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Endings and new beginnings

January 2nd 2009 12:28 am
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2008 was a really crazy year for our family. We had a lot of ups and downs. Georgie was hospitalized at the beginning of 2008, then my human sister was hospitalized 3 times. But then my human sister had a baby boy. So that was really good. But then my human brother got in an accident and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. So the mood around here has been pretty strange for a pup. Georgie has been pretty healthy although she still has her problems with dizziness. And Finn & Winston are working with a trainer now, so they're having to listen to mommy. But I just keep being a good girl and being cute and mom & dad hug me a lot. Yesterday we all went to the groomer. We got new scarves and smelled really good. We get even more hugs & kisses when we've been groomed.

It's rough being the cute one in the family, there are a lot of expectations. They're always asking me to do tricks and speak and such. But if it gets me a treat and a hug, hey it's ok with me.

Well, 2009 is going to bring a lot of visitors. That's good because then mom & dad will be home a lot more. And visitors always let me sit on their lap and give me treats. It looks like 2009 is going to be a good year!





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