - the weather was so nice, for any time of the year, but especially for July. I laid in the yard or on the chaise lounge BEFORE I ate, that's how nice it was.

August was just horrible though. Hot. Humid. No weather to lay outside. No way. But that doesn't mean I furgot about it. September's been hit and miss. Some days the temp is nice, but there's no breeze or it's humid. Other days it's in the 80s... But it's September! Finally this week I couldn't stand it anymore and I tried to jump up in the chaise, even though it was soaking wet from the downpours earlier in the morning. The last couple days have been more like it, and I've taken a quick lay in the yard in the morning.

Yesterday afternoon I went out to poopy and after I was done I laid down. What my Trista later told me is that no more then 10 feet away by a tree there was a kitty laying in a ball watching my every move. (We don't have a kitty!) We stayed that way for a bit and my Trista was finally going to go in to get the camera, but the kitty heard the door and it scared her and she jumped over the fence and ran across the road. I never saw any of this. My Trista may be pulling my leg.

Today, the town next to us had their annual townwide garage sale. It takes ALL day to go through, and that's only stopping at a portion of them. It's big! Me and Lottie were very good girls! We slept most of the day. I used to have mixed feelings about garage sales - I'd sit on my Trista's lap in the front passenger seat, Lottie in her "car seat", and my Mommy driving. I'd get presents at the end of the day, but I couldn't get a good nap with my Trista constantly getting in and out and lifting me up and putting me down on the seat.

Since then, I've decided I'm a big girl and can sit in the back. (Lottie's seat is between the front and back so I'm not totally alone.) I get the whole bench seat to myself and a pillow to lick my paws on. I sleep so good!

So good that when my Trista came to take me out at one of the sales, she had to pull and pull. I couldn't wake up. My Trista saw this large Shih Tzu...maybe it was a Lhasa. When she got up near the guy, she overheard two ladies ask him if it was a Lhasa, he said "No, he's a Shih Tzu." "Oh, he's so big!" as they then descended upon him to pet him. They talked a little more, and the guy jokingly said, "Yeah, he's a misfit. He'll be a year in Decemeber!" My Trista said, "Well, I got you beat. I have a 25 lb one in the car!" That made both of them feel good, because we now knew another big Shih Tzu. That's when she tried to get me out to show me to him and his wife, but all I wanted to do was sleep, so I'll sleep in my Trista's arms, that's fine. But then the wife goes, "Oh look! You have to bring her over! Look, she could be your little sister!" (Me? Anyone's little sister? Neat!) We agreed he was just tall and long and I was just big chested. Neither of us are fat. :)

My Trista put me down. Neat! Nice grass! Sniff sniff. Tug tug. Oh that's not why you put me down?? Hey look, a dog! And I rushed him! I wanted to go sniff him right in his face. My tail was wagging so big. He grred softly at my strong approach. I got a good sniff of his butt and when I turned around, he returned the favor. Then he went to his daddy and I peed on their lawn. BOL. I got a nice petting from the lady, then lifted back into the car, and right back to sleep. I don't remember any of this. My Trista may be pulling my leg.


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