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Feeling better!

December 18th 2009 5:50 pm
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I've been feeling better. I've finished the antibiotics, and I had a few doses of metacam for my arthritis. I've been walking as usual. My mom said my appetite and attitude are really good. We've had really cold fog for 2 days now. We're right where 2 big rivers come together, so we get days like this in the winter. Mom decided I couldn't wear my sweater another day so she washed it. Then went and bought me 3 more!!! Then after dinner, we all had a bath. I hate my baths but I sure like the treats and snuggling afterwards. Mom keeps sniffing me and telling me how good I smell. Sheesh, can't you just let an old girl snooze!

I hear it's almost Christmas. I hope I get some good treats out of this BOL!



Test results

December 11th 2009 7:26 pm
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We heard from Dr. Porte today. A couple of things are wacky on my test results. I have a slight "uptick" (as Dr. Porte calls it) in my kidney function tests. And I have anemia of chronic disease. We're going to have to keep a close eye and recheck the labs again in a few weeks. If everything looks better, then we'll be relieved. But if not or they're worse, then we'll have to find out more information and make some changes in diet. If it isn't one thing, it's another! At least the pain meds are working. I was able to walk 3 houses down and back tonight. It's all about looking at trends over time, not just these snapshots. Mom is trying not to get too upset over all of this. My dogster pals are really helping her. And your prayers are helping me feel better! Thanks to all my pals.



Another day as a senior citizen...

December 11th 2009 12:29 pm
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Mom woke me up this am so I could take my antibiotics and NSAID. I had a hard time standing when she took me outside. But I ate some breakfast without a problem, and then went for a short walk. I was able to squat without falling over today, and walked 2 doors down. That's twice as far as yesterday! So that's encouraging. But then I started shaking hard so mom carried me home. I was better after she warmed me up. We'll see how this new medicine works. After my antibiotics are done we're going to try some glucosamine/chondroitin for pain.

I've lost 2 lbs in 3 months. That's a lot when you've gone from 14 to 12 lbs. I guess I've been eating less in general and the muscle mass in my back thighs and behind is pretty thin. Mom encourages me to walk a little every day though. Up until a couple of days ago, every day I was walking my 1/2 mile along with 2 more walks the length of our block. So this is a big change for me. Hopefully this will pass when the extreme cold goes away, which doesn't last long here in California. I've been living in my sweater. Good thing is, I didn't have to have a bath this week due to the temperature. There is always a silver lining!

Back to snoozing for now!



And life goes on...

December 11th 2009 12:19 am
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Thanksgiving was a great time. Mom & dad & Nisha & I drove up to Oregon to see my uncles & aunts & dog cousins. We rented a house at the beach. It was pretty cold outside and it rained some, but we were all warm in our cozy house. Most days people came over to our house, so we didn't have to go out very much. Dad even cooked the turkey! I did get to go on my favorite walk on the harbor. There are so many smells, and lots of people. I always run up to all of the groups so they can tell me how cute I am in my new sweater and they can pet me!!! It works every time.

Nisha was pretty good with all of the changes and people. On the way home I let her sleep in my bed with me. I guess she's ok!

This week I haven't felt very well. I had a couple episodes of vomiting in the middle of the night. Back to rice & cottage cheese or chicken. Then 3 days ago I couldn't pick up my food. Mom hand fed me, and I couldn't work my tongue to get the food to my back teeth. So mom gave me canned food and that worked really well. By today I can pick up my food & eat alright.

Last night when mom picked me up to go for my bedtime potty, my hip seemed to be hurting. This morning when I woke up, I really cried & whimpered when mom picked me up. Also, I was walking really slow. So I went to see Dr. Porte. Of course he drew some blood, started me on antibiotics and tomorrow I start metacam for arthritis. It doesn't look like I've had a stroke or any neurological problems - whew! I sure hope this works! And I hope my blood tests are good. Mom gets so worried because of my age. But it's so cold out, so my arthritis is definately acting up.

So life goes on, and we'll see what tomorrow brings.



Night Patrol Stories

October 17th 2009 9:28 pm
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Well, I haven't been wandering so much anymore. Dr. Porte said all my blood and urine tests looked pretty good. He tried some antibiotics just in case I had a urinary tract infection - and it seemed to help. Occasionally I get up to go potty and if mom doesn't hear me I have had a rare accident because I can't wait for her. Mom bought some diapers for me but they were too big and I stepped out of them in just 4 steps BOL!!! But she hears me most of the time so we're going without. Thank goodness...I don't think I'm that feeble yet!

Mom has noticed that my spine and hip seem to be bothering me more. I don't like my usual massages. And sometimes my legs quiver more than usual. She's going to take me to the holistic vets that do chiropractic and acupuncture. I'm not on any medicine and mom would rather keep me off if at all possible!

Well that Nisha seems to still be here. Every time I wake up I see her...but she's not interfering with my routines or love from mom. So I guess we'll keep her. She did bring her own bed with her from Auntie Linda's and I do get to use it from time to time. I like that!

Yawn....time for another snooze.....



Night Patrol

September 18th 2009 4:19 pm
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Mom says I've been keeping her up nights with my wandering. So I went to Dr. Porte today. He says I'm looking pretty good and said we could consider medicine for dementia or Alzheimers. We're doing some lab tests first just to make sure I don't have any other problems. Mom says we'll wait for the results before we start any medicine, since I'm not on any anymore & I like that. The vet tech said mom'll decide based on how many nights sleep she loses. Sheesh! Yawn, time for me to go take a nap. It wears a girl out being up all night!

Georgie, Senior Schnauzer Night Patrol Leader


National Pet Memorial Day 9/13

September 12th 2009 10:55 pm
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Sunday, September 13th, is National Pet Memorial Day in the United States. No matter what continent you live on, I hope you will take a minute to remember pets that were important to you!

These are some that I will remember on this day and every day!

Molly, our sweet shihtzu
Tigger, our big grey and white softie kitty
Socks, our black and white king of the home kitty
Annie, my sweet darling black and silver schnauzer
Boomer, our big old gentle protective golden retriever
Zephyr, my vivacious stick fanatic swimming yellow lab
Dingo, my loyal queensland blue heeler
King, my childhood german shephard
Taffy, my first dog mixed breed blond and white

Georgie's mom



August 5th 2009 6:20 pm
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Mom says we're retiring in 2 months!!! She says then she'll get to be home with me all of the time. Oh boy, no more alarm clocks, no more having to eat breakfast or going outside before I want to! I can snuggle in my bed or in mom's bed in the morning as much as I want. Oh yeah, I forgot those brothers live here too. Well, she said she'll have to spend some time with them!!! But I'll get to be a full time princess. I can't wait!!!!


Fun Day Around the Pool

July 27th 2009 6:47 pm
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Today I got into the pool with mom. We sit on the top stairs of the pool and keep cool. It's 103 degrees outside so mom thought we'd like it. I can still paddle my front legs, but I've lost a lot of muscle mass in my back legs. So I just sit or stand with mom. It's so COOL!!!! And when I got out of the pool, I actually ran and played with the boys (something I never do!) I was just so happy.



In Memory and Thanks!

July 17th 2009 10:26 am
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This weekend marks the 1 year anniversary of our human brother Andrew's crossing the rainbow bridge. It has been a really difficult year for our family. In addition, in the last 4 months we lost our Uncle Randy, our shih tzu sister Molly and our kitty Tigger. As many people said this time last year, there are no words. There is no way to recover from the loss of a child, or any member of your family. We learn to cope and go on day to day changed.

We want to thank all of our dogster friends who have supported us through this past year. We have always loved dogster and used to be very involved every day. The groups we have been admin for have been understanding of us missing, and have shown such wonderful support. We have made some true friends who remain our friends to this day. Thank you all. It's the kindness of others that gets us through.

We love you all! We give mom & dad lots of love daily and your love & support keeps us all going.

From me and my brothers Finnegan and Winston and our kitty sister Prissy and most of all mom


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