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An end of an era!

January 18th 2014 1:55 am
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Mom says that pretty soon our profiles are going away, including photos & diaries. And there will be no more groups. She is sad about it because there was a time she was on Dogster every day! Life has changed so much for & on Dogster, and for our family.

Mom started on Dogster right after Annie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2006. We joined Schnauzers Rule and met lots of other schnauzers from all over the world. They even accepted our shih tzu sister Molly as an honorary schnauzer. We made so many friends! We helped the group's founder Milly, and she made us admin. We had a lot of fun doing that and bringing lots of other schnauzers together with news, games, events, parties, and every day stories. All of the schnauzers had boyfriends and girlfriends even BOL! We all helped each others parents with the ups and downs of life.

Annie became an admin in Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies. It really helped mom to cope with loss. Over the years since then, our family lost our human brother & uncle, our sister Molly, our cats Tigger, Socks & Prissy, and finally me. RBAB continued to be our place to grieve.

Schnauzers Rule remained our place to live! Our family expanded to include 2 more schnauzers, Finnegan & Winston, and 2 more shih tzus NeeNee & Lily. And 2 human grandsons! As we continued through training, illnesses, moving from urban California to rural Oregon, we still had all of our friends to share the experiences. Mom has even met several other dogster moms, and we even got NeeNee from one of their rescues! But many parents started not visiting Dogster as often. Even mom needed a break due to so much loss and change. So some of the parents found each other on Facebook and share more human life experiences now.

If there is anything we have all learned from our dogs and our shared experiences through dogster, is to STAY IN THE MOMENT, SHARE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and HAVE FUN! So although it is sad to see something end that held such a big place in our lives and hearts, we will go forward and continue to be present, to have fun, and share our love unconditionally!

Thank you to those who worked so hard at keeping a unique community open to us for so many years. We all really appreciate it. There was nothing like it, and we doubt there will again!

Thank you to our friends & parents for being there for us through all life's experience. We love you and hope that if there are some we don't get to see again, that life is still full of love and fun for you! Grieve, keep what is important in your heart and be present wherever you may be.

Love & hugs,

Barked by: CRYSTAL (Dogster Member)

January 18th 2014 at 4:15 am

too sad for words !
so many years - we have been at Dogster since 2007 and mommy joined it as soon as I made my journey to the Bridgee g as a therapy
It will be very hard to let it go !
angel's hugs

I will miss all my angels friends , the greetings, the cakes and parties at the Rainbow Bridge group
Barked by: Wendy G

January 18th 2014 at 9:20 am

Fank yu fur dis, Georgie. I fink dem r wong when dem say,"All gud fings must come tu an end" cuz our fwiendships an' our wuff fur each uber, pupses an' peeples r NEBER gonna end, no madder whut ♥




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