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Losing Lucie

February 5th 2010 7:10 am
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Lucie passed away early yesterday morning in bed as peacefully as was possible.

A week ago Monday, she had her regular checkup and besides a growth on her ear was reported in good health. Quickly after she got sick. Really sick. She was refusing all food. Drinking much more. Having trouble walking - escalating in not being able to walk at all. Not being able to hold her pee. Sleeping even more than usual.

On Wednesday she had a full body ultrasound. Wednesday night we found out she had: an insufficient heart valve, enlarged pulmonary hypertension, fluid around the heart, lung cancer, pressure on the ribs, enlarged kidneys, a lump in her bladder, and was in cardiac arrest.

That night she ate a little chicken. She got hugs and a belly rub. Over night, she had an episode, which I think was a heart attack. I calmly pet her and she moved to one of her positions in bed. I told it was okay to let go and within two hours she did.

I want to thank everyone personally who sent prayers, rosettes, and well wishes. I'm afraid I'm going to be unable to, though. As some of you may know, I'm battling ovarian cancer. I had my chemo on Wednesday and it makes me unable to concentrate on anything or sit still. Being on the computer is very hard under those circumstances alone, but I do want to let you each know how appreciative I am for your wishes and notes.

Thank you.


Where Have I Been?

September 26th 2009 6:02 pm
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So, it's been a while! The rest of July after Independence Day was great - the weather was so nice, for any time of the year, but especially for July. I laid in the yard or on the chaise lounge BEFORE I ate, that's how nice it was.

August was just horrible though. Hot. Humid. No weather to lay outside. No way. But that doesn't mean I furgot about it. September's been hit and miss. Some days the temp is nice, but there's no breeze or it's humid. Other days it's in the 80s... But it's September! Finally this week I couldn't stand it anymore and I tried to jump up in the chaise, even though it was soaking wet from the downpours earlier in the morning. The last couple days have been more like it, and I've taken a quick lay in the yard in the morning.

Yesterday afternoon I went out to poopy and after I was done I laid down. What my Trista later told me is that no more then 10 feet away by a tree there was a kitty laying in a ball watching my every move. (We don't have a kitty!) We stayed that way for a bit and my Trista was finally going to go in to get the camera, but the kitty heard the door and it scared her and she jumped over the fence and ran across the road. I never saw any of this. My Trista may be pulling my leg.

Today, the town next to us had their annual townwide garage sale. It takes ALL day to go through, and that's only stopping at a portion of them. It's big! Me and Lottie were very good girls! We slept most of the day. I used to have mixed feelings about garage sales - I'd sit on my Trista's lap in the front passenger seat, Lottie in her "car seat", and my Mommy driving. I'd get presents at the end of the day, but I couldn't get a good nap with my Trista constantly getting in and out and lifting me up and putting me down on the seat.

Since then, I've decided I'm a big girl and can sit in the back. (Lottie's seat is between the front and back so I'm not totally alone.) I get the whole bench seat to myself and a pillow to lick my paws on. I sleep so good!

So good that when my Trista came to take me out at one of the sales, she had to pull and pull. I couldn't wake up. My Trista saw this large Shih Tzu...maybe it was a Lhasa. When she got up near the guy, she overheard two ladies ask him if it was a Lhasa, he said "No, he's a Shih Tzu." "Oh, he's so big!" as they then descended upon him to pet him. They talked a little more, and the guy jokingly said, "Yeah, he's a misfit. He'll be a year in Decemeber!" My Trista said, "Well, I got you beat. I have a 25 lb one in the car!" That made both of them feel good, because we now knew another big Shih Tzu. That's when she tried to get me out to show me to him and his wife, but all I wanted to do was sleep, so I'll sleep in my Trista's arms, that's fine. But then the wife goes, "Oh look! You have to bring her over! Look, she could be your little sister!" (Me? Anyone's little sister? Neat!) We agreed he was just tall and long and I was just big chested. Neither of us are fat. :)

My Trista put me down. Neat! Nice grass! Sniff sniff. Tug tug. Oh that's not why you put me down?? Hey look, a dog! And I rushed him! I wanted to go sniff him right in his face. My tail was wagging so big. He grred softly at my strong approach. I got a good sniff of his butt and when I turned around, he returned the favor. Then he went to his daddy and I peed on their lawn. BOL. I got a nice petting from the lady, then lifted back into the car, and right back to sleep. I don't remember any of this. My Trista may be pulling my leg.



July 12th 2009 11:55 am
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My ideal day is intermittently napping and watching people...with a ride and some treats thrown in for good measure. Ride aside, the Fourth of July is just a perfect day for me, especially when the weather is as good as it was this Fourth.

My ideal dogs are those who go home to a different home than me. Like Bella and Louie. Bella is the puggle next door and she likes me and Lottie lots. I don't think Lottie's noticed her yet, but I go to the fence everyday looking for her. She'll stick her head through and I'll try to get her to follow me. Then, that's enough of her and I walk away. Bella liked us so much this week that she dug under her fence to visit us. But we weren't out. So she left us a message that we "read" the next day. We both left her replies. But she must be like us and doesn't always get to her mail in a timely fashion, so we just keep leaving her messages in the same spot. :o)

Yesterday we got to meet our neighbor who lives next to us on the other side (but the county road separates us.) He's Louie, a beagle. Louie has an eye for one of us. It must be me ;o) When we went out yesterday, he stuck his head through his fence and howled to us, uh, ME. And so my Trista carried me over to our fence so he could see me better. I didn't see him, I was watching the cars go by. His daddy brought him over to the fence and I tried to get him to follow me along the fence, but he was on his leash. I thought he was playing hard to get, so I laid with my back to him, but sneaked watches of him over my shoulder.

Lottie may be becoming the social butterfly with people visitors, but I'm still the cat's meow to other doggies.


The Back Seat

May 25th 2009 11:25 am
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Now that we have most of our stuff in our new house, it was time to put the back seat back in our van. That's all well and good, so long as it doesn't affect me, I don't care. *See Lottie's company diary entry, BOL.

But, it does affect me! Hmph! Garage sale-ing is fun and all - I love the presents I get, but on busy days I get tired quickly of my Trista getting out of the car and in. One second I'm on her lap, then I have the seat for myself, then I'm getting pushed to the side so she can get back in. I just get comfy and I'm expected to give up a quarter of the seat to her?? I don't think so.

But, I didn't know my moods would mean I'd get sent off to the back seat. (Really, it's alright with me. I mean, it's no FRONT seat, but I can spread out, lay on a pillow, still see out....BUT don't tell my Trista that! She needs to feel bad about it!)

Last weekend our town had it's town-wide sale and so did a nearby community, so we went out both Saturday and Sunday. They weren't as good as last year, but we each got a "find." My Trista got a rare old Fisher-Price doggy pulltoy that she collects (Well, she had two kinds before, now with 3 it's a collection). They only wanted $2 for it! And, when she started counting out the change - they said, don't worry $1 is fine! Score! My Mommy got a tub full of shells - there's so many it must have took them forever to accumulate. $3! And, Lottie and I got a humongous 2-baby stroller! Lottie can sit in the back facing my Trista, while I can sit in the front looking around. It has tuff wheels and hoods. $25! (We saw one earlier in the day that gave us the idea of getting one, but they wanted $90 and it wouldn't have worked as good!) My Trista's used the hoods to enclose the bottoms where the baby's feet would extend out so we don't fall out :o) It's great - now we just have to find a place we can use it...and STORE it!

This weekend was a big letdown after that, but me and Lottie made out great again. Lottie got a "Little Pumpkin" baby shirt and a tiara (I already have a crown - of course ;o) We both got blankies and flower leis. And I got another lei with big pink flowers that when doubled looks like a fabu pawty collar. I modeled the leis and tiara when we got home. I smiled so BIG - I wish we could have gotten even more! You can have the treasure hunt, playing with the treasure is definitely more fun!


A Game of Catch Up

April 12th 2009 8:42 pm
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So, it's been a while, again! And, I had big news, too...since last Thursday! I'll get excited like it just happened and I'll tell it anyway.

Last Thursday night, when I was on my way to go potty before bedtime, I stopped to...PLAY with a TOY. Lottie's toy, but still a REAL TOY. In fact, it's the GOOSIE she just got for her Gotcha Day. She's not interested in it, but I was. In four years, this is the first time EVER that I played with a TOY. Oh, and this wasn't just a sniff and a kick. I honked it and pulled it and shook it and repeated for almost as long as Lottie would.

Now, I do do some things once and never maybe this was just a half-sleep-play? But, two nights later, with some prompting, I did it AGAIN. I played with the GOOSIE. Now, I haven't don't it again, but finally I get to take something of Lottie's for my own. She always takes my things that I'm not using, and now, HA. Goosie is mine, as it should be, no?

But, claiming something of Lottie's is not the same as getting my own. Today I opened toys of my own from my Secret Easter Bunny Jewels! Right now, they're my newest pillows (and they're comfy ones too!), but I'm just marking them for later ;o)

On that same topic, we got our Easter presents and we both got beds. Since Lottie's moved in, she's taken all my beds, since I wasn't using them. I used the REAL bed. But, recently I was beginning to think I was missing something by giving them up so easily and have since claimed the pillowy one back. (Don't feel sorry for Lottie she's got 4 others.) But, that wasn't enough, and I'd occasionally lay in some of my other old ones, or :gasp: one that was always just Lottie's. So, they got the hint, I got a real bed. I laid right in it and then we moved it out to the glider. Oh, that's nice, I still get the glider, but now I get a bed too. BEAT THAT LOTTIE!

And now, Fashion Tips from Lucie:

Jumping backwards again, our town had it's Egg Hunt last Sunday. They have it at the beach by the river - the one we visit. So, on Monday, we stopped there just to watch the water a bit and my Trista and Lottie took a walk. They found an EGG that was left over. And, it still had the gift inside! A little chickie ring - it fit around my topknot just pawfect. I've been wearing it ever since. So, there's ONE of my new fashion accessory tips: Bows are out, rings are in.

I guess I have to give half credit to Lottie for that tip since she found me the ring. So, if that's the case, I need to thank her and her secret Easter Bunny Toby for fashion tip number two. He wrapped her gift with this purple raffia and yep, fashion tip number two: Bows are out, but only little bows are out. BIG BOWS are most definitely in. We tied that raffia under my chickie ring and I immediately I knew I had hit on something. It's fun too, girls. Shake your head and make sounds!

I'll miss them both when Easter's over. Quick, what holiday's next? Better start scouring the dollar stores for my hair accessories now!


My Turn!

March 23rd 2009 8:35 pm
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Today is my 4th Gotcha Day! And, since Lottie got to do a day of her favorite things on her Gotcha Day, it was my turn!

It was tough trying to think of favorite things to do that would be special, cuz I do my favorite things everyday. ;o)

But we managed to think of a few things, and it was great!

First, I got to sleep LATE. Like noonish. Ahh.

Then, when I got up, even before eating and going potty, I had to get my annual Gotcha photo taken. I have to do it first because once I eat and drink my beard will be dirty and wet. But, I showed my displeasure. When the glitter "4" was put down in front of me, I sniffed it good and got THAT all over my nose and beard. So there.

Then potty and eating. Then, I opened my presents. And, open them I did. Just like Christmas! In fact, I didn't want to let the actual presents go - I thought they might be edible. I got new barrettes. Yay! Then, Lottie and I both got new collars and leashes. Yay!

After a good nap, we went for a ride thru the drive-thrus at the bank and Walgreens for prescriptions. I got gypped, no treats. Then, we made a couple more stops and ended at Home Depot. I expected to stay in the car, but I saw the stroller come out and wagged my tail. I remember that! It's been so long! I was a very good girl and stayed quiet. There was nobody out in the garden area so we went up and down aisles. What fun!

I slept on the way back. Then, we went to the river and it was my turn for a walk - just me and my Trista. It was so windy and so chilly, but it was so fun that I didn't mind. My Trista let me lead, BOL. She also let me linger at smells I found interesting. We went on the pavement to the gazebo and thru the playground, sorta to the water, then back on the pavement and toward the boat ramp and I woulda kept going. I was even trotting, not moseying. But, it was too cold for her. Spoil sport.

Then, after eating, we went on the porch. We were going to get cake, like on Lottie's day. But, I haven't had a bone in ages - because we can't trust Lottie with bones. She inhales them too quickly and is a devil dog throughout... But, it's MY day, and we both got a pearly white bone! And Lottie's gift to me, she actually looked up during eating it and let my Trista get it away from her. Which means we get to continue my birthday tomorrow...getting the bones again.

Then, another nap.

Last, I got to play sock, which may be an everyday thing but always a favorite thing!

Now it's time for one more nap and then off to bed!



March 22nd 2009 9:40 pm
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My pal Yuji tagged could he catch me? BOL. He told 7 things about himself, so I'll tell 7 things about myself. Then he tagged 7 pals and they were supposed to do the same. So I'll tag 7 pups.

Since it's "officially" my Gotcha Day - hey, it's after midnight, I'll keep it to my early days.

1 - The first family to see me at the Shelter became my furever family and I was the first dog they saw in person before putting in an application.

2 - I was almost not placed with them. They were initially turned down because they didn't have a dog within the last 10 years. They had to enlist the town animal control officer to call on their behalf to beg them to change their minds.

3 - It was my wiggle and loosie-goosie, happy to be anywhere with anyone attitude that won them over.

4 - My name at the shelter was Betty. I learned Lucie the day I was adopted, but don't bother to come to it anymore.

5 - At the shelter, I hung out with the cats in their room, because they got the good food.

6 - I came to my new home knowing two tricks. Begging to get food (we now call it "sit pretty" but it still gets the food) and when you say "I love you" I'll kiss you on the face.

7 - It was snowing when my furever family came to get me and they had to drive over a mountain to do it. They never drive in snow. Well, almost never.

Now I'm off to tag cool gals Tinker and Chloe Chanel, and Lucy, Suzy Q, Romeo, Gizzy and Abigail because they need to update their diaries, BOL.


Anniversary No. 2

March 18th 2009 8:40 pm
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Four years ago today I met my furever family for the first time. They came in to look at a black miniature poodle who had walked out the door 10 minutes before they arrived (the shelter neglected to tell them on the phone that she had been adopted when they inquired about small dogs). So, after driving more than an hour, they asked if there were any other small dogs. The shelter said - a shih tzu. And they brought me in. I wiggled when I walked, I face-plowed the concrete floor, I rolled on my back, I followed them into the cat room, and I had an adoption application put in on the spot.

I was the only dog they saw, and they were the first family to see me.

Today is my "Founding Day." And I woke up with enthusiasm. Yesterday may have been Lottie's day, but you'll be making up for that today, I said! Woof woof. Woof. But what's this? We're going for a car ride? That's great and everything but it's not eggs or angel food's so ordinary.

We were coming back to our "old house" for a week to do some more work so we can get it on the market. That's right, I'm working on my Founding Day! We met Lottie's boyfriend when we got here - she's got a thing for the guy, she didn't even grr at him.

Later, we finally got online and I see I'm Dogster's Dog of the Day today! OMD! How did that happen?! What a wonderful gift from the Dogster community on my Founding Day - how is my family gonna top Dogster when it comes to my Homecoming Day (my adoption day)? I can't wait to find out!

It's already 11:30 and I've only managed to respond to the pup pal requests. Thanks new friends! (You know we were DSL hold-outs until last year when we moved, how did we ever get anything done on dial-up!? I mean *I* *love* it because I can take so many naps while pages load, but ya never seem to get anywhere.) I want to thank the pups personally who sent gifts and messages, but I'm afraid I'll have to do that tomorrow...or next week, whenever the page loads, BOL. Seriously, though, until then thank you!



March 16th 2009 4:57 pm
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Last night my Trista was trying to figure out how my tail is doing if you were to say it in a percentage. It was starting to make the flip in the right direction, but not stay there. When it was down it still had some shape to it, most of the time. She thought maybe 75 - 80% at first, but since it wouldn't curl as much as it should and wouldn't stay in the curl that it could do, she gave up and just said it was better than half better.

Today I woke up with a curl and it stayed, even if not as tight as it should be, in that curl until I stood still. But, if I moved again, it would go back in the curl.

I look like Lucie Goosie again :o)

We talked to the vet today cuz Lottie went for her booster shot and he said I don't need to take the pills anymore. Yay! Wait, that means no more extra meals of treats at night. Hmph.

So, now we think maybe it's 90%, but don't tell it that, we want it to get back to a 100%...which we finally think it might. I'm still wagging it too, which I never did, so maybe it'll overachieve and get to 120% BOL.

This is typical me - I was never taught to play, drink right, hold bones right...or wag my tail. I do things my own way - but every now and then I figure out it's fun to do something the doggie way. Maybe wagging will be one of those things.


First a several anniversaries

March 15th 2009 12:40 pm
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Today - four years ago - I was found by the Humane Society wandering the streets.

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